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DRINKING TOILET WATER - An American's Awful Recap (7/6/2019)

Updated on July 6, 2019


We start off this week with Kim Jong-un, he was partying it up in North Korea. Probably with all of his sushi which is apparently his favorite food, and he thought “you know what maybe I should invite my Trump to visit North Korea.” Let’s ignore that he roasted my country about a year ago. So that's what Trump did, he became the first ever president in American history to visit North Korea. I can certainly feel that fire and fury that he was talking about a couple of years ago as he walks peacefully into the DMZ. This is the third time the president has decided to meet with Kim and this did nothing but make us look bad for working with a tyrannical dictator. North Korea is still testing missiles, they're still resisting any kind of inspection, and we lose the ability to do joint military exercises with South Korea. THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS, Putin barely has to lift a FINGER for Trump to defend him.

To finish it all of Trump had a delicious breakest with Mohammed bin Salman where he CONGRATULATED him for doing a spectacular job. Just an FYI the In 2018, Saudi Arabia carried out 148 executions, 59 for non-violent drug crimes. A Saudi-led coalition continued an airstrike campaign against Houthi forces in Yemen that included apparently unlawful strikes that killed civilians. They continue to detain peaceful activists and dissidents without trial for long periods, including ten prominent women’s rights activists. Don’t worry guys if you think that was bad the ICING ON THE CAKE is when Trump answers a question about bussing, you’ll remember Kamala was grilling Biden about that last week in the debate.

Equally as stupid is this event in Portland we have this journalist Andy Ngo who attacked by ANTIFA the self-proclaimed anti-fascist. He had to go to the emergency room for bleeding IN HIS BRAIN. He was gay and Asian so this must be a hate crime now.


The Trump administration had ordered the Census Bureau to start printing forms for the 2020 census without a question asking about citizenship. Cortez is back in action again, she is stating that border patrol agents are making people DRINK OUT OF TOILET BOWLS. Now AOC is technically!!!! Not lieing, if..youre.. a … crazy… person.. It’s not like the patrol agents are shoving these migrants into the toilet and making them drink it. These kinds of toilets/ sinks what you would find at any jail. There's no evidence that anyone is getting sick over it.

The problem would probably be solved if Democrats worked with Republicans to add funds. You’ll remember she referred to these as concentration camps a couple of weeks ago. FYI if it was a concentration camp they wouldn't allow you in there.

Mexico is now CONFIRMING that coyotes are asking to BUY CHILDREN to cross the border.

We also have some news this week about Nike. You’ll remember back in 2018 they had some controversy of working with Kaepernick. Now they are pulling a back a shoe that had the classic Betsy Ross American flag.

They argue that we cant have show a flag that was used when blacks were slaves. I guess we have to take this shoe out too since about 100% of the countries on here once had slavery be legal.

Obama must be a racist too.


On the Fourth of July, every either loved or freaked out over trump having a parade with tanks. We did have some people that came to protest, a solid squad of 6 people came.

It’s important to point out that tanks parades were a thing since Dwight Eisenhower's inaugural parade. John F. Kennedy deployed them eight years later – as well as NUCLEAR missiles. Even FDR did some tank parades.

Guys… I have some bad news. Justin Amash has left the party. He has now turned to the libertarian side.


Do you guys remember when Kamala was laying the smackdown on Joe Biden last week? She attacked Biden for trying to remove force busing and semi labeling him as a racist. Well, Kamala Harris is now on the same page as Biden when it comes to busing.

Meaning her debate attack was completely bogus. What a great time to be alive in America.

© 2019 Steven A Hall


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