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Delhi Gang Rape Case should make us Introspect

Updated on October 10, 2013
Delhi Gang Rape Protest at the India Gate
Delhi Gang Rape Protest at the India Gate | Source

The Questions

I haven’t written anything so far about the Delhi Gang Rape Case that left the average right thinking citizen of India utterly aghast and very angry, particularly about the degree of brutality and psychopathic manner of the horrendous crime committed. The uproar was so loud that it reverberated across the shores of the Indian Ocean and beyond! I was actually at a loss of words and needed to introspect within: ask questions to myself and search for answers that go deeper than the crime and its surroundings itself. What system can create such people that don’t have an iota of humanity left in them? Will hanging them solve the problems? What about the other countless rapes and murders that don’t receive even a bit of attention as this one? What about those victims that consist of little children even! What to do about those sick people who get away after doing such crimes because of their political and financial clout? What to do about those people having the power to make laws yet having criminals in their ranks?

It is time to think

Actually the questions raised by the hell-raiser incident of the night of December 16, 2012 in New Delhi are many and varied. Those are staring at our face and we can look at those if we can think beyond baying for blood only. Now that the convicts have all been given death punishment – which can drag for quite some time and might extend to years even as matters go to High Court and further – it is time for the Nation to think and introspect or go back to the old road where this one is to be sent to oblivion in a few years time and the path that paves the way to creation of such inhuman creatures is rebuild again! If the Nation as a whole decides that the oath they took after the Delhi case is going to reflect in every nook and corner of India and decides to stand by it with all steadfastness possible, then no force in this earth will be able to detract us. But the problem is that we already have too many distractions!

The victim was a noble soul

Personally what gives me a lot of pain and mental agony is the degree of unimaginable (one simply cannot imagine even) trauma and brutality the victim had to bear before her eventual death. Even if she had lived, life wouldn’t have been same for her again, as she had to be on intravenous fluids for life with the intestines removed, yet she had the utmost yearning for life. Still she had to die! It speaks volumes of one’s courage. Also I have learnt from various media reports, how she cared for her family and would go out of her way to do so. All these and many other little things convince me that we have lost a noble sole in a most indescribable, despicable and gruesome manner! Why does this happen with good people so often? I really don’t know.

The rot runs deep

I think before hanging these people they should be made to go through a few psychiatric sessions to get a better understanding of their diabolical mindsets and the kind of social set-up that breeds such people. The problem is that the rot runs so deep in large sections of the society that it cannot be repaired now; it needs a complete system overhaul. To mention a few of such damning fallibilities would be: illiteracy in all or greater counts, no value system whatsoever, no respect for human beings in general (not only women), endless lust for money and other destructive addictions of life, disgusting selfishness that reeks of itself. A complete system overhaul takes ages to take proper shape, so for the time being only proper and pro-active policing, active and just judiciary, responsible and honest politicians, vigilant and stout citizens and combative women willing to take the bull by the horn can keep the ever-climbing sexual crimes against women in India at check for now. That too is very much doubtful knowing the dubious people involved here.

The criminal that got away

And what to do about the one that did the most damage, as per media reports, and will get away in a few years? What makes him different from the other five: more aware about age-related matters connected with the legal system? Why can’t a given set of law be applied on a case to case basis so that such people aptly deserving of the noose doesn’t get away or at least gets life imprisonment? Who is going to ensure that he would be a reformed person after he completes his three years sentence? There are serious lacunae in the judicial system of India that needs to be addressed, if anybody cares to listen.

Salute Thee

I’d like to end my words and thoughts shared here by saluting a departed brave noble soul with all my heart!


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