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Crooked Con Man Crippling Country.

Updated on November 10, 2018
Bob  Paul Connors profile image

Ex-social worker, progressive and writer. I've been following politics since "Tricky Dick" announced his secret plan to end the Vietnam War.

Crooked Con Man Crippling Country.

The Democrats will be reining in trump’s reign of terror.

It’s sickening that the con man placed children in cages, has the fool DeVos, whose policies would destroy public education as his Secretary of Education, is allowing the GOP to lie about their support for the ACA, has never given us his tax records and used Putin’s hackers to steal the 2016 election.

Democrats want to improve our country and to accomplish that are expected to use their newly regained majority to scrutinize Trump administration policies on immigration, education and health care, and to examine his personal finances and potential connections to Russia.

Thankfully, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows can’t continue destroying our trust in valued US institutions with their phony investigations of the Justice Department and the FBI.

The con man picked Whitaker to evade Mueller

The con man’s new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, on nationwide TV stated that the TV reality star could fire Sessions, and appoint a temporary replacement, who could move to choke off Mueller’s funding. Whitaker isn’t qualified for this position. He was hired to help trump evade Mueller. Is this the definition of quid pro quo?

The Ethics Office of the Justice Department can recommend that Whitaker recuse himself from the Russian investigation. Who thinks the con man will allow that to happen? When has the TV reality star acted with integrity? This is the beginning of a constitutional crisis.

Acting Attorney General Whitaker can't help trump evade Mueller as there are already sealed indictments, and Mueller took the precaution of funneling off investigations of the con man.

The normal succession pattern would be that the Deputy AG Rosenstein would take Sessions’ role, not the unqualified Chief of Staff, but what has ever been normal in the con man’s reign of chaos? The TV reality star will always do only what will benefit him, the country, its institutions and norms be damned.

What is skirting the normal succession pattern and appointing the unqualified Chief of Staff Whitaker as AG instead of the Deputy AG Rosenstein, other than obstruction of justice? Appointing Whitaker is the definition of quid pro quo as the con man will use his newest stooge in an effort to evade Mueller.

The appointment of the unqualified Chief of Staff Whitaker is signaling that the con man will do anything to promote the fallacious Giuliani rebuttal report of Mueller’s report.

Sessions resignation letter clearly indicated he was fired. The Vacancy Reform Act bars Trump’s installation of the Whitaker to act as attorney general to control Robert Mueller unless Sessions truly resigned. A federal district court could be asked to see through this latest trump con job.

Whitaker was known to be the con man’s mole in the Justice Department. Now he will be receiving briefs from Rosenstein about Mueller’s investigation, which will immediately be given to Giuliani and the con man’s legal team. That isn’t ethical, but the con man will corrupt the entire justice system for his advantage.

Whitaker has said he would not approve any request from Mueller to subpoena the president. All of this time Giuliani has slow walked this decision was for naught. Damn the con man who is destroying our entire justice system.

All throughout the country criminal defendants are alleging that the cases against them are invalid because the AG, Whitaker, is invalid.The con man is being investigated by our legal system and he’s trying to destroy it. Whenever, the con man was sued, he cheated. Now he’s trying to ruin the US, the land of laws.

We can’t let this stand. In the US, the land of laws, we take that no one is above the law, as being sacred. The con man is being investigated by our legal system and he’s trying to destroy it. How did this happen? How did a tiny percentage of low-information voters and white nationalists bring our country to its knees?

Did the con man see the midterm results and make the calculation that the only way he can win the 2020 election is by bumping up his ratings in the polls by getting impeached? He saw that is what happened when President Clinton was impeached? Is his plan to force the Democrats to impeach him and this Whitaker appointment being step one?

The con man is now saying he doesn’t know Whitaker. Big surprise—they didn’t vet the stooge and the con man impulsively appointed him. Now his advisors are reasoning with the petulant baby. Pretty soon the con man will say he didn’t know Sessions and say he has no involvement with the AG. What is the ‘AG’ will be next.

