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Defamation and Conspiracy by State of Florida Department of Agriculture

Updated on October 13, 2015

Freedom of Information reveals the truth

So as to conceal the illegal ruin by an unauthorized government entity, DeSoto County, of a sanctioned greenbelt aqua farm. Counsel for the Florida Department of Agriculture lies and declares that the farmer was the violator of Florida law by manufacturing for resale on a Agricultural zoned land. Meaning that a company bought a certified aqua farm, spent thousands of dollars installing electric and water, filed and sent the Florida Department of Aquaculture the $100 renewal fee, had the Department of Aquaculture assess the farm, contract for cows and fingerlings, hire a caretaker as required by the Aquaculture Policy Act only to immediately begin to violate the laws of Florida, a lie.

In emails Counsel Costigan would have you believe a company would invest thousands of dollars into an existing sanctioned aqua farm, that should have been protected by Florida's Right to Farm Act and Aquaculture Policy Act, Instead, Department of Agriculture allowed a county to regulate a sanctioned farm and declare that a hurricane / tornado proof concrete shed is NOT a useful farm structure. Only by the Freedom of Information Act was I able to demand the emails sent to various agencies in Florida stating that I was a violator of Florida law by manufacturing for resale on an Agricultural zoned farm, a lie.

Costigan Emails declaring guilt

Off Grid Aqua Farm

My company bought this sanctioned farm in July 2009 in August 2009 DeSoto County issued a cease farm development order preventing any further construction of the concrete sheds that would later be modified into off the grid vertical hydroponic grow rooms.

Counsel Costigan would have you believe that this construction was being done solely for resale yet him and the Tallahassee Dirty 6 cannot produce any evidence of sales so as to give proof to this guilt. Without the concrete dome sheds No solar panels could be mounted onto these off the grid grow rooms thus the ruin of this business venture.

Conspiracy to obstruct justice

The only authority over farms and farm structures is the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Division of Aquaculture. By the Counsel for the Florida Department of Agriculture stating guilt eliminated any hope of help from my elected Representatives whom made little effort to seek evidence of my guilt, Frankel and Katie Edwards.

Once Counsel Costigan declared me guilty and five more officials knowing no evidence of guilt exist upheld this declaration they created a Conspiracy as defined under the Conspiracy Act of 1964. Governor Scott, Commissioner Putnam, Director of Aquaculture Knickerbocker, Inspector General Sears, Counsels for the Department of Agriculture Hall and Costigan are conspirators to obstruct justice and have violated the Constitution of the United States and my Bill of Rights.

Guilt without Evidence

Can there be guilt in the United States without evidence?

Tell one lie you must tell many more to conceal the first

Violation of my Rights

By using the color of law the Tallahassee Dirty 6 attempt to conceal the violations committed by DeSoto County. Guilt without evidence and conspiracy are violations of the Constitution of the United States and my Bill of Rights.

Corporations cannot file a civil rights complaint!

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