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Cristian Charity

Updated on April 18, 2015


Alice: Was a sweet gentle Child, yet she held the composure of a Young Lady. Alice: loved Music and Nature and People: Life. Working towards forging herself a career in music, she was a talented musician and song writer. Encouraged and supported by her family, Alice entered competition’s made videos for her family and YouTube publication.

An: inspiration

Alice: Loved the wonders of nature, beautiful meadows, streams and rivers, trees and flowers, animals and people. She was a beautiful young lady, compassionate and caring, a credit to her family and an inspiration to all who met her! Her daddy’s Princess and her mummy’s most precious gift!


Alice: Was just fourteen years of age, when she was murdered by a sexual predator. Suffocated, Raped, and her little body stuffed in to a filthy rubbish bag, then dumped in to a filthy river, when it was no further use to the predator.

There is no doubt that Alice’s beauty played a part in what befell her! It was said that the predator had been planning the attack for some time.


This horrific tragedy was brought about by someone offering a little charity and, the benefit of the doubt, to another human being. In so doing they released a string of events that could not be foretold, and these events eventually led to the murder and rape, of little Alice!

Damage: control.

We see so much abuse of our nation’s charity! When then, one must ask one’s self, does charity end, and common-sense prevail. As a nation “UK” we tot-up an average of two hundred Child Murders every year, and the figure increases year on year! Most are unpublished, Cameron cases. Some reach local media. A few reach national media. “Damage Control”

The: Nation.

We are a nation of some sixty four million residents: About 2% show concern, “Fact”. The rest live in their closeted little world of indifference and self-indulgence! Without a care in the world for anyone or anything! No wonder this nation diminishes in world stature, as generations pass!


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