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Daylight Saving Time is Irrational

Updated on August 7, 2011

Nothing was different. Daylight Saving Time (DST) is completely irrational. Basically, all DST does is change the name of the hours. Time does not change. It exists in the same pattern regardless of whether or not someone says it is one o' clock or two o' clock.

However, what is most disturbing about DST is that it is ordered by the government. Therefore, DST is just one of two times of a year when the government decides that the hours are going to be called by a different name. Firstly, this is not the government's purpose. The government's purpose is to protect man's natural rights. Changing the time has nothing to do with protecting man's natural rights. Secondly, the fact that the government is allowed to change the time is disturbing. As I have already said time exists in the same pattern regardless of what someone calls it. However, allowing the government to change the time indicates that people believe the government determines truth. Obviously, the government is not really changing the time, it's just renaming the hour; however, some people believe that an hour is actually gained or lost. Therefore, people believe the government decides the truth.

The government does not have the power to decide the truth. The truth exists outside of the government. The truth is not meant to be controlled but discovered. In actually the truth cannot be controlled, even if some people think the government is controlling the truth it really is not. Controlling the truth is just lying. Furthermore, the government does not have the right to rename the hours twice a year. That is like letting the government have the power to decide that "dog" no longer refers to a canine, but now refers to an apple. This has a eerie 1984 element to it. Letting the government rename apple "dog" is violating a man's natural right of liberty. I'll call an apple whatever the hell I want to call it.

Of course, I choose to follow the standard that "apple" means an apple because I want to communicate with people to get things I want, but that is a choice I make. I do not want the government initiating force against anyone in order to force people to call objects different names. The same goes for time. The government should not be allowed to enforce any renaming of time. The naming of time should be left to the people. That's who it rightly belongs to anyway.


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