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Democratic Presidential Nomination Going To Bernie Sanders?

Updated on February 29, 2020

Michelle And Barack Obama....Return To White House?

Bernie Sanders Could Arrive At Convention Short Of Majority Of Delegates

Socialist Bernie Sanders could arrive at the Democratic Convention with more delegates than any of his contenders, but still not have a majority. If this happens, his delegates could abandon him on the second ballot and flow to another candidate.

Who Could Take Bernie's Delegates At The Convention?

If Bernie doesn't have a majority of delegates on the first ballot, they can flow to other candidates on the second ballot. But to whom would they go?

Michelle Obama Attractive To Many Democrats

Michelle Obama is a popular figure within the Democratic Party. Her husband former President Barack Obama is revered by many within the party of Franklin Roosevelt. If Bernie's train is derailed, Michelle has been mentioned by many as a likely nominee.

Hillary Clinton As Alternative To Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton might be the beneficiary if Bernie stumbles. Still well-known within the party, the infrastructure of the Clinton Machine is still in place. Husband Bill Clinton is widely respected for his two successful terms as President. The economy was really good during the Clinton Administration.

Bernie Sanders Remarks On Cuba Make Some Democrats Nervous

Recently, the Vermont Senator appeared on CBS News, and discussed Fidel Castro's Cuba in glowing terms. He praised the education system Castro installed on the island after he overthrew the Bautista regime in the 1950s.

James Carville Calls Out Bernie Sanders

James Carville, who served a adviser to the Clintons during his campaigns, said, "Bernie just gave away Florida in the general election if he's nominee. Saying positive things about Fidel Castro will not go over in Florida.

Carville was referring to the thousands of Cuban refugees who have fled the island since Castro took over. Many of those Cubans live in Florida now, and are a formidable voting bloc.

Carville and Bernie Exchange Insults

Angered at Carville's criticism, Sanders referred to him as a "political hack."

Laughing, Carville responded, "I am a hack. I'm proud of it. I'm just glad I'm not a Communist like Bernie is."

How Many Delegates Does Bernie Sanders Need?

The Vermont Senator who admits to being a Socialist, would need 1,991 delegates to win the nomination. Even if he were to sweep the primaries on Super Tuesday, Bernie would still be far short of what he needs.

What Does History Say About Frontrunners And Nominations?

Is it likely Bernie can be stopped if he arrives at the Convention a few delegates short? It's possible. William Seward had the lead on the first ballot of the 1860 Republican Convention in Chicago. He was the favorite.

However, a guy named Abraham Lincoln instructed his people to recruit Seward delegates for the later ballots. By the third ballot, the President who freed the slaves, had siphoned off enough delegates from Seward and other candidates to secure the nomination.

Democratic Covention Of 1924

The Democratic Convention of 1924 in New York City went far beyond the convention Abraham Lincoln won on three ballots. New York Governor Al Smith and William McAdoo entered the fray as favorites. Fistfights and screaming broke out as supporters of Smith and McAdoo battled through 103 exhausting ballots.

McAdoo Led For 77 Ballots

McAdoo, who was supported by the Ku Klux Klan, led for the first 77 ballots. However, he could never obtain a majority of delegates. Smith succeeded in stopping McAdoo, but he could never win enough delegates to gain the majority.

John Davis Wins On 103rd Ballot

Worn out after 103 ballots, people at the raucous convention were ready for a compromise. It came in the form of lawyer John Davis. In those days a candidate had to win 2/3 of the delegates to win. That rule was later abolished by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

John Davis Nomination Applicable To Today?

Could a John Davis scenario occur at the Democratic Convention of 2020? If Bernie keeps stumbling it could open the door for Hillary or Michelle. Is it possible this convention could last 103 ballots?

Bernie's Fracking Stance

Bernie has also said he's in favor of abolishing fracking in the oil industry. Carville said Bernie is writing off states like Pennsylvania and Texas by that position.

"Why would he do that?" Carville wondered. "You could go for Arizona and still get the nomination without Florida and Pennsyllvania, but why do that?"

Laura Ingle Attacks Bernie

Fox News host Laura Ingle said, "Bernie's praise of Fidel's literacy program is ridiculous. He brought back firing squads and executed those who opposed him when he took over. His literacy program was re-indoctrination into the Communist system."

Hillary Clinton With Bill.......Could She Win Nomination Again?

Tucker Carlson Speculates On Michelle Obama Run

Now, that we've established that it's possible for someone like Michelle Obama to win the nomination, the question becomes would she do it? Tucker Carlson, on Fox News,

recently speculated on a Michelle Obama run., "Mike Bloomberg is too old, too rich, too pale for the modern Democratic Party. That doesn't mean there aren't surprises on the way. There are and if you are wondering who the Democratic will be...don't bet against Michelle Obama.

David Axelrod Attacks On Joe Biden

Carlson theorized that attacks by Obama surrogate David Axelrod against Joe Biden indicate to him there is a move to knock Biden out of he race. Carlson said Axelrod has called Biden a liar, a coward and other things, according to Carlson. He further said there's no chance Axelrod would do this without the consent of the Obamas.

Michelle Obama Releases Another Book

Carlson further points to the fact Michelle just released another book last week. That will require her to go on the road and talk to crowds.Is this a prelude to an official campaign?

Michael Moore Begs Michelle Obama To Run

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore recently urged Michelle Obama to jump into the race. "Run, please run," Moore implored on Inside Edition. His is a prominent voice in Democratic politics.

Polls Mention Obama

According to USA Today,, "One in five Democrats' wanted someone else to join the race and "10%identified former First Lady Michelle Obama." Without even announcing, Michelle is polling higher than the majority of the other candidates."

Hillary Clinton Comeback?

The New York Post reported that nearly four years after President Donald Trump defeated her in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton said she has an "urge" to run again because she thinks she can win again."
In an interview with Variety , she admitted, "Yeah, I feel the urge because I feel the 2016 election was a really odd time and an odd outcome."

HIstory Says Still Time For Hillary And Michelle To Win Nomination

History tells us there is still time for either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama to win the nomination. It took 35 ballots in the 1880 Republican Convention for Rep. James Garfield to overtake President Ulysses Grant and Senator James Blaine to take the nomination that year. Garfield was less than a third choice when the convention started.

1932 Democratic Convention

In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn't have enough delegates to win on the first ballot. It took him four ballots and a deal with Texas John Nance Garner to win his first nomination. He went on from there to be elected president an unprecedented four times.

Donald Trump.......Will He Face Re-Match With Hillary Clinton in 2020?

Donald Trump Asks Crowd Who He Should Run Against

President Donald Trump asked a CPAC crowd, "Who should I run against? Crazy Bernie or Sleepy Joe?"

The crowd laughed.

"Or how about Mini-Mike? Elizabeth Warren destroyed him."

He continued, "I mean, Mini-Mike was wanting off that stage."


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