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Democratic / Republican Party Traditional View: Social Security - Abortion - Labor Unions

Updated on September 14, 2019

When campaign and election season rolls around, a star spangled patriotic event which always seems like a culmination of an unrelenting contiguous cycle only slightly abated by brief, intermittent, fluff filled news disseminating recesses, do you often find yourself exhaustively trekking the Internet and feverishly exploring real time physical venues in search of a highly credible, legitimately authoritative political road-map? A no spin archive containing condensed, fact based historical documentation from which to gain insightful information pertaining to each of the two major party's immovable convictions, views, beliefs, and traditional values? As an expert political analyst, participant, and perhaps excessively exuberant, progressively inclined activist, I've always attempted in good faith to assemble the most in-depth, easy to read, and useful virtual research tools available online and beyond to help the perplexed novice, and also those individuals whom truly believe they are fully informed to maximum capacity, with additional valuable resources out of which sprites contrasting perspectives which may indeed influence a previously cemented view. A virtual wealth of information from which to extract and apply newly discovered knowledge thereby enabling each reader to attain academic empowerment necessary to foster highly educated, wiser decisions when the campaign crescendos subside and we finally enter the polling place of choice to subsequently endorse preferred candidates.

So, as a result of diligently scoping out and filtering through radar and sonar signals which can potentially lead to a hidden treasure chest of invaluable knowledge, you're still more than a little confused about which major political party, either Democratic or Republican, will truly protect and champion your best interest? Wallowing profusely in a conundrum of confusion leaving you anxiously contemplating which traditional side to vehemently support once you've finally sorted things out and confidently enter the local voting station to proudly exercise your constitutional right via ballot box donation? Are you a little too busy or pre-occupied as most Americans are, with essential every day life commitments and income generating necessities like work, or actively taking care of the kids to allot even a token amount of time to study the issues in depth? Daily exhaustive routines which rapidly and systematically erode your available time minute by minute to the point of significantly inhibiting your ability to attentively engage in cable television news, or conduct extensive online political research in a valiant attempt to attain critical information necessary to help you efficiently weigh the pros and cons leading to the most educated decisions possible? If the answer is yes to any of the above, you are certainly not alone. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of people living in this great country are probably in the same restrictive position as you are when it comes to finding discretionary free time for this vital, inherently consequential activity. They are just like you, while eagerly anxious to exude unbridled conviction within the voting venue, they realize this politically motivated exercise requires extensive education as condition precedent to make the most educated choices possible on election day to ensure a preferred candidate if elected, will pursue an agenda designed to benefit them and their entire family, as interested, fully vested constituents.

If time is simply not on your side when it comes to either enjoying a quality entertainment excursion, or conducting adequate research to educate yourself with respect to the epidemically fluid political landscape instigating ever shifting dynamics, you've come to the right place. I've diligently researched, gathered, and compiled extensive virtual public files containing an expansive vault of pertinent information and subsequently compressed it into a condensed, easy to understand menu consisting of three major political issues which include respective historical views of the two major parties as they relate to said issues. The following extensively detailed informational page was developed as a result of data extraction withdrawn directly from easily attainable public records, including but not limited to personal experience and knowledge, and readily available "Snap & Retrieve" Internet sources, and the views therein reflect the general consensus of the majority of local, state, and federal public representatives from each party. The following views had been established over the previous decades, and although they may have experienced minor alterations, amendments, or slight changes throughout the years, shifts which were assuredly influenced by respective party members, the core belief or value essentially remains intact.


