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Corrupt Politicians In India - How To Make Change As a True Indian

Updated on December 25, 2015

India is infamous for its corrupt politicians. Due to the disintegration or weakening of national parties, they have no other choice other than to support these corrupt among them. Most of the allies in the Government forming political parties have less than 50 seats and among them 90 percent is corrupt. But as the national parties do not have clear majority they have to get the support of small regional parties which got only a few elected members. So most often they have to be blind when the allies make any wrong move.


When I was young, the time when I did not have the voting, always wondered why people are voting for the corrupt. I thought the uneducated and illiterate are the majority and they are unaware of these facts and vote the corrupt politicians to the legislation. But when I grew up I realized the fact that in the fast growing economy of India most of the people are either educated or literate, and moreover the media has grown so fast that everyone is aware of all these dirty corruption.

Then I wondered why these people are elected. Then most of the corporate media came with the fact that, the educated and people who got job, specially who works in corporate sector never vote. They say the reason as what is the use of voting all are corrupt. The uneducated who vote shown the same trend of voting the corrupt as they are unaware of the facts.

As Gandhiji said during freedom fight, “You should be the change you wish to see in this world”. But we want the change but will not work, current situation is like that. We blame other for voting, forgetting the fact we did not vote, so that the corrupt will not come to power. Not everyone is corrupt, there are a few who still holds some moral and political values. At least one will be there who is better than the corrupt candidate.

Another fact is, now the country India got the status of secular only in the constitution. Most of the political parties are playing the card of ‘vote in the name of religion and caste’. This has to be changed first. If one religion is appeased by a party, the rival party will be support another religion. Some feel they had been left out in all these canvassing and appeasement. These group will finally form some radical group and so on the story continues.

The only way to change all these things, cast your vote next time. Blame, but work to stop this along with blaming. Vote for a change. Always think, ‘I am the change I wish to see in this world’, rather than to say or think, ‘he should be the change I wish to see in this world’.

Follow Up

In the year 2011, there are many campaigns against corruption. The noted ones are movement lead by freedom fighter Anna Hazare and yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Thousand gathered in capital in support for both these in the capital of India. Congress government gave cold response in the beginning but later on felt the pressure form both people and opposition parties. The government agreed to some extend to Hazare, but later on there was some dispute. Hazare threatened to start his hunger strike on August 16th, 2011 if the Lokpal Bill draft is not passed in the parliament.

Whereas in the case of yoga guru's hunger strike initiation against black money stashed in foreign banks, the government interfered after one week and supporters were forced out of the capital, Ramdev was arrested and send to Haridwar. He continued his fast in Haridwar. New Delhi government asked Ramdev not to enter Delhi.

The response from the Congress spokespersons were shameful. Ramdev demanded action against the black money and in midnight they were removed from the camp. The usual media hypes of the Congress party kept silence and continued the drama, as they know the people who elected are fools and will bring them to power next time too.

August 21, 2011

Anna's fast against corruption entered the sixth day, yet government says, Anna and his associates are corrupt, and he is doing all these for publicity. The recent statement by the government accuses Anna is the face of fascists, Maoists and the extremist. Then what about the people who are supporting them in millions. Why they protect Kasab and threatening a man who voiced against corruption. India is a democratic country, where anyone can protest, but he was detained ahead of the protest. And the man who killed more than 100 in Mumbai attack is in tight security, with crores spent on him. And the people who attacked Indian parliament is still there in jail. Who is getting benefit of all these.

Anna Hazare on Fast unto Death

Anna Hazare on Fast unto Death
Anna Hazare on Fast unto Death | Source

Dec 2012

It is more than a year Hazare started a cause, fight against corruption. He had been promised by the government to pass Lokpal Bill. But it is not yet passed. Government blames opposition, opposition blames government. They should stop blaming each other and start blaming the common man who has voted. Wonder why people still vote for the corrupt.

The fight lost its momentum when there was a split in Hazare's team. Before the goal is achieved there is a split. Kejarival moved out of the team to form a political party. By seeing his protests it is clearly visible, fight against corruption is not his objective, instead trying to make a position for his political party. This is sad, again the common man is the looser.

Corruption Perception Index 2013


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