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Darrell Issa's Fight Against The Post Office- Could It Have Anything To Do With Contributions He Has Received From UPS?

Updated on July 21, 2021

Darrell Issa Has Some Explaining To Do!

Darrell Issa, the GOP ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is leading the charge that may very well close the United States Post Office. The fight may initially cost 120,000 postal service workers their jobs and eventually cost all of the other postal workers their jobs as well. The goal of the GOP and Issa, according to most involved in the fight, is to put the US Post Office out of business and allow private companies to take over all mail operations in this country. The reason: the GOP currently believes that private corporations are more efficient in every field. But according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Issa has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the PAC representing UPS. To be fair, prior to Issa turning against the US Post Office, he did accept contributions from the US Post Office. Their representatives now say that Issa will never receive another dime. Does it sound a little fishy that Issa would accept money from both sides in the fight? Everything Issa does sounds fishy, because everything Issa does rarely passes the smell test.

Issa is one of the wealthiest men in Congress. He has a more than shady past, dotted with arrests for auto theft, allegations of arson and insurance fraud, as well as a conviction on weapons charges. Trust him because he has proven to be trustworthy? Not likely, if you consider his past. Even Issa's recent past while a member of Congress is shrouded in questionable actions. Congressman Issa purchased land and then asked for and received pork barrel government funds for improvements that increased the value of his investment. He has purchased another land parcel at a price $3 million dollars less than another offer on the table, thus suggesting to some that he has received millions of dollars in land discounts in a pay for play scheme.

Issa has a Goldman-Sachs connection, too. While using his Congressional power to block an investigation into the activities of Goldman-Sachs, it was revealed that Issa was investing millions with the company.

Does Issa Own Stock In UPS or FedEx?

Darrell Issa owns, according to his financial disclosure forms, interests in many financial funds that feature varied investments in many private corporations. The breakdowns of the funds' investment portfolios are not readily apparent. In light of issa's past patterns, it would be prudent to determine just how much, if any, money Issa has invested in either UPS, FedEx or any other private firms that would seek to pick up the slack if the Post Office were to close. Congress, or at least the Postal Service should pose the question to Issa. It is the only way to determine if Issa has a personal interest in pushing for the closure of the US Post Office. The hundreds of thousands of workers that would lose their jobs deserve answers.

Why The Post Office Operates At A Loss

The US Post Office costs American taxpayers nothing. All operating costs are funded by the sales of stamps and postage. Granted, they are currently operating in the red, but that is because of onerous requirements placed upon them in the recent past. Unlike any public or private corporation in this country, Congress has mandated that the post office fully fund all of their foreseeable pension and health benefit costs for the next 75 years. Congress also decided, in their infinite wisdom, to allow only 10 years for the Post Office to accomplish this feat. Sounds impossible? It may prove to be. But Congress could remove the requirement, or at least amend it, so that the Post Office could survive.

In this economic climate of job losses and financial insecurity, why would the Republican members of Congress desire to add to the economic misery being suffered by millions of Americans? Why would they chance increasing the numbers of unemployed?

Maybe those making these decisions have personal financial gains to consider. The American people need to question the motives behind this all out assault on the U.S Post Office and its employees.

Leave it to Darrell Issa? No way! Not in light of his past transgressions and questionable sense of ethics. Issa, who owned the security company that manufactured the Viper car alarm even supplied his voice to the alarm itself. What is the old saying? If it sounds like a viper...


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