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Coronavirus News and Commentary

Updated on April 4, 2020

The world is a crazy place since the coronavirus began in Wuhan, China, back in December, 2019, and now is pandemic across the globe. The virus has had dramatic impacts on social issues, businesses, education, and medical care. Who would have thought a virus might have this sort of impact?

  • The origins of the virus has two forms of believers. One group thinks that it was in a bat. That bat was eaten by a rare and protected mammal in China and then was consumed by a human. The virus mutated within the man and this person unknowingly spread it at the open market in Wuhan. A second group believes a more nefarious origin. This group believes that the Chinese team working at the Canadian CDC in Winnipeg either stole samples of viruses or were given to them as part as an scientific exchange program and taken back to Wuhan, where the "cat got out of the bag" unknowingly among its staff, that later shopped at the open market. Both are plausible. But, why was the Chinese team in Canada suddenly asked to leave the country in July 2019? The lab is mum on this except to say that it was an "administrative" issue. Hmmm.....
  • Wearing masks seem to be a hot topic in America. President Trump has said he will not wear one, but others may on a voluntary basis. There is plenty of data that shows that before South Korea had issued mandatory mask orders, the cases were skyrocketing. After it was ordered, there was a solid decline. Data from China also confirms it. It really is common sense even though you may not have the virus, of course, until tested, nobody does know. So, better to be safe than sorry. Perhaps. to some. it is a sign of weakness or just vanity. Using a mask when out in public shopping for groceries or other situation where you know you might be in close proximity to others, should be mandatory. If you are out jogging, biking, hiking, or other exercises, then, it should be voluntary. Agreed?
  • The U.S. Navy recently removed the commander of the aircraft carrier, Theodore Roosevelt, when a letter he wrote got leaked out to the public. The letter was intended to his superiors. This commander was greatly concerned about the 100 sailors (out of the 5000 on ship) showing symptoms of the virus and half of those were positive. With the tight quarters about naval ships, it was rapidly infecting others. The carrier was in Guam when it hit and the hospital there lacked the spaces. The commander pleaded with his superiors to act immediately on this, yet the chain of command was silent. There is a time when the chain of command (whether in the military or at a job) does nothing and one must circumvent the process to those in higher positions. What the USN did is simply bullshit. Prior to this, the USN thought he was a great man to command the ship, yet, in a flash, because of a letter that got out into the press and "stained" the USN image, his superiors remove him, saying, he did not use the chain of command. Huh? They would not listen. They did nothing.
  • Has anyone thought about the impending economic collapse worldwide? As governments spend trillions to bail out businesses, keep employees paid, etc., the debt owed is unfathomable. In the USA, there is a 2.2 trillion relief package to help victims and businesses stay afloat as the virus happens. Even before this, America's debt was in the trillions, much of it owed to China, ironically. What if this package fails to provide the expected relief and the virus continues on into summer? Then, resurges in the fall and winter? Just how much debt can a nation sustain until the collapse happens? Millions have already lost large sums of money due to stock market collapse and it has yet to recover. Economists say a recession is coming. At some point, with all the world debt, will it just collapse?
  • Is this pandemic one of God's warnings to mankind? The Revelations does mention that in the End Times, angels will blow various trumpets in the early stages. Each trumpet sends a different crisis to mankind because they no longer believe in Jesus Christ. One such trumpet brings wars and pestilence to mankind. In the past, there have been pestilence outbreaks around the globe, but these were always contained in specific geographic areas. Ebola was mostly in Africa. The last true pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1917 or so. Millions died. That had begun in the USA. One might think HIV (Aids) was pandemic, well, yes, but only among gay lifestyles. There was some crossing over to straight people, but a vaccine halted it. Perhaps, it is a sign. Maybe there will be a even more deadly one. Maybe economic collapse will also happen allowing the Antichrist to arise to power. It is all food for thought.


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