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Coronavirus: Peter Hitchens Take.

Updated on April 2, 2020

Peter Hitchens.

Veteran critique and blogger at 'The Daily Mail', Peter Hitchens, is not afraid to speak his mind. He describes himself as a Christian and has challenged modern society in many areas.

For example, he attacked leavers in the Brexit debate, saying how flawed their vision was of Britain. Saying many leavers believing Britain would be a power in the world again as it once was, was, ridiculous. If leavers thought Britain was the country of empire and greatness (if it was ever great?) like it was 60 - 100 years ago, they were sad and mistaken. Hitchens stated, the Britain of those days is dead and gone, never to return.

So Hitchens has taken to his blog and indeed, clashed with Piers Morgan, over the government's approach to Coronavirus.

Hitchens has stated yes, of course, we have to be careful, over COVID-19, but are we overreacting?

Since COVID-19 became a real danger to the world and the UK, the government has said the population should stay at home. Only going out for shopping or exercising. Not to gather in groups of no more than two and only then, with members of your own family. Pubs, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, etc, have all closed down. Supermarkets are open, but they are rigorously policed by members of staff and security guards, sometimes the police. In Tesco for example, one shopper is allowed in at a time, not couples. People have taken to wearing face masks and all manner of protective gear to ward off infection. The nation and the world, understandably, is on lockdown.

Peter Hitchens however, has already, whilst acknowledging as pointed out in this article, that COVID-19 is a threat, Hitchens thinks the UK has gone mad. Mr Hitchens says instead of the government ordering people to stand away from each other in public places, they will have the common sense to do this (or will they?).

As for going mad, Mr Hitchens as regards people may have a point, panic buying and a stampede for goods as there has been, is like a herd mentality. Humans are a herd or a social group, so it is no wonder, we stampede, like a herd of animals running away from a predator. The humans being the herd of gazelles and the Coronavirus being the lion. In the natural world, viruses, bacteria, etc, are natural things as are predators, they take out the weak, the old, the ill. Horrible as this may sound, it is as Darwin said, the survival of the fittest. Humans like to think we are not animals and above and beyond this natural system. This virus has taught us we are clearly not divorced from nature and this is a lesson we need to learn fast.

Yes, the losses around the world and those falling ill, again according to Mr Hitchens, are awful, yet, we are not told the whole truth, however. Older people and those with underlying illnesses seem to be the main victims of COVID-19. But, as the numbers of people who have died are announced to us via the media, they do not reflect this.

Mr Hitchens has pointed out, that more people die of influenza each year than Coronavirus. Mr Hitchens has said pollution levels from cars and other gases kill thousands of people. Mr Hitchens has described cars as literal heart attack machines, dirty, smelly, horrible things, that people sadly, have become dependant on. You never hear about that, again according to Mr Peter Hitchens.

Mr Hitchens describes others working in the media, as irresponsible, using negative language. Language deliberately or not, to scare the population, again the herd mentality comes into play here.

Mr Hitchens has said he is fit and eats healthily, so is not likely to get COVID-19. However, if he did, because of his fitness and strong immune system, he would survive.

Is Mr Hitchens right in his assertions, has there been an overreaction? Have the government got it wrong as compared say to Germany and South Korea?

We will certainly know when COVID-19 is conquered and even if it is, will life ever be the same again?


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