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Corona Virus or is it SARS-COVID 19? The Big Kick Back and the Big Nasty

Updated on April 29, 2020
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Hello, people. I try to write like you and I could sit down together and read it. I really do not publish until I like the story.

Time to Care

Wish I was there.
Wish I was there. | Source

Numbers Lie

Corona means crown. SARS just tells you it is nasty, nasty. COVID tells you the type of nasty and 19 is really 2019. (Not that there are 19 of them) COVID kills. Corona is a Latin term that makes no sense being attached to this fully Asian nasty. Knowing all about the Corona the SARS and Covid really does you no good. Just know it is nasty. In the sense that on rare occasions it kills people. Yes a couple million out of 7+ Billion creates a rare and an exception rather than a rule. Yes we are looking at a percentage like .00 something. But hey kick it back on this big old nasty. Sorry but statistically it is rare to die of terrorism, very rare. Rare means; So small a number that it is not at all anywhere close to normal. Like maybe more or less a 1 percent chance. Just for discussion but .00 something is not even elevated to rare. Maybe infinitesimal?

Hey I am in the bad age range, I have a severely compromised immune system. (Stupid lame cancer) So I do the kick it back and avoid the big nasty. One bummer is that our home is thereby effected. So my poor wife has to act like as though she is also in that less rare group. Maybe my team has more of a 4% risk/chance if we get infected which is in the .0 range still, or maybe not.

But those statistics do not take into account two factors of real note. “Kick it back” and pumping the love into the criteria.

I actually use the term “kicky-back”. The first meaning is “to take it easy”. The next is to return a favor. And the third is to back off and observe without judgement. 1,2 and 3 equal empathy for yourself and others. Seems that love thrown into the mix completes the recipe for dealing with life stressors.

Maybe just maybe we could learn something here. I need a good refresher on kicking it back. I need some more kicking back and some more easy on kicking it forward. I am reacting with some unneeded angst. It just happens like when I went off on the patron at the grocery store without a mask or other covering which is easy. Oh I let him have it. It was my pleasure before I said a word. And then I spoke and handed him a brightly colored, go with his skin tone, handkerchief. But it is disturbing that my mind let him have it first.

We can do better and send out that vibe and get connected in a loving way. But I think that first we need to kicky back a number set on our dial.

If I were a rich man I would not have to worry about things. Wrong. If I were rich and could not kicky back then what score would that bring me. If I worry about having enough or if I worry about keeping enough then what gain is there? And worrying about having more is a real bummer.

Now You Ladies, Boogey Woogey All Night Long

My son and I play two basic passing games with the soccer ball. Do not fret we also have a net and play hard core 1 on 1 Futbal. From time to time with more. OK I have to kick back as a goalie and not go too fast and furious on my belief where the ball will go, but rather wait out those 100th of a second blues. Then react. I have about 3 seconds on that shot on goal. And I have to kick back and observe the first 50% of one second. Ouch. But again, a numbers game.

Well doesn’t that little sports deal bring us to observing as a kicky back? In my home I need to be involved with everything. That is what my fun spot and ego tell me. I want to be a part of and I can make any deal better. Wrong. Sit down, shut up and observe! The crazy deal of life should have us frequenting our chair eating our popcorn and enjoying the show. Hoots and hollers should be our light kick back. I reckon I got lucky with the feller in the store. No one needed to fix anyone.

I was just watching my wife and youngest having a blast outside with a water game. Oh did I want to join in the fun. But it was clear that kicking back and just watching from a distance was the right call. When I enter a game it changes dynamics. When you are the opposite of a wall flower it is best sometimes to back off. So much more so with stay at home directives. Space is taken away and so new space must be created in a loving way.

And isn’t that telling us something about inclusion. We must look for that family member looking at the fun from the back row and invite them in and give them a seat at our table of fun. Something new should be embraced.

My boy said that he was not my roommate because we had different rooms and were family. I posed the question if he did not want to be my roommate also and he said that sounded good. “So no bosses right?” That kid!

Tho' I Walk Through the Valley

Maybe Some Sun Later.
Maybe Some Sun Later. | Source

We Build The Chapel of Love


So let us get to the heart of the matter. Never before in our history have we been quarantined without having a disease or at least it’s apparent symptoms. Never. I used the statistics above to make the point that this is extreme for a .00. Yet, even a rebellious type person such as myself follows the directives. Why? I am not an ultra-patriot, I am not afraid of dying in the least. My faith sees to that. So what is up that I give up freedom on a .00? Now what is making me and you kicky back? There is only one cause for the sentient among us. And you are one, or you would not be reading this.

Nope the above does not justify our compliance as a majority. Sorry but the unmasked man in the store did not care about others, hence no mask of gloves. Not really very thoughtful of him. So we have some who do not care about caring. Fine, God made us equal in his eyes not compared to one another.

So it is within that caring that we see the difference. I simply do not give a good gaul darn what .00 it is. If I gave it to you it would be 100% wrong if by Carelessness. Love is to care. Absence of caring is absence of love.

We actually, if experts are to be believed, saved millions through caring in a loving way for our family, our friends and our neighbors. Our love transcended the necessity. Our huge massive movement voluntarily may well have saved your sister’s life. .00 be damned. I care a whole hell of a lot more than a number. That number will always be number one, first priority, care and loving. The chips will fall as they may and as we return to what will be a full on normal my life in the big picture will not change.

I simply cannot change from caring and loving. If there is a crisis there is old dummy Eric just kicking back and caring as usual. Boring maybe. A broken record for sure but it is my old boring broken record and I love it.

Peace be with you.


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