Progressive Democratic - An integral cornerstone of the Democratic Party agenda and primary reason for the "Middle America" political party existence, is to provide a gargantuan wall of protection and support for a government sponsored retirement savings program such as social security, which is designed for exclusive participation by all working Americans during employment years with a pre-determined benefit to be drawn upon as income stream enhancement in the future. A pre-calculated, systematic monetary deduction is electronically executed on behalf of the employee via payroll administration and the allocated funds are automatically deposited into a safe, risk neutral trust account protected by the "Full Faith & Credit of the United States" to be accessed once retirement age is attained by the contributor. Social Security is, and always has been since inception, an overwhelmingly popular bedrock of this democratically embraced retirement savings concept which has expediently evolved into a primary, and in many cases vital "Poverty Averting" source of income for millions of hard working Americans as they seamlessly transition from employment to non-working status.

The underlying concept of social security is based upon a fundamentally sound, uncomplicated yet extremely effective risk-averse savings plan structure which relieves and in some cases completely frees employees from the burden of arranging and attending costly financial consultations to develop non-guaranteed long term financial strategies. Participating in a stable, non-managed plan such as social security mitigates the necessity for the beneficiary to hire a commission or "fee" based adviser(s) to conduct in depth financial planning, which is essentially an intrusive asset probing exercise that rarely produces precisely accurate forecasting nor guaranteed blueprint for accomplishing defined financial goals. In addition to monetary considerations paid for services rendered, the burden of hiring or retaining an ethical adviser who understands he / she must act in a fiduciary capacity by maintaining a primary concern based upon the clients best interest regardless of the circumstances, is indeed a difficult task in and of itself. Once again, this inherent risk of "Commission or Fee Gouging" is averted by enrollment in social security where there are no third party brokers involved. Finally, attempting to achieve retirement financial goals without the benefit of a safe, sound program like social security might require participation in costly "hands on" funds management as an inherent necessity to monitor and ensure asset protection from market volatility which is not guaranteed. All aforementioned services, which many individuals are unfamiliar with, nor have the discretionary time to research and become acclimated with, would need to be studied, evaluated, and considered for implementation as potential essential elements if the deeply embedded, simplified social security system were to be terminated in favor of the Republican preference called "Privatization".

Federal employees who are coordinators and administrators of the current social security program, essentially handle all the leg work for you by mitigating several risk factors including but not limited to "Market Volatility" by depositing and maintaining the funds in a stable, non-fluctuating in value account for the duration, thereby substantially reducing incidental fees or expenses and completely eliminating principal risk. Two important considerations which typically shadow the alternative, a private, non-sponsored risky individual Wall Street contaminated and influenced financial planning venture as Republicans consistently advocate. Despite the typical political media spin narrative which includes tainted, opportunistic rhetoric eluding to highly unsubstantiated contradictory talking points, this invaluable social security pot of contributor money placed within the safe confines of a federally backed social security trust account, to be distributed and eventually used as income enhancement cultivating retirement financial security, is completely devoid of principal risk typically associated with equity and or debt securities via open market manipulation exemplified by highly leveraged Wall Street trading action. The vast majority of Americans, especially those of whom have been drawing upon assets, essentially realize the simplistic, yet highly efficient beneficial components of our intricately interwoven federally sponsored social security program, and how it has inevitably contributed to overall life enrichment and financial success for our precious senior citizens, a perfect, unrehearsed advertisement to generate overwhelming participant interest and future enrollment.

Although there are always inherent maintenance chores or minor adjustments to be made with respect to all private or government sponsored programs of this size which are designed to enrich the lives of all citizens within the entire nation or local community, the historical Democratic view on this critically important retirement defining issue revolves around a basic philosophy which includes a vehement determination and unwavering commitment toward ensuring all Americans, regardless of demographic or income bracket, are adequately provided for when a certain age is attained. Currently, this pre-determined eligibility age is between 65 and 67 for retirement, and once an individual reaches this milestone, full monetary entitlements and vital health coverage benefits via Medicare are available for withdrawal and usage. Throughout the years, the core of the Democratic Party have re-affirmed a steadfast collective shield of unwavering support for Social Security and her conjoined twin, Medicare, as two critically important Federal Government Programs designed entirely around the compassionate concept of relieving the substantial burden and or enormous stress from the proverbial shoulders of our citizens as it pertains to providing an essential, regular, consistent flow of income coupled with affordable health care expenses in the form of co-pays, to support and maintain a decent, dignified life style during retirement.

