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Dear President Trump - Why Cater To The Hypocrats/Globalists By Letting Bannon Go?

Updated on October 14, 2017

By the way, there are those of us, the Traditional Christians, who will never bend the knee to the Luciferian Globalists


Dear President Trump - Why Cater To The Hypocrats/Globalists By Letting Bannon Go?

Someone once wrote that the Barbarians were at the gates -- I do not remember what that author had in mind, but permit me to co-op that iconic phrase by opining that, not only are the Barbarians at the White-House’s gates, they have secured the Lincoln Bedroom/gates of Trump’s White-House. I have not and will not abandon President Trump because I knew long before his miraculous rise to the Presidency what the Holy Spirit had told me about the great feats that the Lord will wrought through Mr. Trump. However, once again, it is going to take a miracle from the throne room of Christ Jesus’ Heaven to overcome what is now akin to the Biblical Haman (see the Biblical Book of Esther) White-House… but Hellish woes to those, especially Christians who should know better, who would try to harm President Trump or thwart his agenda. I thank you Lord Jesus for placing President Trump in office, divinely, engineering a Hezekiah Reprieve for the Traditional Christians… postponing the pandemic of Saint Peter’s disease (Christian martyrdom) that would have quickly come to the fore had Secretary of State Clinton been elected. I will not go into any more details about the Lord’s pending use of President Trump - who will serve eight glorious Goshen-like years - because if many Christians cannot discern the Lord Jesus’s plans, then it is surely ‘foolishness,’ parroting the Apostle Paul, to those who are not Traditional Christians.

To get back to the subject at hand, Mr. President, why cater to the Democrats, hereinafter Hypocrats, and Globalists, like Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Senator McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Chuck Schumer, who are now gloating on the news of Steve Bannon’s sacking -- anything or anyone that relegated Speaker Pelosi to concentrate on the dyeing of her many gray hairs or touching up her constant face-lifts, was good to have around. Mr. Bannon was that irritant… that pebble in their shoes that caused much needed angst for the Hypocrats and the Globalists. Go back to many national newscasts and you are going to see and hear how many times Mr. Bannon name was pejoratively mentioned by those who represented the Hypocrats and Globalists. These Hypocrats and Globalists, along with their enablers the biased media: CNN, MSNBC, FOX, The Washington Post, and the New York Times, have constantly asked for the firing of Mr. Bannon. The President has listened and now he is surrounded by ideological enemies - I suppose now that the Hypocrats and the Globalists will now go after the lone survivor, Sebastian Gorka… who is a joy to watch as he regularly destroys, by way of debates, the propaganda mouthpieces of the corrupt, biased media.

What was Mr. Bannon crime -- he dare to place America first and to discard the Hypocrats/Globalists’ agenda of placing the world above America’s interests. One must bear this in mind that most of those who are left in the Trump White-House would feel comfortably at home working for a President Obama or Christ Jesus forbids -- and He did -- a President Hillary Clinton White-House. You cannot make this up that there are Hypocrats and Globalists pointing their fingers at others, like Mr. Trump supporters, and accusing the latter of being immoral – these are the same folks who would wax poetic about one’s murderous right to murder children… yet these Hypocrats/Globalists point their fingers at President Trump for his supposedly immorality. To that end, I wish that the world at large could see the murdering aftermath of these Aborted Babies that is part and parcel of the Hypocrats and Globalists core belief. Once, we, as human beings, can live with murdering innocent babies -- and note that we have been doing so since 1973 (Roe v. Wade), there is nothing else viler (human behavior) that we can engage in, and in the process, we have made a butchery and have seared our collective consciences… being comfortably numb in the murders of babies in the womb (over 50 Million so far).

Let us discuss the conspicuous hypocrisy of the Hypocrats/Globalists on another apt matter. Lest we forget that Secretary of State Clinton’s mentor, as recorded by her own mouth, was the late Virginia Senator, Robert Byrd. Mind you, Senator Byrd was vociferously calling Blacks the ‘n’ word as recently as the late nineties. In addition, President Bill Clinton’s mentor was J. William Fulbright, who again was another Arkansas rank racist, yet many Blacks lovingly embraced President Bill Clinton as their first Black President. Moreover, I have heard with my own ears the great Dick Gregory saying how racist the Clintons were, especially, when the couple occupied the Arkansas governor’s mansion… yet, many Blacks lined up to vote for President Clinton twice and did so again for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Even now there are many Black Christians who knew the Clintons’ murderous position on Abortion… believing that a mother has the right to murder babies, even in Their ninth month, yet these Black Christians voted for Mrs. Clinton and many are still pining over Secretary of State Clinton’s lost.

