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Cruel Teeth Of Terrorism

Updated on July 31, 2014


“Tomorrow I am going to see my Grand Pa after a long period”

I am going to meet my friend I am very much excited”

“I am going to participate in my daughters marriage”

“I have to sign a big business agreement”

“I am going to spend two weeks with my family”

All the dreams come to a sudden end.298 people lost their lives without knowing the reason. They all dead for no fault of them or because of the fault of the vehicle which carried them. Terrorism showed the cruel teeth once again. Now the routine will begin.

Allegations…. Counter allegations

Enquiries…Discussions… investigations

Compensations… Condemnations

But lost lives cannot be brought back. Nothing will compensate the bereaved families

Oh terrorists when you are going to stop the killing of innocent people?

Oh Nations when you are going to stop supporting terrorism in (so-called,) your enemy countries?

Even after seeing what happened to the innocent passengers of Malaysian Airways, can anybody support violence and terrorism whatever reasons are given to justify them?

The world should understand wars and killings will not raise fame and glory of any country.

In our Tamil Epic Kamba Ramayan there is a famous saying

“If you have decided not to develop enmity with anybody, only wars will come to an end and not the fame and glory of your country”

I think this is the message UN should spread.


© 2014 Renganathan


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