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Goodbye From Death Row

Updated on February 22, 2022
The waiting execution chamber
The waiting execution chamber
A death row inmate gives one last interview.
A death row inmate gives one last interview.

A Dedication To All of Of Those Whose Lives Have Been taken By The State Of Texas

This poem came to my mind as I was watching the news and saw yet another persons life had been snuffed out by the State of Texas. The man appears to have also been innocent of the crime for which he died. In Texas we are notorious for the number of executions we perform and for having the largest and worst prison system in the nation. This poem is to let everyone know that some of us in Texas still believe in justice and work tireless to change the system that has given us the name, "Texas The Execution Machine".

To all of those and their families who have walked that long, last mile. God bless and keep you. To the victims and their families may you find the peace you so desperately search for. To all of us I ask "AT WHAT PRICE JUSTICE?"

My Final Goodbye

I've had years to ponder my fate, here in this small, dark cell alone,

no calls, no letters, no visits, from those I love so far away at home,

only time, years to think, so much time alone.

In my heart I regret the things they say I did,

alot I don't know or remember, I was just a kid.

Tears roll down my face and I struggle not to cry,

now I must pay the ultimate price, now I must die.

The chaplain visits regularly to ask if I want to talk or confess.

I don't really know how my life became such a mess.

I can say over and over that I'm sorry,

not that anyone out there cares. In a the span of a few moments I'll no longer be here.

I think of my family, those I'll leave behind, over the phone they send their love, but I can hear them cry. I cling to their voices so close and yet so far. Once I slip into the darkness I'll hear their voice no more.

Please don't cry mama, I know how much this hurts you, but remember these last words and know how much I love you. To the family of my victims I never meant to cause you hurt or pain. I hope that with my death you can move forward with your life again.

Now it's time to go, I must walk that long, last mile alone.

I wish I could go back and change things, I wish I could just go home.

The straps have now been tightened, the needles have been inserted.

Mama I feel no pain, mama I'm not hurting.

The curtains have been opened, I'll now say the last words I'll ever say,

Mama I see your tears, please don't cry for me. When all is done and over its Jesus face that I'll see.

The red phone never rings, I never thought it would. Goodbye to society who never understood.

The chemicals are flowing now as I see your faces of love. I am slipping into uncounciouness and reach out to heaven above.

Here I will find forgiveness and unconditional love.


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