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“Coup in White House, Donald Trump Under House Arrest by Generals” – Say Infowars, Alex Jones and Friends

Updated on September 8, 2017
Mr Bueno profile image

Mr Bueno is a sometimes writer, musician, and digital artist. He treats art as magick. He currently lives and works in Cambridge, England.

Alex Jones puckering up to give Donald Trump the obscene kiss of blind loyalty
Alex Jones puckering up to give Donald Trump the obscene kiss of blind loyalty

The Presidents Brain Is Missing

In the world of the alt-right, certain individuals are having to perform ever more complex loops of crazy logic and semantic gymnastics in order to keep up the façade that they still have “their man,” Donald Trump, in the White House. The latest attempt of the alt-right, Infowars and Alex Jones in particular to try and keep their beleaguered narrative on track is to suggest that Trump is no longer in control of his own White House. This would, of course, explain why he is explicitly going against his own platform of “no more foreign wars,” (he’s ordered a troop surge in Afghanistan) “drain the swamp” (he’s packed his administration with ex- Goldman Sachs employees, the exact swamp he was suggesting he would drain, turns out he’s swamped the drain!) To anyone with a half functioning brain, it is now more than obvious (and to many it was more than obvious before the November 2016 election) that Donald Trump used the alt-right to get into the White House to enact a program that would benefit only himself, his elite friends, oil and fossil fuel interests and further the adventures of the U.S. military industrial complex.

Either that, of course, or the president's brain is missing!

An Audience With Donald Trump's Favourite Past President

The Spinners

So if you are an alt-right journalist or media owner, how do you try to convince your followers that you haven’t sold your base down the river for a quick buck and a bunch of new advertising affiliates?

Well, of course, you do what you always have done and insist there are ever more bogeymen behind the door who are coming for you, your family and of course, Donald Trump. However, at some point, even those with the slowest of mental function are going to realise that someone has been spinning you a yarn. And in the case of the alt-right and Donald Trump, many people have been spinning very long yarns (some of them maybe even believe their own tall tales, but most are surely, purely cynical) and there is so much of it leftover that they are now tripping over it and falling flat on their face at every turn.

So it is with this information in mind that we turn our attention to one of this week’s more hilarious excuses for Donald Trump not delivering to his base what he promised. Why Trump loyalists should be surprised he is not delivering on his program is no mystery to most of the world, who understand Trump is a charlatan who doesn’t pay his bills, is too scared to make his tax returns public and profits from sales scams such as Trump University for which he had to pay $25 million in compensation and which in many other countries in the world would have landed him with a lengthy prison spell. In the United States, however, it gives Donald Trump the opportunity for a $25 million tax write off and he can continue happily as president.

Alex Jones: "I say these weird amalgamated things that are both true and not true at the same time."
Alex Jones: "I say these weird amalgamated things that are both true and not true at the same time."

The Neighbours are Coming, The Neighbours are Coming

As I have previously documented in a number of previous articles, including “The Downfall Is Triggered – Infowars’ Alex Jones in Epic Meltdown as Viewers and Guests Turn on Him for Trump Support,” Alex Jones has been coming under attack both from his readers, viewers, and listeners for his ever more preposterous excuses as to why Donald Trump’s actions aren’t in line with what the patriot and 9/11 truther movement - which Jones, Infowars and other alt-right platforms co-opted in order to get Trump elected - were expecting. So it comes as no surprise that whilst wetting their beds at night, wondering if the patriots are coming for them with the guns that they had been previously told the government were going to grab, Jones and co can come up with stories with headlines such as “CERNOVICH: TRUMP UNDER HOUSE ARREST!,” whilst hoping that the Kool-Aid is still doing its job.

In the aforementioned article ““The Downfall Is Triggered….,” I document how Alex Jones attempts to convince his audience that Trump’s announcement of a troop surge in Afghanistan was, in fact, a move of tactical genius by Donald Trump and it wasn’t a troop surge at all but a victorious retreat, meant to look like a troop surge but in reality, nothing more akin to one of your neighbours moving house and having the removal people in, while other neighbours come over to say goodbye.