In a concerted effort to preserve the underlying fundamentals and primary benefit driven components for the millions of appreciative participants, democrats had conceded minor negotiating points tabled in the past, however, the overall integrity of the program as a major source of retirement monetary payments in the form of social security checks, is unapologetically off limits when evaluating slight alterations, adjustments, or changes to the entitlement structure. It's called entitlement for very good reason. The basic concept of how and when to contribute, retirement age which needs to be attained prior to benefits qualification and distribution, how the benefits are administered including a minimal co-pay etc., and maintaining the single payer structure, as is the case with Medicare, all elements which limit or eliminate risky or insincere "For Profit" corporate takeover and control of your health care, are all principles and values which will always be protected and preserved if Democrats in congress hold a majority influence coupled with a partisan Commander in Chief. This is unquestionably a stark contrast to the Republican view which centers on indiscriminate, total dismantling of the current fined tuned program in favor of relinquishing control of Federal sponsorship and precipitously converting the entire populous over to a system designed around exclusive "Corporate Dictatorship" of pricing and administration of your health care, or possibly even no sponsored retirement program at all.

"It's no closely held secret, if the Republicans can successfully complete a "Power Attainment Tri-Fecta", Social Security Checks mailed to our deserving senior citizens on a monthly basis, benefits earned by, and promised to our working class for future use, and this overwhelmingly popular government sponsored program as a whole, will undeniably be placed in jeopardy"

Conservative Regressive Republican - The widely held view and deeply entrenched position historically advocated by the Republican Party as it relates to the subject at hand Social Security, and practically every other "Pay to Earn" government sponsored and administered entitlement program which provide benefits and or enhances the quality of life for the vast majority of American citizens, is to rigorously support an aggressive strategy designed to drastically reduce, downsize, and if at all possible, eliminate. It's no secret, the core of the GOP is uncompromisingly rooted in a regressive philosophy of fostering principles, guidelines, and firmly held values aimed predominantly at stripping our federal government of the inherent responsibilities upon which it was founded over two centuries ago via constitution parchment and subsequently ratified amendments. Social Security, an extremely popular income generating life line which was thoroughly debated, voted on, and shortly thereafter enacted into law several decades ago by rational politicians on both sides of the isle, is certainly no exception to the Republican "Dismantling" rule, and will not escape an all out attempt at repeal if and when the GOP can successfully complete a "Power Attainment Tri-Fecta". Bottom line, if and when the Republicans attain a political majority, there is a high probability your life support social security checks will either be drastically reduced or cease to exist.

Social Security "Privatization", a GOP initiated conceptual theory introduced, considered, and brought to the forefront of national attention during the W. Bush Administration, an ill-conceived idea which reputable economists had swiftly dispatched expediently to the waste site after being accurately defined as a non-program or dangerous risky venture for working Americans, yet would unquestionably result in a tremendously gratuitous convenient windfall for Wall Street, is unfortunately the only Republican sponsored alternative to the current "Not For Profit" system in place today. Essentially, "Privatization" will terminate stewardship, critical involvement, and protective oversight by the Federal Government as it pertains to ensuring all senior citizens who participate via payroll deductions during employment, receive applicable earned benefits which mirror monetary contributions and tenure. If Republicans gain unimpeded power, privatization will inevitably cause the unjustified, earth shaking dismantling of the Social Security Administration and all related permanent and part time jobs leading to the eventual same fate for Medicare, only to be replaced with nothing more than a "Best of Luck" wish for you and your individually devised financial program. A republican idea designed to do nothing to assist you with saving enough funds on your own to hopefully support a modest, dignified life style and pay for all health care expenses in full, a bleak scenario which could inevitably jeopardize a retirees standard of living while alive and thereby diluting inheritance gifts to heirs once deceased.

