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Conspiracy Theorist David Icke says enough that is true for me

Updated on September 10, 2015

David Icke on the Wogan show

I was never interested in football or sport so David Icke's early career as a footballer and sports commentator was of no interest to me, and when I saw a headline saying he had discovered he was a " new messiah" I still thought I could do without finding out anything more.

However, after I saw David in his "turquoise period," dressed in a shell-suit of the same colour on Terry Wogan's primetime TV show that was all to change. David Icke had become conspiracy theorist and truth-seeker and a very colourful one at that! .

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Truth Vibrations

Truth Vibrations by David Icke
Truth Vibrations by David Icke

David Icke? So what do you think?

David was talking about stuff that I knew about or had an interest in and Wogan's efforts to ridicule him if anything made me more an instant fan.

David had gone through an awakening and had written all about his strange experiences and his ideas about changes taking place on this planet in his book The Truth Vibrations back in 1991. I sent off for it, quickly read it finding that much of it made sense to my understanding and I wrote to him to say so.

After that I kept in touch at times by letter, by email and met him in person at several talks he gave in Wales. I also bought his books as they came out and followed him on his journey.

I mention this because I think it's important to fully understand David's views and why he has been led into some very bizarre beliefs to have heard his own story. It has been a journey of discovery for him ever since his sports career was ended by crippling arthritis.

He sincerely felt that something was very wrong with the world and how it was going. He joined the Green Party in an effort to find out what could be done and rose up quickly in it as a speaker but was just as soon out because did not fit the mould.

It was then that his life started sending him into discovering about psychic and paranormal matters and deep into the world of truthseeking and conspiracy research. Although he knew little about the role of ET and other-dimensional races when he started off he has since become known (and ridiculed) in recent years for talking about the reptilian shapeshifers he claims secretly rule the world.

I remember a letter my friend Chris Fowler sent David shortly after his first book, in which my friend asked him about what he knew about UFOs. David wrote back and confessed he didn't know enough to have any opinion on that but was sure they play a part "in the big picture." I mention that as an example of what I mean about it being a journey of discovery he has been going on.

I have heard plenty of negative opinions about David including from past friends and associates of his as well as very many people who just seem to enjoy having a go at him. One new line of attack is coming from people who claim that because David gets any mainstream media coverage this is proof he is working for "them."

This is simply rubbish - how can anyone hope to reach a maximum amount of people who does not choose to use the media to do so? David knows how to use the media as a tool and is using it.

A tool like the media is neither good nor bad but is only a tool. The fact it gets used to broadcast lies and deception and mass manipulation does not mean it can only be used this way!

Speaking of the media, I once saw David speaking in a community hall in Pentwyn, Cardiff against a background of noisy interruption from Anti Nazi Leage demonstrators outside who were also seeking to persuade people from not going in. David has just started talking and some reporters took some photos and made it clear they were going.

He tried to call them back, saying how could they print any news about what he was really saying if they didn't even get to hear it? The news people didn't stay, but it gave David a great example to share with the audience of how the news media works.

In this case they had already decided what they'd write about him even though they never heard his lecture.

I have often said and will repeat it here: "I am not here to judge or defend anything David has said or done." David's a human being and I am sure he has his faults and makes his mistakes just like all the rest of us but that has nothing to do with what his books and lectures and videos are about.

There are things I don't agree with him on or are not convinced by but the bulk of his work makes sense to me and for that reason I support David and have bought and read all his books.

I have known for many years that this world is run by a very secretive, fabulously wealthy elite and that these people are occult practitioners even though their public images may not give any clues to that when you see them, if we see them, smartly dressed in suit and tie.

Call these people the Babylonian Brotherhood, the cabal, the global elite, the shadow government, the Illuminati or the reptilians - to my mind they are the same beings who have kept us as their prisoners, or as they view us, as their cattle or sheep.

And as David points out Big Brother isn't coming - he is already well and truly here and the Orwellian potential future is coming about fast. But it doesn't have to! The secret controllers of the world are a minority.

Yes, they control all the money and the military forces and the politics and the media but they themselves are still a minority and as David said in his first book in 1989, It Doesn't Have To Be Like This.

Anyway, the main point of this hub is to introduce you to three videos by David Icke, in which I cannot find anything that does not make sense to me. The first video was made very recently in his current campaign to stand as a political candidate with the intention not of becoming an MP but of getting info out on Big Brother as fast as possible to the maximum amount of people. The second - The Turning of the Tide - is an older video from 1996 that David personally wants people to see now, and the third video is my personal choice of David at his best and from very early on in his Green Party days.

As it says in his current emailed newsletter appealing for help in getting his videos out to people:

"In a short time through this method of circulation we could have tens of millions of people seeing this information worldwide and make a massive difference to human awareness of what is happening in the world that we daily experience.

Big Brother is terrified of such information circulating, so let's do it as widely as possible all over the world."


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