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Coronavirus in a Small Town

Updated on June 6, 2020
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Time to Admit the World has Changed.

When the world has it‘s attention on a certain period in time, it seems we fixate on the situation and watch ever so closely. There is no doubt its time to admit the World for us here has changed. Here in the States, the only thing we have heard about since nearly February has been Coronavirus related. More doom and gloom than the average person can handle. As isolation becomes a way of life for some, others are gathering together protesting all across this Nation with casualties to boot.

These are Trying Times.

No doubt, these are trying times for many. According to, Unemployment is at over 40.7% as of May 28, 2020. It was a toss up to see if you were lucky enough to still have employment when our officials told our businesses they needed to close. The lines at Food Banks across America are miles long and devastation is setting in, how are people in Small Town America coping with all of this? Without getting political for a moment, I would like to discuss how Covid-19 has changed our lives for better or for worse. I spoke with some friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Real people in Small Town America and asked them how this was effecting their lives. We dive in to see what these Small Town Americans are going through.

Keeping Away.

"For someone like me it's changed quite drastically. See, I have many Health issues including Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Several Autoimmune Diseases. Which ALL are Red Flags with this Covid-19. So now I do not go anywhere or have anyone over really. I've gone grocery shopping wearing a mask and gloves but that's it. I cannot risk coming into contact with the virus. It would definitely turn deadly. So I keep myself away from any kind of other Human contact unless Absolutely necessary. The virus has made the entire environment around me deadly. Some people would joke and laugh about the seriousness of the issue but there really are some of us that fear for our lives. Not leaving the house but once and a while for food and supplies. Just trying to grab what you need and get home. Wash, Sanitize, Wash, Sanitize. Makes for a complicated, stressful, lonely world indeed."

-E.H. Ohio

Life as We Knew it.

" I am afraid that life as we knew it will never be again. I had surgery in the beginning of April and have been so tired since. I had to have my defibrillator replaced. I was surprised they did it but they said that it had to be and couldn't wait. That was a major concern for my future. I really had myself all freaked out, but it went pretty well. "

- K.G. Ohio

Added Stress.

“Although my pregnancy is high risk, I have had a healthy pregnancy. Mostly the isolation and the added stress of home schooling and childcare has been hard. I’m not a teacher, but I try to do my best. The most difficult part has been keeping distance from my support group, friends and family. I miss the social interaction for me and my children.

Due to pandemic-related restrictions I may not be able to be with my husband in the delivery room. He has been there for the other kids and I can't imagine getting through it without him. Another huge delayed affect of the pandemic. Basically, just nervous and anxious to move forward and get back to the new normal.”

-K.S. Nevada

Stuck in the House.

"In the middle of January the store I have been employed at was sold and I just got a job one week before the virus hit. I worked four days, than my first day on my own was the day the lock down started so I'm stuck back in the house again. My Husband has been laid off as well due to being seasonal. I've already been off so long all the extra stuff people have been doing (spring cleaning, organizing, etc.) has already been done. So I am bored out of my mind and was so happy to be starting a new job than just like that, I have to wait again."

- P.S. Michigan

No Play Dates.

“My Husband and I have both been working from home. We can't find a daycare or sitter for the summer as working from home is temporary. Only one goes grocery shopping, instead of all 3 of us. We also do another persons shopping since he is elderly and has pre existing conditions. People give dirty looks to those without face masks. Some of or family won't let us in their houses. Our son is still unable to have play dates or play with neighbor kids. Businesses and restaurants are starting to reopen but still nothing for kids to do. Things are slowly getting better but we're not sure what normal looks like so we're trying though, go with the flow. ”


Zoom Meetings.

As for myself, I have had a hard time finding steady employment since before Coronavirus hit. No one wants to hire a stay at home Mom. Now I fear having to compete with hundreds of others on job applications. My Daughters online schooling has been lacking, consisting of weekly zoom meetings and minimal assignments. Haven’t had a break from my high energy Toddler for months although I welcome the time I spend with him . Work would be an escape, so I continue to write to fill the void and make myself feel like I have accomplished something.

Feeling the Toll.

Simply most of us are frustrated and just plain sick of isolation. So frustrated in fact it has birthed a movement of Protesting Racial Injustices and Police Brutality. Some protests turning into rioting and violence. Small Town America is feeling the toll emotionally , and economically.
According to the Washington Post, over 100,000 small businesses will be closed permanently. It’s clear Americans are beginning to become desperate, and desperate times brings desperate measures. Our lives have changed drastically in a short time. We continue to “do what we got to do” to survive but will we ever get to go back to how things were? How much longer will we suffer under the tight grip of this virus?


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