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Chief Minister's Income Tax and Assets.? Shuh don't say loudly.

Updated on February 13, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Chief Minister Crying-Now Flying.[ its called Politics.]

Chief Minister Crying.!!!!!
Chief Minister Crying.!!!!!

Must have Lady of My Choice.[ Now at her Home]

Was there no other Lady.
Was there no other Lady.

Karnataka's Crying Chief Minister.[ Now Flying - Politics Air Ways.]

All sorts of uneducated people come to power and make money,keep it in Swiss Banks which our Govt can't see and even cry.

The recent crisis of BJP in power in South India and in Karnataka is a miserable example of our democracy which we are very proud as the only one in the world.Surely the only one in the world is not a thing to be proud of by a learned cityzen.

How are the others taking their country fast forward and why do we have a system of democracy since which cannot afford to plan pure drinking water to its cityzens.

Was there no capable man or women in Karnataka for our Chief Minister to go around the State with out her by the state.Was he not aware of the jelosy of other men he ignored.Was there only a single person he could trust.

What Harm if he would have done to state if he had talked to Reddy Bros earlier if they were responsible to spend cries of their money to fund his election and make his party by a Lotous flower formula.If he was cheated by one person in power previously,another person cheated him when he was in power.Getting cheated twice is not the mistake of persons who cheated him twice.There is somrthing wrong in his style of functioning.

When River Kaveri was full on the Dam at K.R Dam he took a layy to give the River God the offerings that are traditionally offered when the Dam is full the practice was to take the wife of Chief Minister.if she was not available he had his daughter but he choose this Lady envied by every other minister except his side kick.

Our State is a Royal State and traditions are immersed in Royalty Splendor.He perhaps never consults the Maharaja of Mysore respected by millions,who could give hin Royal Advice but than this ordinary rural chapwith out any good knowledge of State Administration tool the wild horse for a ride and what a fall he had,now its we the people who have to manage with fractionated and disgruntled chief's of several urgent matters who are missing from their office and cooling hot and cold in a 5 star hotel in another state have to come and sign the files which they would have left to bureaucrats to do home work.

Lets do something Vote for nobody.


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