The collective desire and strategic objective of Republicans, according to easily accessible, highly publicized, overtly expressed GOP narrative, is to execute a unilateral breach or encourage the unilateral cancellation of the social contract between workers and the federal government. This defiant and illegal act perpetrated against the American populous would take place ASAP under a GOP administration. The primary Republican Party intent is to create a new system where all Social Security funds will be eventually removed from circulation and or re-directed from a safe, federally backed no risk account, then subsequently detoured and "rinsed" conveniently through "For Profit" entities such as Brokers, Financial Advisers, Venture Capitol Firms etc, according to unethical, un-regulated policies ultimately resulting in a significant piece of your hard earned savings dollars being deducted and unnecessarily deposited into an awaiting Wall Street account prior to final "Nest Egg Withdrawals' during retirement. The current federally sponsored Social Security program supported by democrats and the majority of Americans, does not operate with this explicit intent to allow corporate entities to gain access and profit from your retirement benefits, on the contrary, it exists solely to "Save & Protect" every dollar a worker deposits into the "No Risk" trust savings account to ensure every penny is waiting for you at retirement. Therein lies one of the many distinct differences between a Republican "For Third Party Profit" system, and the current, overwhelmingly popular Democratic "Non Profit" arrangement.

History reveals the disturbing fact that Republicans have traditionally expressed a firm belief in adopting the "Loner Theory". A regressive approach where all citizens are on their own and obligated to devise a complicated financial plan via compensation paid to Wall Street domiciled advisers and or brokers based solely upon an individualized strategy. Republicans in recent decades have unconditionally rejected the idea of conformity with a proven, cohesive "Retirement Umbrella" method crafted for the greater good of the general population even though it has been an extremely successful income enhancer throughout history for all working Americans who had participated in the past and will eventually benefit in the future. Essentially, as with all other aspects of citizenship in general, the Republicans are always more than anxious to eliminate effective government or even privately organized and sponsored programs which successfully bring communities closer together in a concerted effort to achieve a common objective. The GOP has a proven track record of advocating "Solo", unproven, unstable, possibly even unsustainable savings ventures for individuals and respective families which inevitably provide the promise of nothing more than uncertain future financial outcomes thereby jeopardizing an individual retirees prospects for living a dignified senior citizen life. Take a risk in the "Free Open Market System", say the Republicans, and hope with fingers perpetually crossed for the best once you've reached retirement age. Essentially, a mandate to gamble with your future which has rarely provided a positive outcome for individual retirement savings nor resulted in contributing to economic prosperity.


While the subject matter contained within the following segment is considered by the majority on both sides of the isle as exceedingly complicated as it relates to morality, ethical practice, parent child relationship, parent doctor relationship, and constitutional legalities, the views and staunch values of both major parties are essentially cut and dry containing virtually zero room for expansion of strict view parameters unfortunately suppressing the possibilities of future negotiation leading to compromise. This appears to be the situation even if movement beyond current positions were to be negligible -

Progressive Democratic - The ultra-sensitive topic of abortion is unquestionably a very difficult subject to discuss in casual or formal conversation with any degree of conviction, persuasive authority, or judgement oriented demeanor and intent, and the uncomfortable, sobering situation is magnified immensely when conversing with those individuals whom may have had direct, heart wrenching experiences. Approaching the subject with compassion, understanding, and respect for Supreme Court support is standard procedure for the majority of individuals except for the unwavering, hard core evangelical wing of the Conservative Party who are adamant about the subject while attempting to draw explicit, hardcore conclusions with respect to legalities according to scripture, and not necessarily abiding by the reality of the law or tangible fundamental aspects.