A Cunning Plan

Alex Jones bows to the genius of Trump as he sneaks more U.S. troops into Afghanistan in a mobile church.  The Taliban will never suspect a thing!
Alex Jones bows to the genius of Trump as he sneaks more U.S. troops into Afghanistan in a mobile church. The Taliban will never suspect a thing!

Tactical Genius

With a mind of such tactical genius as that at his disposal, and with supporters of self-renowned high intellect such as Infowars’ Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich in the know about just how the dastardly, maverick Trump, out-manoeuvres his opponents with such ease, some of their subscribers must be wondering how Trump could have put himself in such a position as to possibly be under “house arrest” by generals he himself installed in the White House. Perhaps it’s just another genius 6D chess plot that will see Trump pull off some as yet, unforeseen victory. Then again, perhaps Trump, Alex Jones, and Mike Cernovich are just complete idiots who are winging-it on the assumption that their followers must be idiots too.

Mike Cernovich.  And you thought Alex Jones was an idiot?  To be fair, they both are.
Mike Cernovich. And you thought Alex Jones was an idiot? To be fair, they both are.

Word Salad

So let’s hear a little more about what Infowars, Alex Jones, and co-conspirator Cernovich think the generals have in store for Trump…

AJ (Alex Jones) – “That’s what they are setting up and the plan is to build towards a type of house arrest, where he is totally surrounded and drug him and claim he had a stroke, but they don’t want to kill him, that would be too obvious, they want him, they want him brain damaged. They don’t want a fighting Trump to speak out, be impeached or be before congress, they know he’s got nine lives, he’ll get out of it…, I read this from Cernovich, who’s been for basically a week and a half in DC, amazing sources, I was talking to him some last week and with some of those sources and it was really interesting. (Quotes Breitbart article headline) “Cernovich Sources: White House Coup Underway, Trump Under House Arrest,” and that’s the way they describe it arrogantly and that’s why you see, um, Rex Tillerson and that’s why you see Cohn and others bad mouthing him, so this is really an unprecedented deal…..Cernovich sources, Cernovich has proven he has got sources, they’re good, “White House Coup Underway, Trump Under House Arrest,” Breitbart news editor-in-chief, Alex Marlow, spoke to journalist Mike Cernovich on Breitbart news daily this morning discussing the Trump presidency, Jared Kushner (inaudible) Trump’s influence and possibility of Trump being held under house arrest…..that’s what they’re doing. And so we just had Colonel Shaffer, high-level connections, who says there is a plan of sedition to murder the president soon or drug him and that Phil Mudd and others are involved in treason…, Mike Cernovich, great to have you back with us, er, give us the long and the short of this story.”

Trump Under House Arrest, Plot to Murder Him, or Maybe Not Murder Him - Alex Jones

Welcome to Thursday Afternoon

MC (Mike Cernovich) – “Ye-ar, and just to be clear, I used house arrest ‘metaphorically’ and everybody is like, “oh my god, Cernovich,” you know, it’s so sad that we have to explain when we are using a figure of speech and everything, that’s how dishon.., that’s how Chris Hayes goes, “oh, Cernovich is making up, Trump isn’t under house arrest because he left his house, it’s like, these people, they are so desperate but metaphorically speaking, yah, Trump’s movements have been closely monitored, he, if he tries to meet with anybody outside of General Kelly’s approved list, the people he is allowed to meet.”

AJ – “They brag about this, they brag about this!”

MC – “Yeah, exactly, so, I even heard that Trump, once again, ‘(under) "house arrest, figure of speech" for a while and I didn’t want to report it, ‘cause I didn’t believe it and now this came from people in the West Wing and then John Bolton who…”

AJ (Interrupts) – “Last week you were halfway to defending Kelly saying, well, anybody can walk in, it is a circus, now you’re not.”

