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Corbyn and Alleged Stupid Woman Remark.

Updated on December 21, 2018

What is Sexist and What Is Not.

Labour leader:  Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn. | Source
Conservative leader and Prime Minister:  Theresa May.
Conservative leader and Prime Minister: Theresa May. | Source

During a heated exchange between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn Mr Corbyn was accused of mouthing the words 'stupid woman' under his breath. As Mr Corbyn sat listening to a verbal onslaught by the Prime Minister his lips seemed to say 'stupid woman' appearing to refer to Theresa May.

Immediately Tory MP's rounded on Mr Corbyn accusing him of sexism and Leader of the House from the Tory side Andrea Leadsom got involved. She attacked the Speaker of the House John Bercow referring back to some alleged sexist comment he said about her. John Bercow responded by saying the matter at the time had been dealt with and that was that.

Many female and male Conservative MP's said "How dare Mr Corbyn utter such words against a female MP and especially the Prime Minister in this year of commemorating the Suffragettes.

Calls came thick and fast from the Conservatives calling on Mr Corbyn to apologise for the remark. Later on, Jeremy Corbyn did come back to the chamber and as he stood at the opposition dispatch box he apologised for the alleged remark. However, defending himself Mr Corbyn said he uttered 'stupid people' as opposed to 'stupid woman'.

Even if Mr Corbyn did say stupid woman so what? Are we so prudish that a flippant, throwaway comment has everyone up in arms? If Theresa May had said stupid man would there have been such an outcry? The media made things worse as they too jumped on the bandwagon of false outrage playing the image of Jeremy Corbyn's alleged remark over and over again.

It is also possible that the Tories as well being genuinely offended by what Mr Corbyn did or not say were being party political. Whenever they see a weakness in Mr Corbyn whether it be real or otherwise the Tories were like a pack of dogs scenting blood as they laid into Mr Corbyn.

Yesterday responding to Andrea Leadsom one Scottish Nationalist MP (SNP) said the whole affair was embarrassing. The MP said one of his constituents had contacted him to say what an appalling spectacle it was and how low politics had sunk. The SNP MP was, of course correct, this was an awful, childish reaction by the Conservative side.

People in the UK of whatever class especially those on the lower rung just want to get on with their lives. Most people couldn't care less about what Jeremy Corbyn said or did not say.

Our political system is already in turmoil without this storm in a teacup adding to it. Austerity is still biting and Brexit dominates the media and everyone's thoughts it seems. People just want a government that cares and will help them in their daily lives but obviously this shambles of a government isn't the one to do that.

Sky News Emblem.

Sky News Data Poll.
Sky News Data Poll. | Source

Corbyn Not Sexist.

Most people according to a Sky Data Poll did not think Jeremy Corbyn's alleged 'stupid woman' remark was sexist.

According to those polled the answer was that even if Jeremy Corbyn did utter those words it doesn't matter and it certainly was not sexist.

Jeremy Corbyn has said the Tories were seeking to turn a debate about the state of the country into a 'pantomime'. Lip readers (have these people got nothing better to do?) disagree with 'Jezza' though (nickname for the Labour leader) saying on watching the video of Corbyn he did say stupid woman instead of stupid people.

Jeremy Corbyn has described the media as being "Obsessed" with what he said or did not say. Of course, Mr Corbyn is right and it would seem those anti- Corbyn elements in the media are trying to cause trouble for the Labour leader.

A Sky News Data Poll revealed that 60 % thought Mr Corbyn did say, stupid woman, while 56% thought even if he did it was not sexist.

If and it is an 'if' if Mr Corbyn did say stupid woman was he right to apologise about it. Well, 71% believed he was right to have done so and 25% not.


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