We have the petulant baby, con man impulsively appointing Whitaker. Now his advisors are reasoning with trump, but they should have been involved in the decision before the appointment. That is how it always had been done. How could this have happened in our great country?

trump told FOX a month ago he knew Whitaker. The con man is now saying he doesn’t know Whitaker. Big surprise—the propagandist-in-chief is brainwashing his low-information base again. Big brother’s proles are less pliable than our red staters are.

The FTC is investigating Whitaker’s role in a company that scammed people. Whitaker was involved with the World Patent Marketing firm that federal regulators shut down last year because it promised inventors that it would patent and market their brainchildren. The FTC complaint characterized their pitch as being comprised of bogus “success stories” and other false claims.

The con man wants Whitaker because in addition to his threats to destroy Mueller’s investigation of the con man, trump thinks Whitaker--who the FTC is investigating for his role in a firm that scammed inventors, might help trump learn new ways to con saps. The con man suckered his low-information base into voting for him, but he wants as much help he can get to con the rubes.

Whitaker doesn’t believe in Marbury v Madison-- the foundational case of American constitutional law which defines that the Supreme Court possesses the ultimate power to interpret the Constitution and determine the legitimacy of acts of Congress, and doesn’t support New Deal cases, the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate, and wants religious tests for judges.

McConnell will not support legislation to protect the Mueller investigation. Whitaker will do everything he can to restrict it and will quash Mueller’s report. The con man has minions in Congress and the Justice Department aiding him in evading Mueller. This isn’t what made our country great.

Does the advisor who gave the con man the propaganda that Mueller isn’t Senate confirmed get extra points for two lies in one statement? Of course, former FBI Director Mueller has received Senate confirmation, and in his current role of special prosecutor no Senate confirmation is required.

The con man fires Sessions and immediately Roger Stone’s minion, Andrew Miller, acts by making an appeal to a federal appeals court that Mueller was unlawfully appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in May 2017. The con man knows that delaying a trial is a good approach and Miller defied a subpoena in May, was later held in civil contempt.

The con man stated that he doesn’t know Whitaker. Soon he will say that same about his decades old friend Roger Stone and his own son, Don Jr. because indictments from Mueller are imminent.

The con man picked because he thinks Whitaker will help him evade Mueller. When Whitaker is forced to recuse himself from the Russian investigation—due to their inadequate vetting of Whitaker, what controversy will the reality TV star stage? The only thing you can predict is it will be something that won’t require him to do any work.

Kobach’s Muslim Registry and advocating for tough immigration and voting rules impressed the con man enough that Kobach got a job atop the con man’s short-lived election-fraud commission. Now that trump won’t admit to knowing Whitaker, Kobach might be the next stooge trump picks to be AG.

McConnell will not support legislation to protect the Mueller investigation. Whitaker will do everything he can to restrict it and will quash Mueller’s report. The con man has minions in Congress and the Justice Department aiding him in evading Mueller. This isn’t what made our country great.

The con man’s interference with elections

We won’t see hanging chads, as Florida uses optical scanners, and Secretary of State Katherine Harris again, but we assume the GOP will cheat in the recounts, as already Guiliani is accusing Hillary Clinton of cheating in the Florida election.

The con man is attempting to destroy our electoral system by threatening to have the federal government intervene in the Florida election. Also, at trump’s behest the GOP’s vile Florida candidate, Scott, is unleashing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate elections offices in Broward and Palm Beach counties, which is entirely inappropriate because his lead is so small that a manual recount is mandatory.

Scott’s lead is so small that a manual recount is mandatory, but .at trump’s behest the GOP’s vile Florida candidate, Scott, is unleashing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate elections offices. The con man is attempting to destroy our electoral system by threatening to have the federal government intervene in the Florida election, but he might be just lying about that.

We can’t let the con man steal our best chance to peacefully express our voice to power from us, elections.

