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We must Stop Littering!

Updated on November 1, 2020

Creature of Rubbish Grows!

I recently moved to a new apartment where I face onto a tree-lined lane; beyond the trees is an expressway. The trees and green space are a natural shield helping to conceal the ugly view of the expressway. As I sat looking from my balcony day after day I could literally see the trees and greenery getting swallowed up by a massive creature made from the rubbish of those who have used this lane during their travels.

Teens Over Feeding the Rubbish Creature

I was saddened to see that the majority of the contributors are high-school students coming to and from the high-school down the road from my home. I was concerned about their lack of concern towards the environment as these are the future leaders of our planet. Day after day they continued to feed the creature showing total disregard for this lane. This lane was a tiny spec in the world, but alas it is the spec that I call home. I did not want to sit idle watching the green space being devoured bit by bit by the creature of rubbish. It was time for me to take action and stand up and fight the creature!

We Must Teach Future Generations to Fight Against the Rubbish Creature!

I racked my brain trying to think of what actions I could take that might help destroy the creature of rubbish residing here. It was getting bigger by the day as it remained unchallenged. Maybe we need to teach our children the importance of keeping our planet clean; maybe schools should be giving our children some education on how to dispose of rubbish properly and responsibly. We should try and instill in them that it is their home planet. Explaining to them how they are abusing and destroying it every time they toss a bit of rubbish or trash in a non-rubbish site! Our children must understand they are contributing to the demise of their home- planet earth. Whenever they partake in these irresponsible actions of disposing of their rubbish!.

The Power of Putting Pen to Paper!

I noticed there were no city rubbish bins on this green- space making it easier for the rubbish creature to continue to grow; eventually it will smother the life out of the green-space if it's not challenged. Well, I decided to send a letter to the city of Kitchener in which they responded. In my letter, I explained my concerns asking if they could put some city garbage bins on this stretch of road. They explained to me due to resources and vandalism they could only put garbage bins in the city parks. But they did send some city workers to come and clean up the rubbish. I was so thrilled when I looked out my window to see the city workers battling against the creature of rubbish. I must say they did a great job of unveiling the natural beauty that lay hidden under the creature. They told me they would monitor the area but also let me know I was welcome to contact them again if need be; hopefully, I will not see the rubbish creature showing it's filth on my little spec in our world again.


We must all try and do our part to keep our world clean; we must try and remember that it shouldn't be just the rubbish on our own doorsteps that concerns us but beyond it as well. It is definitely a good place to start battling against the many creatures of rubbish that reside on our planet. We must treat our home (planet-earth) with the respect it deserves. If there is not a garbage bin in the near vicinity we should keep our garbage until we are able to dispose of it properly. We will feel better about doing this rather than the filthy alternative. So let's stop feeding the creatures of rubbish and keep our home planet green!

Fighting the Creature of Rubbish

Do you dispose of your rubbish in proper designated places when out in public areas?

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