Democrats traditionally have upheld and affirmed the realistic progressive, forward looking view which encapsulates the opinion stating that while the collective party believes abortion is not a post facto contraceptive, and should never be used as a pre-planned option for pregnancy avoidance or termination, the vast majority of progressive members understand intercourse between most young, consensual adults will inevitably occur as the result of natural biological function regardless of up-bringing, health and sex education, parental guidance, informal strict household rules and regulations forbidding promiscuity, and or introduction of religious faith. Although underlying family values may be breached by engaging in casual intercourse, the realistic parental expectation and understanding that this activity does and will occur despite educational thrusts, is reasonable. Within the archives of an average American family, exists the expressed or implied code of conduct which includes an unambiguous primary focus on young adults with the expectation of he / she exercising every conceivable precaution to prevent un-planned, casually induced pregnancy. A code of conduct, which on occasion, is unfortunately breached.

Democrats, the majority of whom have historically maintained a tightly unified, impenetrable core with respect to this excruciatingly difficult and divisive issue, firmly believe "Limited & Specific Remedy Abortion", a standard by which explicitly defined acceptable parameters had previously been outlined by reasonable, highly educated individuals and thereafter ratified as law of this expansive land by the Supreme Court, is morally, ethically, and legally justified. A remedy which can therefore be considered as an option by the pregnant mother without the fear of third party action or recourse, subsequent to extensive consultation with medical professionals, family members, and anyone else she feels can help advise on the the most difficult decision she will ever make during her lifetime. There are many variables and unique circumstances which can influence or test this core belief, but essentially, the fundamental concept revolves primarily around specific consideration of the abortion solution as focused on, but not necessarily limited to, cases of incest, rape, or safety of the mother. Democrats, notwithstanding the inevitable rogue exception, stand firm in their collective view which states the ultimate heart wrenching, life altering decision should rest exclusively in the hands and prevailing wisdom of the mother, parent(s) if still living, and of course the treating physician(s), and not necessarily with the clergy, members of congress, or legal representatives and or agents.

Conservative Regressive Republican - Traditionally speaking, even the more moderate leaning or reasonable conservatives, including our elected and or aspiring politicians, whose inherent job description includes the implied willingness and capacity to enter into and execute genuine attempts at reaching common ground to ultimately achieve progress for constituents, have maintained a non-negotiable, inflexible, essentially immovable rigid stance with regard to this extremely sensitive and historically controversial moral issue. A hard line position established centuries ago which was mainly derived from, adopted, and eagerly cultivated to perfection by regressive Evangelical Christian stalwarts, church leaders predominantly domiciled within local communities, and also high profile national figures. An unwavering, self aggrandizing and considered by many as condescending philosophy wrapped tightly around faith based biblical teachings which were subsequently re-affirmed and then generously proliferated rather effectively throughout the years by the movements television "Celebrities" and "Personalities" such as Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, and hundreds of other distinguished reverends and excessively animated, flamboyant preachers. It's no secret, there's a prevalent dismissive attitude exhibited by the Evangelical Christian Church toward any individual or institution which expresses or implies any opposing view or opinion even though Supreme Court law established decades ago contradicts their well intended, spiritually conceived words.

Essentially, when referencing the hard core "Evangelical Christian" nucleus, which has historically been positioned cozily within the non-mainstream, extremist quadrant of the Republican Party, although signs of a broadening out via exodus of some members into a more progressive realm of realistic thinking are appearing, there is virtually no flexibility when the subject of abortion is tabled. Regardless of the situation, complexities and or intricacies, the conservative GOP core consider this act called abortion, to be both immoral and unlawful despite the existence of potentially life threatening circumstances in some cases which may even endanger the mother. Abortion, even when considered as the only feasible medical remedy to save the mother from physical harm or even death, and to help relieve her and significant other from the physical and emotional pain directly resulting from a violent rape or incestuous encounter, is against the will of god and therefore prohibited by the will of the congregation, period. No argument, despite the abundance of rational narrative used, can budge a faithful from this value, unless and until it happens to them.