MC – “Yah, and I mean that’s the way things change when you’re covering the White House, things change by the day, you can have a story today that’s 100% true and then tomorrow, everything is different, it’s a different world, or the time, that’s why, in a way it’s such a frantic pace for everyone to cover it, so in any event I’d heard that they had been withholding access to people with Trump and limiting the information he’s got.”

AJ – “You were saying that last week…you were saying that was happening a month ago with Infowars and others but now we even have Bolton, uh, saying he’s not allowed to talk to the president.”

MC – “Yes, exactly, so that’s what we were getting into is, John Bolton had been at the White House nearly every week, he had open access to come in whenever he wanted he had credentials it was no big deal, they had him there the president liked to talk to him and Bolton was rumoured to be McMasters replacement for National Security Advisor. Now you might or might not agree with that but that’s a different conversation, the point is John Bolton cannot get in to see Trump, that’s, how in the world, when I read, when I read, John Bolton said please retweet this article, so Trump sees it, I felt what in the heck? This is complete madness….., ‘house arrest’ is what I heard, once again a figure of speech, and once Bolton, and once Bolton said that I said ok, I need to get the full story out, I need to tell people everything that I’ve heard about the White House, the information control and everything like that, of course, the deep state trolls are out trying to discredit me and attack me and blah, blah, blah, welcome to Thursday afternoon.”

Breaking Down The Infowars' BS

So, quite a lot of word salads to disentangle there but let’s quickly break down what Infowars’ Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich have just said.

Alex Jones has asserted that there is a plot to kill President Trump but at the same time, there is not a plot to kill President Trump. There is only a plot to either make him have a stroke or drug him up. Although Colonel Shaffer asserted there is a plot to kill President Trump involving Phil Mudd.

Alex Jones asserted that President Trump is under house arrest, he said ‘that is what they are doing.’ Mike Cernovich, however, stated that he didn’t mean President Trump was under house arrest, he was being monitored and his movements were being ‘followed metaphorically.’

Last week Mike Cernovich was saying anybody was free to meet President Trump in the White House and this week, after an article by John Bolton he read, he is asserting that only a limited number of people are allowed to see President Trump and he did really know this last week but didn’t believe it so he didn’t report on it. Even though, according to Alex Jones, he was saying that Trump was under house arrest last week even though he was also saying the opposite. And that is because “the way things change when you’re covering the White House, things change by the day, you can have a story today that’s 100% true and then tomorrow, everything is different, it’s a different world.”

Yeah, right.

Or it could be because both Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich are full of crap.

Simple Is as Simple Does

However, let’s try a different tack and go with the idea that Trump and his movements are being monitored and his phone has been confiscated and wonder why that might be?

Perhaps it could just be that Special Counsel Mueller has unearthed some serious criminal charges to be laid on Trump. That could mean his phone has been taken as potential evidence and he has had his access restricted to some people so he doesn’t interfere with, or intimidate potential witnesses. He may even have access to news sources such as Infowars restricted because, Alex Jones himself has said in the recent past that he is being investigated for possible espionage, in which case Infowars could be a way of getting information to Trump that may also hinder the case.

Would the United States want the instability of having their president under such scrutiny being revealed to the world with the ongoing national and international instability such a situation may cause?

Perhaps Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich have never heard of Occam’s Razor?

Anyhow, that’s enough yarn for now.

6D chess anyone?


Be seeing you!

© 2017 Mr Bueno


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Carson City

      LOL ! Mr. Bueno, that is a possibility. :)

    • Mr Bueno profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Bueno 

      3 years ago from Cambridge, UK

      Glad you found the information interesting and useful, Paula.

      Could the answer to your question be because Jones and Cernovich have never encountered you and your very particular set of skills? ;)

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Carson City

      Mr. Bueno....As always, you provide interesting, useful (and in this case, OUTRAGEOUS) information. I am left just hoping for some sort of answer to a question..........................

      How do Jones & Cernovich avoid being locked up in a padded room, naked & heavily medicated?

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Fantastic hub!

      Its like a house of mirrors, isnt it?

      If it wasnt so funny, id have to cry.


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