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Sarah Palin is dangerous

Updated on August 4, 2009

The most dangerous person in American Politics

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Danger America Danger

I am not a fan of extremist. Extremist on the right frighten me because of their religious agenda and the extreme liberals they are annoying because sometimes they just do not make sense. Although, at this point in my life I much prefer the hippies to the "Drill, Baby, Drill", crowd. The latter can not see the idiocy of electing a woman Vice-President who has less than one year experience as a governor.

Now comes the news that our favorite Wasilla native is not going to finish her first term as governor because "she can affect more change outside of the Governor's office." Did you notice that she did not say outside of politics.

Most media pundits believe that she is gearing up for a run at the White House in 2012. If that is the case then that makes a danger to every American. Her extreme religious views and rhetoric isolate us from the rest of the world and make us appear to be bullies. Palin's lack of knowledge about how the world works will be a detriment to America's standing with other countries.

She quit her last job because of her ambitions. Yet, two more years as Governor of Alaska would have helped her become a more experienced executive. Her ambitions are lead her to delusions of grandeur. Those delusions will lead us to another president like George who actually believes in the failed policies of the Republican party.

Palin knows just enough about international politics to make her a danger to herself and to the rest of this country. Her extreme religious views cloud her judgement and could make her believe that she is the instrument of God in the start of some holy Armeggedon. This jihadist attitude will lead us down a path that could lead to nuclear arms being used during this generation.

Religious extremism frightens me because "the end times" are near. We have enough religious nuts running around the country without having one as our President. Sarah Palin is just too dangerous for America.


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    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 

      9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      I could not agree with you more. Extremists on either side are dangerous. That's where the lunatic fringe hang out. People who are actively willing to listen to others and formulate working strategies based on facts tend to be more centrist.

      What scares me the most is how, in our digital age, so many people don't bother to learn the issues or read anything about the candidates' platforms. What they see on Fox News is what they believe. S/he with the best packaging wins. Well, we've already had an actor as president. Why wouldn't we, after all this time, choose a beauty queen as our first female commander-in-chief? Sometimes I wonder what our country is thinking.... I'm truly hoping that the speculation I've hear that Palin agreed to step down to make the ethics investigations go away is the real reason for her announcement. NOT that she has her sights set on 2012. God help us.


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