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Could a Parallel Universe Be in Sync With Earth?

Updated on October 9, 2021

Is it Possible?

A full lunar Eclipse
A full lunar Eclipse

I Will Wonder About This Forever...

I love the movie Idiocracy! If you have not seen it and you are interested in the future, then put it on your must-see list. I think I have viewed it a million times! Every time I watch it, I come up with a new pattern of thinking.

The last time I viewed it, I was thought of our latest lunar eclipse. It really has me thinking. I have heard talk about parallel universes existing for ages. I used to think people who believed in it were quite off their rocker. But now, I'm giving that a second thought.

Since the birth of mankind, humans have looked to the sky, the stars and the planets with wonder. We have the Zodiac, all the constellations, the famous North Star, the Northern Lights and more. I actually laid out under the stars back in the late 1980s to see the shooting stars. I had to covered in an electric blanket with a sleeping bag and pillow, but I was not going to miss it!

But let us get back to Idiocracy. The movie is about the government starting a project that needs two people to experiment on with no family, no one to worry about them, and most importantly, no one to ask questions. They find them -- one an enlisted man and the other a hooker -- both of average intelligence. They are placed in pods to be frozen in suspended animation for a year, but events conspire to have them not awaken for 500 years.

If you have an intolerance for language then I suggest turning back now and forgetting the movie. If you have an open mind and can find humor in why things changed the way they did, then please at all cost, see the movie! You'll never think of electrolytes the same again! Or lattes or Starbucks either!

This latest eclipse has me thinking overtime and has me actually wondering if something is more active on Earth than it was before the eclipse. I'm not going to go into details about that, but it took me back to something I wrote a few years ago that I was thinking overtime about then. I was taking quite a few trips from my home in North Carolina to Michigan to be with my dad after mom passed away.

Usually on my journeys I make very few stops. When I travel alone, I'm not one to take much time along the way. I'm getting from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. But this one time, I stopped in a beautiful mountain area to get gas, and, for some reason, I had to go find the answer to this question the Rita asks in Idiocracy.

"Do you think Einstein walked around thinking everybody was a bunch of dumbsh*ts?"

I find that line funny because I think he did. Maybe he did not verbalize it, but considering his intelligence level, I am sure he realized he held more knowledge than the "average" person.

If this latest eclipse brought together a parallel universe, then my past, Einstein's past and well, anyone in that time's past would be present. I know they have think tanks, Mensa and "the gifted children" places, but I wonder if they bring these things to their attention or do they think of them on their own. If Einstein was alive now, and the planets are letting him see into this futuristic time warp, would he be thinking we are all stupid or would he think "I should have thought of that?" I really wish there were a way to tell for certain.

The more intelligent people tend to view themselves superior than the average... say lion, tiger or bear. Not saying the critters are anything but average, please! But, I have also known, some people who actually believed the word "inferior" meant they were superior. Better yet, when this person asked his friend what the word meant (after looking it up in the dictionary and making me promise to keep a straight poker face), his friend also thought the same!

What if in our future people do get dumber rather than smarter because they focus on the wrong things? For instance, Bill Clinton went to China and signed over the Panama Canal and no one noticed. Why? Because the media was focused on whether or not he had an affair with an intern!

In the overall scheme of things, which is more important? After all, the Panama Canal is the arguably the most strategic waterway ever built and is critical to world trade. If the Chinese control it, considering the way they treat their people, then, we might as well let the military conduct experiments on us now. Maybe we'll end up in the past or future, but the time would still go on here as it is now. Confused yet?

Let me now go into the thing that happened to me a few years back when I stopped at this gas station, I was pumping my gas and as I looked down, I saw a strange looking bug, one like I had never seen in my life. I will never forget that bug!

Anyway, I was at a gas station somewhere in the mountains. While pumping gas, I look down and there is this creature of unknown origin, gazing up at me with a triangle head. His antennas moved as if he was honing in on my thoughts. It is kind of funny because I was probably thinking something like "why don’t they have people who pump your gas for you anymore." I mean, that would have messed up their world of "how we think" now wouldn't it, considering of course if it was in a time smarter than us, if not, he could of been thinking... "wow now there's a concept, people gassing up your car for you.. I must phone home! :P

So, as this alien bug soaks in my "not so" deep thoughts, where is he sending them? Back to his master planet? Where is his master planet? Does anybody really care about these things? What if we don’t, and it’s something we should be because it's really important? How are we going to know? Really, I give far too much thought to these things than I should. That bug really creeped me out! Maybe I should have sprayed him with gas I don't know, I didn't.. I went about my business just hoping he didn't jump on my vehicle and go for the ride to see where this deep thinker lol was going! (wow would that be a surprise to another universe.. especially one of superior intelligence, not at all like I found at a friends house that day.

