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Costs of Leadership

Updated on September 11, 2012
The Cheating & Stealing Combined!
The Cheating & Stealing Combined! | Source

In the hunt for the almighty US dollar most people and even a few politicians leaders will succumb to the urge to get more, without consideration for the negative costs or repercussion. As a consequence some would sell their soul to get more than they need, just to have or become a status symbol. The rest of the world be damned for trying to stop or impede their progress to achieve that goal.

Lying, cheating, misleading and in some case stealing or other fraudulent methods have become common place in the political arenas, particularly in GOP politics. Not to cast any aspersions on any one person in particular, especially without substantive proof of wrong doing directly or otherwise. In the run up to this year's presidential election, it's open season on the democrats at the hand of the GOP.

At the recent Republican National Convention, their primary theme was, "We Did Build It". To the best of my understanding of politics this is a blatantly misleading premise, based on a speech made by President Obama. The lie is to make it look like President Obama said, "government builds small to mid-sized business' not the business owners.

The Truth Hurts, their Cause
The Truth Hurts, their Cause | Source
Looking at the consistant monthly private sector job growth Since March 2010
Looking at the consistant monthly private sector job growth Since March 2010 | Source
New Policies that got stonewalled!
New Policies that got stonewalled!

That couldn't be farther from the truth, what I believe was his point in that speech was that through shared responsibility someone taught, inspired or encouraged that small business owner to reach higher. And when you take into account the infrastructure provided by government, small to mid-sized business' and the communities they serve grow stronger and thrive together.

Another major distortion of the truth is the lie that, President Obama made no efforts to try and fix our economic situation. This also couldn't be further from the truth. Every positive step the President tried to take the House Republicans did their best to squash his agenda, case in point "The American Jobs Act", "Infrastructure Bill" and "Teachers & First Responders Bill" to name a few.

At the same time they've talked about his lack of trying to fix the woes of this nation, they've conveniently left out any and everything they've done to obstruct his attempts to implement new policies. Yet when G.W. Bush the previous Republican President, took office he started with a budget surplus. Which was quickly squandered by the Bush Tax Cuts, two Wars and a Medicare 'Part D' prescription drug plan that wasn't fully paid for. Not to mention the near financial meltdown which started in early 2008, merely months before the 2008 Elections.

The Truth about the GOP's attitude!
The Truth about the GOP's attitude! | Source

It took the better part of seven years for Bush's Policies to get the country in to this mess. With a combative and hostile Republican (Tea Party) Congress taking over after the 2010 election it's a miracle anything has gotten done since then, i.e. the debt ceiling debacle or the prevention of the student loan interest rate from doubling.

I really don't think that Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan have the temperament to fix what ails us as a country or be leaders of the free world. He, Mitt Romney really and truly doesn't understand what it's like struggle from paycheck to paycheck to survive. His stiff and uneasiness around working people, illustrates his life of privilege.

If a person look just beneath the surface of any accomplishment Mr. Romney has had, they'll be able to see the flaws or details that he's omitted whether they were intentionally done or not. After enough political spin, any disaster could be made to shine like the crown jewels. The GOP Candidate's personas give way to the cliché', “All that looks good to you, is not necessarily good for you” . My advice to anyone considering voting Republican this Presidential election cycle, do so at your own risk. But please don’t vote against what’s possibly in your best interests, out of pure Republican spite and the lies that you've been lead to believe. Don't fall for the okie-doke of the sugar coating of their intended economic policies.


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