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Was America’s Coronavirus Lock Down Necessary?

Updated on April 26, 2020
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Science writer and experimenter. Conventionally published in science, technology, computers, personal development, health, & fitness.


Hyteria Rule

The hysteria over the coronavirus has resulted in the federal government calling a national emergency. Followed by the state(s) government’s forced economic shutdown of most businesses in almost every state of the union. Then forcing most of our citizens, not to work, not to venture outside, and to shelter at home.

The economic shutdown has done immeasurable damage to the US economy. It has had disastrous effects to people's livelihood.The state government’s claim is that these measures are taken for our own good. Was it? Was it really necessary to shut down our nation? Let’s examine that.

How Did We Get Here?

We start with China, who hid the truth about the coronavirus disease for months. Next the World Health Organization (WHO) assisted China in the cover up. Shielding the global community from the truth is what allowed the virus to spread so rapidly outside China’s borders.

The first case of Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China early December 2019. China’s secret police harassed and arrested doctors like Dr. Li Wenliang who publicly reported the flu like disease ( source). China spent more resources, shutting up scientists, doctors and journalists than combating the virus. China’s health commission ordered coronavirus lab samples destroyed and prohibited scientists from any further sampling. ( source). China was busy telling the world that infection only spread from animal to human. If this was actually the case the threat from Coronavirus would be quite low.

China informed the WHO on December 31 of the Wuhan infection. But WHO sat on the information for a month ( source). China delays a WHO advance team from coming into their country for two weeks. ( source) The WHO organization carried more dirty water for China when it stated on January 14 that there was “no clear evidence of human to human transmission of the novel coronavirus” ( source) Please note this was five to six weeks after just the opposite was confirmed with the reported coronavirus case in Wuhan China.

In spite of the massive cover ups by China, like the harassment and arresting of doctors, scientists and journalists, WHO director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised Chinese President Xi Jinping response to the outbreak ( source).

On March 18, Oxford University based online publication “Our World in Data” stated it would stop relying on data from WHO due to “many errors in the data. (source) Instead they would use data from European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Unfortunately US intelligence agencies also relied on faulty WHO data.

Putting it simply, China lied, people died. WHO lied for China, more people died.

USA Defunds WHO

President Trump on April 7, criticized the WHO by stating they “Really called, I would say, every aspect of it (the coronavirus) wrong. President Trump went further with his criticism of WHO’s failures and their mismanagement of information, to explain why he decided the U.S. would stop its 500 million dollar funding for the organization (source).

YouTube – Google Censorship in Support of WHO

Google owned YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that YouTube will remove any content that contains any medical advice the contradicts the WHO coronavirus recommendation. We must assume that information from Oxford University and US intelligence agencies that contradict WHO coronavirus data may now be censored by YouTube. (source)

Meanwhile in The U.S. Coronavirus Death Models Improve

March 2020

Let’s keep in mind that until March 2020 all the experts and most politicians were stating not to worry about the coronavirus. This included NIH, Dr. Fauci, Mayor de Blasio, and others. As late as March 9, 2020 Dr. Fauci stated publicly attending campaign rallies and taking a trip on a cruise was okay (source). To be fair, I must include that this opinion was based on faulty information from China and WHO that the coronavirus was not spread by human-to-human contact.


The Flip Flop

Then things rapidly flip-flopped. March 16, a model from the Imperial College London (ICL) stated their Coronavirus predictive models shown over 2 million US deaths.

Problems with ICL

The ICL computer model was based on unproven assumptions on the infection spread rate.

Public Health England (PHE) disagreed with ICL's model and downgraded Covid-19. But the damage was already done, both US and UK took the ICL model as legimate.

Andrew Slavitt, Barack Obama’s administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) stated one million Americans will die no matter what we do (source). Andrew Slavitt statement was reported in the New York Times, Washington Post and the Guardian and help fan the growing coronavirus hysteria.

The truth is the ICL didn’t know, they never knew. Models are only as good as the data you put into them. The ICL model was false. Since then the models have improved, and the number of deaths predicted have steadily dropped with each new iteration of the model. What is counterintuitive to these models is that as the death count of the models dropped the government’s draconian grip on the populace increased.

State Governors Drunk With Power

You’re Under (House) Arrest

Essentially the state government(s) has put 95% of its citizens under house arrest, without a crime being committed, without a trial or conviction. Think about that for a moment.

But if course, remember, it’s “For Our Own Good!”

Suspension Of The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution grants “We The People”, “the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition the government”. Seems the states, have suspended our constitutional rights. You see protesting is a non-essential activity. Really?

But remember, its “For Our Own Good!”

I'll tell you what you're permitted to buy

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) created the following executive order “All public or private gatherings of any size are prohibited”. She also order stores to close the aisles to prevent the purchase of any non-essential items like materials for home improvement, home repair, gardening, etc.

You will obey!

People who do not follow state and city government guidelines and gather together can be fined $1000.00 and brought to jail. This is happening not just in NYC but across the nation. Parents have been arrested and fined for visiting a park with their child. One man was fined $1000.00 for surfing. Other people sitting in cars watching a sunset were also fined $1000.00.

What is more frightening is the acceptance by the majority of our people of these draconian measures and loss of freedom without protest.

