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How to Deal with Taunting Bullies

Updated on October 27, 2013


Are you or someone you love being bullied? Learn how the bully thinks and use their thinking against the bully? Stop avoiding and hiding from your bully. Learn to stand up to your bullies.

Dealing with Bullies

Bullying happens everywhere in schools in your neighborhoods and also in the work place. Bullies bully to look and feel powerful. Bullies use fear to take control of their victims. They also use bullying to gain a reputation of being tough. Bullies often have followers that will also bully you to gain higher status within their group. Each group member wants to be accepted in the group and rank higher with the toughest bully in the group. Often the bullies that are followers really don't want to bully you.

Types of Bullies

Aggressive bullies that push their victims around threaten to beat up their victims.

Taunting bullies will make fun of you and tease you. Their goal is to embarrass you and harass you. It is very painful for victims because the victim really starts to feel worthless and hopeless. Years of bullying can cause so much unbearable pain the victim begins to have thoughts of suicide then eventually commits suicide.

It's Better to Get Your Butt Kicked then Live with the Pain

Running and hiding from bullies will not solve the problem with these bullies. Reporting these bullies just makes it worse. You must stand up for yourself because no one else will. I got sick and tired of it all and fought back after years of torment. When you have had enough of running and hiding from these bullies here is what you do.

Get right with yourself that means being ready to face and fight your bully.. You have to be at the end of your rope you have to be angry enough to fight if necessary. Mentally you've had enough. No more running and hiding.

Most bullies are cowards that's why they look for people who look like easy prey. Think about this for a second. Does the bully start crap with anyone that looks and acts like they can hold their own? No The bullies followers are even more cowardly. This is why they are bulling you because they think you are weak. Yes, I know you're thinking you are weak!

You've been beaten down mentally for so long you believe what the bullies say is true. Even if some of the things that they say is true.

How to Confront the Bully

Prepare to confront your bully you will need to turn your fear into anger. The root of fear is anger so that will not be hard to do. Get angry! Think about the past hurtful teasing the bullies did to you. Cry until you are not hurt no more. This will keep you from crying and backing down when you stand up and confront your bully..

Plan when you're going to confront your bully. You start the confrontation be in control of the conversation not allowing the bully do not let the bully speak. Whatever you do never, allow them to speak. Once you have let them speak, they got you under control. You want to avoid their manipulation.

Watch the bullies face pay close attention to their reactions. Look them straight in the eyes now that you have his or her attention. You will catch them by surprise.

If the bullies followers or anyone else is there to witness the confrontation use it to your advantage at any time your bully spits or physically puts their hands on you the law is on your side.

Make sure your bully physically puts their hands on you first. If the bully points or pokes you with their finger. Grab their finger and bend their finger backwards do not let go. If the confrontation does not get physical. You still need to prove to your bully your not putting up with the none since.

Settle this problem once and for all. Make an appointment with your bully to fight at whatever time place tell your bully you want a fair fight just you and them. I will tell you why! This gives your bully time to process what was said. Your bully is going to stir in fear and they will have a chance to think about the possibility of getting their butt kicked in front of their friends. They will wonder why you choose to fight them and why it took you so long to stand up for yourself?

Your bully will not be able to sleep. Their thoughts will consume them with fear. Fear of not knowing what will happen and what the outcome will be. When you meet your bully the next day. There are only a few outcomes

The bully does not show up. The bully shows up but does not want to fight they want to apologize. The bully wants to fight.

Be ready to fight. "Win or lose" give the bully a good fight you will be free of your bully. If you lose the fight but put up a great fight the bully will respect you and leave you alone.

Win the fight you will respect yourself more and you will get your pride back. Lose the fight you have gained respect from your bully felt those punches the bully will think twice before picking on you. Your bully knows now you won't back down next time he may lose the fight.

What would you rather do get your butt kicked and feel the pain for a day or two or wonder how things would have been if you would have fought back for the rest of your life.

It's better to get your butt kicked than do nothing all. Hiding and putting up with the bully is more painful than getting your butt kicked that only hurts a few days.


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    • profile image

      Standyourground! 6 years ago

      Good post. Finally someone who acutally knows how it works. Usually people just tell you to be Jesus/a hippie and "turn the other cheek", tell an adult or something pointless.

      However Bullies are cowards as you said and if you meet them at designated places to fight, the might bring friends and such. One should arm themselves just in case.

      Baseball bats, Crowbars and hockey clubs are great for fear effect if a group would show up.

    • profile image

      t. e. 6 years ago

      I know that telling is the last thing you want to do, you know your stuff!

    • profile image

      Alaster Packer 6 years ago

      Tamron! I'm so glad you covered bullying. Your hub is exactly right in what it recommends. Well done! Once in a new town on the school bus a bully tried his act on me. The other kids were egging the big shot on too.When he got right up close I popped him in the face once and he turned his back, bent over and began whimpering.There was a new Sheriff on the bus after that. I always say use your head not your fists, but sometimes the latter is the only option. Bully's are either cowards or insecure people and are to be pitied...after they've learned their lesson. Thank you Tamron.