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Dear American

Updated on August 9, 2016

Dear Americans,

Firstly, I am writing this not to offend anyone, only to attempt to unite my fellow Americans in the trials and tribulations that our country faces. I ask you, what have we become? Are we the same great Nation we used to be? When you look around what do you see?

When I look around, I see people worried about what to post on Instagram to get the most likes, going crazy over whether to choose the IPhone 6s or 6+, and worried about the approval of others. I look around and see a Nation of self-righteousness and division. A Nation that resorts to violence when another individual has a differing opinion.

I know what we are, and I know what others see when they look at us as a Nation. I know that we are The United States of America, but yet if I weren’t an American, I would say we aren’t United in the least bit. I would almost say that America is divided to the point that a second civil war wouldn’t be a surprise. But who am I, right? I’m just a dumb kid, right? Well, you’re right. I’m a dumb kid trying to find the solution to a problem that seems never ending. A dumb kid trying to make my America better than the day before. I’m trying to make my America your America.

Have we forgotten who the real enemy is? Not that cop that risks his life every day to protect us. It’s not that black kid walking down the street or the Muslim dressed in traditional clothing. It’s not the Mexican who came to our great country to find a better life just like our founding fathers. No, it’s that person that looks in from the outside with hatred because you’re an American. Hating you simply because you’re free. It’s that person that enjoys watching us kill our own and tear ourselves to pieces. It’s that same person and type of group that ran planes into the twin tower just so see us suffer. We aren’t as safe as one political party says we are. Terror attacks are happening everywhere, and don’t think we aren’t on that list. Never forget who the real enemy is.

America is great because we are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. America is great because it’s the Land of Opportunity. America is great, but it’s not a perfect. We are a shameful country. One that has a long history of bad choices and even longer list of great achievements. One that overcomes adversity, wrongful actions, and fights through those rough times to pursue the happiness we all deserve. That’s why we are great. Not because of our name but because of the people and opportunities that represent that name.

Let the past remain there because the only thing that matters is the future. And what kind of future do you want your kids to have? A future filled with hate towards their fellow American, or a future where we are United as the day those towers fell? So I call to you, my fellow Americans, set aside your pride, prejudice, and self-righteousness not because you want to but because you need to. I know it’s not fair. You have been wronged and cheated by those who don’t understand or care for you. So, I know it’s not fair for me to ask you to forgive and forget. But is it fair for me to ask you to try and move forward?

I was always told not to talk about politics during a first meeting, but I feel like I must. The Presidential Election is right around the corner, and I care who has your vote. I care about the reasoning behind you voting for that person because your decision affects my family as well as yours. Not because of the reason of a first women president or the promise of a wall. With that being said, I do find it fair for me to ask you to stay informed and educated during the election season. Not for the benefit of yourself, but for the benefit of your country. Don’t fall victim to the mainstream media and their propaganda because yes, they do influence stories to favor their political party. CNN is Democratic, Fox is Republican, and Facebook doesn’t count for those who didn’t know. Be independent in the way you think. Find the truth for yourself. Don’t submit to the views of others. We have freedom of speech, and don’t forget that means the freedom to think for yourself. Stay educated for the benefit of all Americans. If a dumb kid like myself can do it then you can too.

So, I ask you, America, can we overcome the hardships we face? Can we come together as one Nation? We don’t have to be one Nation under God. We don’t have to be one Nation under anything, but we do have to be one Nation. It starts with an idea, but an idea only goes so far. It takes action, non-violent action, to make a movement. If I could do it alone then I wouldn’t be pleading for your help. Remember, “Together we stand, and divided we fall.”


A Dumb Kid


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