Snitch on Your Neighbor With Mayor Bill

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio initiated a snitch line where people are encouraged to photograph and report locations of people not following government social distance guidelines. And the mayor assured the public that “enforcement will come right away”. This is right out of the Nazi playbook for population control. Look at the video here.


Fortunately, many people seen this for what it is and sent the mayor a message, thousands of obscene photo’s and text messages. The snitch line has been shut down.

This is the same Mayor de Blasio who released criminals from NYC jails, because social distancing couldn’t be maintained, then was shocked to learn these released criminals committed additional crimes.

This is the same Mayor de Blasio who will fine people in NYC $1000.00 for walking in the park with their children.

The Sky IS Not Falling

We’ve been through this before, SARS (2002), Swine Flu (2009), Ebola (2014) and Zika (2018). The sky didn’t fall then and its not falling now.

Coronavirus Is Not More Deadly Than The Flu Virus

Stanford University study shown that the coronavirus is 50-85 times less deadly than originally thought. (source) The mortality rate is not between 2% to 5% as was wrongly estimated but somewhere is a small hundreds of a single percent. (source)

Thank you Stanford University for proving the ICL model that caused this massive infringement on the economy and civil liberties to be false!

The federal government cannot stop the spread of the coronavirus anymore than it can stop the flu virus. But Trump’s travel ban in January certainly help curtail the spread of this virus into our country.

Brass Tacks

Okay what are the numbers, okay I’ll tell you, according to WorldoMeters.


U.S. 152 deaths per 1 million people

Sweden 200 deaths per 1 million people

France 335 deaths per 1 million people

California is equal to France in population has 39 deaths per 1 million people
(approximately 1/10 of the death rate in France)

Nebraska (which did not lock down at all) less than 2 death per 100,000 people

Florida (which didn’t lock down to 4-1-2020) 4.8 deaths per 100,000 people despite Florida having the largest population of elderly people.

New York 106 deaths per 100,000 people *
* This is a number that includes thousands of presumed non-confirmed coronavirus deaths

Total deaths in the United States (including the non-confirmed presumed deaths) is 50,243.

I’m not a mathematician, but 50,000 is no way near 2,200,000.

Without a vaccine we are more at risk from dying from the flu than the coronavirus.

Flu = 61,000 Deaths (2017–2018)

Flu = 34,000 Deaths (2018–2019)

Imagine how many more Flu deaths there would be if we didn’t have a Flu vaccine!

CYA - Pump Up The Coronavirus Death Numbers

NYC officials have begun adding non-coronavirus deaths to justify the extreme social restriction they implemented. In this one report 3700 deaths that were never tested for the coronavirus (source) were added to the coronavirus death total. Aside from NYC, Connecticut, Delaware and Ohio are also adding “presumed” deaths to their coronavirus numbers.

We Don’t Close Our Country Down For Flu Season

We don’t close our country down every year because of the flu? We don’t call state of emergencies, we don’t ban gatherings of people, we don’t shut businesses down. The flu will make more people sick, take more lives than the coronavirus.

In my opinion, it was the constant fear mongering of the Main Stream Media and the despicable politicians who politicized and exaggerated the coronavirus threat to attack President Trump.

Meanwhile In Europe


If we look at the corona virus fatalities in Italy 99% had previous medical conditions. The average age of those who died in Italy is 70.5 years old. As of March 17, 2020 only 17 people under the age of 50 had died from Coronavirus. (source)


Sweden did not shut down businesses or lockdown its citizens for the coronavirus. It took a far more intelligent approach and asked their elderly people, the most vulnerable to the disease to take extra precautions. The sick should stay home. The main populace is taking normal precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. Sweden is keeping its business, stores and restaurants open. While its coronavirus deaths are a bit higher than it neighbor countries, it is not rampant.

The lockdown is ending in some countries. Germany, Denmark, Norway, Austria have all began reducing or eliminating their lock down.

Let Freedom Ring – End Martial Law Now

I know the politicians and MSM are ready to pat themselves on the back for helping to avoid millions of US deaths. Baloney. They will say they beat the projections because of their shutting down the country and implementing social distancing. Not true. These steps were already incorporated into their flawed projections.

If we learn anything it is from the states and countries who did not implement these draconian social distancing and economic shut downs, are faring no worse than those who did.

The flattening of the Covid-19 curve is occurring, that is true. But there is no proof that the social distancing and the lock down took any part in that flattening. The flattened curve could be a natural flattening of the infection curve that is seen with the normal seasonal flu.

Was the economic shut down necessary? No, it was not.

I have been saying this since early March.

The Stanford University study proved the assumptions used in the ICL model and its coronavirus death projections were wrong. The coronavirus death numbers never matched the dire projections. The death numbers have shown the coronavirus to be just another type of flu. More proof of this is with Sweden who did not implement any economic lockdown or social distancing are faring better than many countries who did, like France and Italy.

As I stated in my March 3 article, the hysteria generated about the coronavirus by the mainstream media and politicians appear are in my opinion politicized.

Protesters are defying government restrictions and are demonstrating across the nation petitioning their state governments for an easing of the lockdown measures.

Why not? We have better information now than when we shut the country down. Isn’t it time to apply this information to open our country up?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 John Iovine


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