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Covid-19 Vaccine: A New Political-Economic Weapon?

Updated on May 14, 2020

By the time, a vaccine is found millions will have died from it across the globe. With the race to discover the vaccine, the countries most likely to find it are the USA, UK, China or a , in Europe. Any of these countries will need to produce millions of doses and then the distribution war begins.

Who will get them first? The rich who can afford them? Officials in governments? The frontline medical personnel in hospitals across the world? First responders, such as police, firemen, etc. Just when will the ordinary people working day to day get it? Just how will the doses be given and will it be free?

Those questions are really secondary. Primary questions are if the USA discovers the vaccine first, will it use it to gain benefits from other governments around the world in some way? This actually applies to any government that discovers it first, whether it is China, Russia, UK, Europe. Some governments and their leaders are more prone to use it as a political and economic weapon to gain other things in their national interest.

For example, if the USA discovers it, it could arm twist the Chinese to withdraw from the islands they took in the South China Sea in exchange to get the vaccine for its people. Germany, should they discover it, gain better gas prices from Russia, whose pipeline supplies Germany huge amounts of natural gas. China could demand lesser countries, should they discover the vaccine, access to more naval ports in strategic areas, more in-country influence in the Philippines than already is there, threaten other nations and so on. Nations could attempt to gain political advantage by using the vaccine.

The downside to any of this of using a vaccine to hold hostage a nation with the virus is conflict and war. It could easily elevate to that given the dire pandemic that has caused the world to shutdown. A conflict over the vaccine would acerbate everything tenfold.

Nations that are normally adverse to one another in good times, will use the vaccine to make the situation even worse if it is to their benefit, much like Iran did with the US hostages decades ago. While it may not come to pass that the vaccine will cause this upheaval, the temptation and danger is present whoever finds the cure to Covid-19 first. Friendly nations, such as USA-UK-Europe, will no doubt share it amongst the others first. Less friendly nations will have to beg or make a deal for it.

There is also the chance a the vaccine will be found in several labs in different countries, which brings up the question, will one be more effective than the other? Less dangerous than the other? Will there be a cost to get it? Creating the vaccine will cost much when it comes to millions of doses, so how will this be funded or made cost effective for the company discovering it? Will the government simply give them another blank check or will the doses cost the consumer?

Another aspect is, will governments order its people to get the vaccine if they wish to continue working in their jobs? There is a manner in which one can trace who and who has not been vaccinated now when the vaccine is given. One can see how this mandate could easily happen to a country's workforce or those who receive State welfare checks, social security, food stamps, etc. Some might think this is a backdoor to the Mark of the Beast (666) mentioned in the Book of Revelations when the Antichrist rises. It could be at first be innocent, to get everyone to accept it, then over time, it changes to whomever the Antichrist is.

In any case, once the vaccine arrives, a whole new world may appear in different shades.


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