I have been living in New York for close to three decades now and I have seen the then billionaire Donald Trump ‘hanging’ with many Blacks like Mike Tyson in celebrity social settings; and, if I recalled correctly, I have even seen on the Tele Mr. Trump ‘greasing’ those who then and still are representatives of the corrupt, political, racial shakedown artists, as practiced by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Do forgive me again for my secular-blaspheme, but I simply refuse to call these men, ‘reverend’ -- but permit me to dove-tailback into the theme of this paragraph, whereby, now, President Trump has apparently evolved into a rank racist. President Trump is now deemed a rank racist and not Margaret Sanger, the latter being one of the mothers of the Abortion movement, who used Abortion to cull the heard via her take on Eugenics because she believed that Blacks were basically animals - even now, most of the murderous Abortion clinics are in our neighborhoods. In that same ignorant vein, I once saw a popular Rapper wearing a tee-shirt with an image of Che Guevara… noising his woeful ignorance, just like how many of us Blacks are ignorant of who are our true enemies; one only has to go to You Tube and see and hear one of the so called fathers of the Cuban Revolution, Che Guevara, berating Blacks and sounding worthy of any KKK/Nazi member. You are also not going to hear that modern day slavery that is rampart in certain areas of Africa is being practiced by Blacks because it is ok since it is Black on Black.

I would be remiss if I did not address the untrained, undomesticated elephant in the room, which is the lethal fight between the protesters and the members of the KKK and the subsequent destruction of the statues that represented the Antebellum, racist South (Dixie). I too understand how my Black brothers and sisters -- concerning the Confederate statues’ issue -- feel because it is akin to having statues of Adolf Hitler lining the streets of Jerusalem and all of Israel. Of course, many Blacks everyday passed by those statues and they did not seem to affect them negatively then, but now of course, the symptoms are going to be visible and the racial malingering is now afoot. What I do not understand, and, perhaps, someone in the blogosphere can enlighten me by explaining how could a President Trump, whose daughter is married to a Jew, can be simpatico with the KKK -- the President must then secretly hates his daughter, his son-in-law, Jared, and the three Jewish grand-children that was sired by Jared and Ivanka, but I digress….

There is no greater irony and hypocrisy than the fact that many Black politicians have been in power in states like Chicago and Baltimore, and, moreover, we have had our vaunted first Black President in Barrack Obama, yet so far this year, there has been almost 500 hundred Blacks who have died, included children, in Chicago alone, at the internecine, bloody hands of other Blacks -- the ratio per capita is even worst in Baltimore. Incidentally, I saw over the weekend many Black activists literally weeping over President Trump’s response to the situation down in Virginia, but I tell you a mystery that when the Confederacy statues are all gone and the self-serving politicians have had their grandstanding say, we Blacks must come to the sobering fact that Blacks would have murdered more Blacks over this coming weekend in Chicago or Baltimore than the KKK has done in the past decade – as a Blackman, this is what occupies my thoughts and vexes me to no end….

Mr. Bannon is now back at Breitbart, as the proverbial acid-stinging, gnawing, rabid, hydra-like thorn in the Hypocrat and Globalist respective sides… to remind them and hopefully to wake up the Sheepdom, letting them be aware of the stench of corruption and murderous ways of those -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- who make up the fetid swamp of venal power in Washington, D.C… and from my vantage point, it will be sheer joy in repetition to watch and listen. By the way, there are those of us, the Traditional Christians, who will never bend the knee to the Luciferian Globalists. It is apropos, at this juncture of this blog, to give props to Edward Bulwer-Lytton who coined the phrase that the pen is mightier than the sword… so let the bloodletting prose of Mr. Bannon begin! As is my wont, I have included a classic Reggae song, Who the Cap Fit, by Bob Marley, to help flesh out the themes of this blog… so drill down into the hyperlink below and enjoy.



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