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Did the 2012 Election Cause Republicans to Seek Secession?

Updated on January 26, 2019

Herman Cain's Stupid People remarks

Herman Cain's Stupid People remarks
Herman Cain's Stupid People remarks | Source

So you want to to secede? Why don't you stomp your little foot, like a skunk who is getting ready to stink-up everything in sight?

Do the crybaby brats want to secede because they lost the Presidency in 2008 and 2012 or both? Or do they want to secede because of who won the Presidency?

If you want to secede, go ahead and secede! Then what?

I guess that is one way to kill-off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Why don't you stomp your little foot, like a skunk who is getting ready to stink-up everything in sight?

Do you think that by secession you can de-legitimize our President, who not only got the most votes, but also, the most electoral votes?

Are you one of the individuals who signed a petition of secession?

Mr./Mrs./Ms. are you one of the people who signed the secession petition?

Are you sure you know what you signed? Are you so independently wealthy that you will not need Social Security to live on and, if you get sick, will you have enough money to pay the hospital and doctor bills and private insurance?

With secession, you will not have Obama Care? This is one of the reasons for secession, to eviscerate, The Affordable Care Act.

Let us pretend you have seceded from the United States of America! Let us say you are Now the Country of Texas. What now?

Seceder! Is Rick Perry your President, your Dictator, or still your Governor? (Oops you are no longer a state, cross off governor.)

How will you determine who, Rules/Dictates/Leads? Will you have an election for a new president? What do you do if you have two people running to 'Rule the Roost,' and the one who loses is a sore loser (like Mitt Romney)?

Where will your tax monies come from? Will you start a new state income tax? (Oops, You are no longer a state!)

(Uh-oh, I just put a new idea into your head if you are not successful at secession.)

Where will your revenue come from? Do you intend to take the homes, property and monies of the people who did not secede with you, then send these people to a different state, on a trail of tears? Like the white man did to the Indians in the Eastern states, when they first came to this country and wanted the Indian's land, homes and property, and took everything from them , including their dignity, then sent them like on a trail of tears to Oklahoma, where they/we will be forced to live on reservations?

Now that you have seceded, what will you call it, a Commonwealth, maybe? Can't be, you are no longer associated with the United States.

How will you pay Social Security, and provide Medicare to seniors, seniors, who have paid into these programs all our working lives?

Very Slick, Sly

Oh, I get it now, this is how you and you Cabal plan to end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. VERY SLICK, SLY!

Seniors! Did you pay into Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid all your working life and now that you are retired and live in Texas? What do you/we do when Texas is no longer a state?

You will have to go back to work, if you were unable to save for your retirement. You will have to get private Insurance, if you don't have a pre-existing conditions. And if you do get insurance and you get sick, private insurance has term limits and when you reach it, private insurers will drop you like a hot potato. Think you can go to the emergency room? The lines at the emergency rooms will be longer than the disenfranchised voters on Election Day.

Maybe you will not have elections, maybe you signed to have the dictator/leader appoint your ruler.

If your party had won the presidential election would you still sign to secede? Does this make you a sore loser, just like Mr. Romney?

I just read on the internet that only 24,000 signatures from any one state are needed to have President Obama address the petition to secede. There are four times that many people in my town.

You want to secede, go ahead, go, and leave this country; you are free to leave any time. Maybe you can go with Newt Gingrich and colonize the moon. Maybe you can take Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner with you; they can attempt to shut off our moonlight, instead of trying to sabotage the US Economy and denigrate the Presidency of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Like the song goes "I'm proud to be an American" the one that has these words, "You're are walking on the fighting side of me, running-down a way of life our fighting men have fought and died to keep. If you don't love it leave, let this song that I'm singing be a warning. When you are running down my Country, man, you are walking on the fighting side of me!"

Louisiana is another state seeking secession

The GOP is revving it's engines and gearing up for the 2014 and 2016 elections. That is if they don't secede first.

Bobby Jindal, with your term as governor up in 2014 and if you don't win the 2016 election, why don't you just go to the moon with Newt and crew.

2016 Political hopeful , Bobby Jindal, gets a letter from Melissa Harris-Perry - "Video no longer available"

Why I research politics

This man said in one paragraph why I am researching politics:

From David Podvin's 8/10/2003 -- The Media Cover-up of the Gore Victory

David Podvin said this in 2003 but, it is as true today as it was then.

He said "We are looking forward to further erosion of our civil liberties, endless war, and depression, unless the Republicans are soundly defeated. They can only be soundly defeated if we have election reform (among other things). We can only have reform if we fully understand and acknowledge what happened in the last election. (i.e. 2000 election) When the man who was elected president is not the man in the White House, something is seriously wrong.

What is that something? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Once we know those things, only then can we start to believe we might have fair elections in the future.

Four years is a long time. Will the Citizens of the states that want to secede remember? Most of these states have Republican Governors.

© 2012 Shyron E Shenko


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