The con man can get the infamous white nationalist Kris Kobach, who was the con man’s vice chairman of the voter fraud commission to help Scott in stealing the Florida election as Kobach is adept at implementing the strictest voter identification laws in the United States and fighting to remove nearly 20,000 registered voters from the Kansas' voter rolls.

I’m surprised that the con man doesn’t send the US military to the election offices in Broward and Palm Beach counties to stop the recount. trump could declare Scott the winner due to national emergency and lead a chant of ‘Lock her up’.

The con man’s Attacks of the MSM

The master propagandist, con man who is masquerading as the leader of the free world, has reached new depths of depravity as the Acosta video distributed by White House was doctored. The video was made by the conspiracy peddling website Infowars.

After pulling CNN’s Jim Acosta credentials, the con man is threatening to pull other reporters of their credentials. This is un-American. A free press is vital in our right to know what is happening—it is the 1st amendment, and the con man trying to steal our right.

This is un-American and autocratic. A free press is so central to our democracy that it is the 1st amendment, and the con man is trying to steal it from us. Big brother trump wants to brainwash us. We can't allow our anger to distract us. We must resist.

trump’s news conference in which he attacks the media, threatens the Democrats, and disseminates propaganda, is how the rest of his reign of terror will be.

The con man knows how set a reality TV scene because he stood on the South Lawn of the White House to insult former president Barack Obama, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the husband of one of his top aides, Democrats in Congress, two prominent White House reporters, elections officials in Florida and Arizona, the FBI and a federal judge in Montana, among others.

Isn’t the con man ignorant? During his news conference he singled out individual GOP House members who lost to rub in salt. The poor baby was angry that they didn’t want his help. The TV reality star didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that they didn’t want him because they were convinced his divisive rhetoric would hurt their chances.

The con man’s criminal FCC violation

Ironic that Pecker could cause the con man’s penchant for using his pecker indiscriminately to live with a criminal indictment of violating campaign finance law hanging over his head. I wonder if trump will start using his head or continue using the head of his penis to think.

trump said to Pecker 'What can you do to help my campaign?' How much more blatantly could the con man be in violating campaign finance laws? Ironic that Pecker could cause the con man’s penchant for using his pecker indiscriminately to have such trouble.

The con man was involved in nearly every step of hush-money agreements with multiple women who claimed they had sexual affairs before he became president, according to reliably conservative The Wall Street Journal which cited dozens of interviews and documents, and also reports that he may have violated federal campaign-finance laws through his participation in the deals.

The con man is ruining our international reputation

Why can’t trump visit our troops’ graves at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in Belleau France? The delicate baby didn’t think he could withstand the weather. This comes a day after the con man attacked President Obama for not supporting our troops.

French President Macron wants a European military to protect it against threats, including from the US. The con man wants NATO countries to pay a higher NATO share, but lies when he says Macron’s idea is an insult. German’s Merkel more effectively made a statement that Europe’s move toward self-reliance should be carried out “of course in friendship with the US.

European leaders hate trump. They know he's going to ingratiate himself with his boss Putin again in this trip. It will be as embarrassing, and dangerous to the world, as the Helsinki summit was.

Crooked con man crippling country.

Immediately after the midterms, the con man attacks the 4th estate, the Justice Department and our elections. The TV reality star’s boss, Putin, must be happy at how his puppet is destabilizing our country and acting like an autocrat—in Putin’s image. Putin told the con man to run as a white nationalist because he wanted to expose the shame of our country—that much racism still exists, as the con man’s stealing of the election illustrates. The con man is also ruining our international standing at Putin’s behest.

The con man’s lie that he’s undergoing the longest audit in history exhibits his contempt for his low-information base, the poor dupes who are the sole intended audience for this propaganda.

The Democrats will be reining in trump’s replete with error reign of terror. What possible reason could the con man have for picking Whitaker other than to evade Mueller? The con man interference with elections and his attacks of the MSM are un-American. The con man’s criminal FCC violation might ultimately be the con man’s undoing.


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