I guess it's one of the reasons I can be deemed a loner, because I don't like to be around people who don't question anything. I live in a MILITARY town for criminy sakes! I question everything, and anything! I guess it was the way dad brought me up. Always question everything. And I do. I don't think he meant to take it this far, but too late dad! :)

This thought process exceeds far beyond the bug at the gas station, right down to, all the "what IF's" in the world, real or not... let's take the famous Wizard of Oz movie... Say, when Dorothy runs across the Scarecrow, and they decide to pick a path to go.. what if they'd taken a different path.. or if it was REAL, and in a parallel time band, what would they've come upon? Any thoughts? I have. lol. .. There's a few actually, as they had 3 other choices. God it drives me nuts thinking about what could be down any one of the other three paths. They might of made it home in seconds, or another time.. or ran into another fairy tale.. something to ponder I supposed if you're bored.

I just question, I don't know...

The scientist seem to think that this Mayan Calendar in 2012 is going to push (or so I read) these time bands together, and the world will become as one, changed different. Some Christians or Jewish people believe that it will be a day of reckoning. The KJV of the Bible says that those people will flock to the great Pyramids, at that time, without knowing and during this same time the Mayan's thought will bring about the change of the universe. Um, I'm not claiming to believe in either theory, I go off into my own world and create my own synopsis.

Personally I think people are putting WAY too much thought into a date, that nobody can pinpoint. As the little girl in the others says, "our mom says we shouldn't believe everything we read, but then she expects us to believe everything written in the Bible" Then she's asked "but don't you" her answer is no, she doesn't believe Noah fit all those animals into one boat, and so forth. Her brother agrees.

Think about it, if it says the earth was created in 7 days, and on that seventh day, we are supposed to rest, then that throws off the Mayan belief system. Because the only day of rest would be that of the ONE left over day a year. I looked into that and, I found it to be true, that if we used that calendar, the equinox would not be off in tens of thousands of years, but if we stick by our Gregorian calendar, then our days and nights will be off in about 10,000 years. So whose going to be around to check that out and say "I told ya so?"

I don't think any of their time lines coincide with our present time. If they did, wouldn't someone have encountered one of them by now, and come back to tell us about it? Maybe they'd be afraid and lock us up! ha, well, I think I'm sticking to what I know to be, that I won't be here in 10,000 years to say if it's wrong or write. I will hopefully be here on Dec. 22, 2012. Which, are they counting 2000 as a year, because if they did, it would be 2013 not 12. I'm not falling for that theory but if enough people flock to the great Pyramids of Egypt, where we're having difficulty with now, then I think they wasted a plane fare.

I watched a documentary, (I love those can't you tell):) lol, that the name of the beast is in the Bible, and they translated it into Barack Obama. Saying he would be the antichrist. Of course I read this about the Bush's and Ronald Reagen. Now there's the recent squabble with Egypts President and his name contains the name barack (Mubarack) so, to me, I think the names are too similar to say who it could be. There's too many misconceptions from the Bible that there must have been thousands of people with that name. It does say he will come out of the Middle East and have a head wound and revive as Christ did in 3 days.

I went to Private Christian school for my early teen years. We had to study just about all religions, and Bibles, as we were a mixed community of kids. I'm glad my parents taught me to draw my own conclusions because I just can't follow ONE religion. I can't. It's not in me, not from what I've learned over my lifetime. I just believe what I "think" I've derived from all I've learned about them all.

I'm for now, going with, these planets have nothing to do with religion, and they're making it a religious thing, and too many strange things have happened to me since this last Eclipse. Right down to having untouched things on my Ouija board. Totally untouched. And a photograph of a person who was brutally murdered came out of a box that it should not have been in. Sure find a coincidence, but these things didn't happen before this Eclipse, they happened since. Not just in the USA here where I am, but in a far away land as well. A bit closer to the Pyramids! Food for thought!

The recent Lunar Eclipse!

Do you think the recent Lunar Eclipse has anything to do with a Parallel Universe?

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