Although there are many tangible and intangible elements which constitute an official, highly functional Labor Union, the organization is essentially built and based upon a few basic principles.The right for workers to organize to reflect a unified position of strength, collectively bargain from a posture of conviction with company ownership or designated individuals who are authorized to negotiate and legally bind said owners, and lastly, provide a near impenetrable "Peace of Mind" buffer or initial layer of protection for union members to mitigate or eliminate arbitrary unethical or illegal activities perpetrated upon employees during day to day operations of the work place. All this and more is provided by a cohesive labor union upon receipt of regular administration support contributed by all members in the form of monetary consideration, or more commonly referred to as "Union Dues". Without a labor union, corporate executives and company owners, management, and or agents can and frequently do, rule with impunity.

Progressive Democratic - As a result of decades of hard work, dedication, innate courage, and perseverance, the Progressive Left has established a longstanding and well documented history of vigorously supporting Labor Unions and fostering the general underlying intent of preserving a competitive salary and benefits for participants, standing inseparably with all members numbering in the millions, a count which is escalating in perpetuity, and protecting workers rights in general as applied to covered American citizens who wake up each and every morning only to begin the day with all consuming full or part time employment obligations. The Democrats have always demonstrated persistence in demanding compliance with respect to related issues which directly affect daily quality of life such as raising the minimum wage to the highest tier possible in an attempt to buffer the devaluing impact of inflation. The effort to protect values such as these have been championed by Democrats on a consistent basis through legislative proceedings despite expectations of feverish resistance from the Republican side of the political isle who prefer fostering a working environment conducive to unimpeded corporate dominance.

Labor Unions and American workers in general, although the vast majority of hard working individuals remain independent in their evaluation of all respective public office candidates regardless of party affiliation, have a long established record of casting their ballots for representation rooted in the Progressive Left, the only political party which has consistently exhibited steadfast, unwavering support for American labor and their collective right to legally "Even Out" the playing field by holding corporate executives and or respective agents to accountability for their policies and behavior. Executives, whose primary objective is to secure a profit for the corporation which is in line with or exceeds the "Street" and shareholder expectations and not necessarily honor an implied commitment to pay workers the most competitive salary nor provide adequate health care benefits. With a long history of worker friendly private and legislative accomplishments to back this claim, Democrats have achieved monumental status as rock solid advocates for the income disadvantaged and middle, upper middle class blue collar workers for decades, and the blossoming relationship between the two has progressed by developing into a strong, nearly inseparable collaboration with a primary goal focused on advancing working class ideals and values as a result.

Conservative Regressive Republican - Despite inherent free market sector specific volatility, complete lack of transparency, and most importantly, rampant displays of unethical or possibly even illegal discriminatory practices, which are unfortunately prevalent throughout the work place environment, "let the free market, (which is controlled primarily by high priced, financially and politically leveraged executives), arbitrarily and without regulations, decide a fair wage and unilaterally without constructive input nor relevant data, determine if and when adequate health care benefits should be offered to workers". A typical redundant mantra shouted profusely by the vast majority of Republican Politicians. This cookie cutter phrase unfortunately encapsulates the GOP's pro-corporate anti-labor position which has only become more pronounced and defined as the nation progresses forward. GOP sanctioned and deeply revealing words which uncompromisingly express an inside look at respective values echoed throughout the halls of right wing infamy and a precipitously magnified sentiment articulated without conscious ever since the non-negotiating, radicalized Tea Party faction had assumed complete control of the agenda in 2010. Essentially, the "Your on your own to fend for yourself" mentality is the primary thrust of Republican policy regardless of economic factors which can and often do force an enormous strain on average workers and their families.

There are however a few potentially positive economic aspects associated with the unethical guilty pleasure of attempting to suppress legitimate labor union activity as the Republican Party is actively engaged in. One such positive consequence of pursuing a policy which keeps a tightly secure lid on wages paid to employees is the extra added monetary benefit in the form of net profit all corporations would ultimately reap as substitution for payment of fair compensation and offering benefits to workers. This practice typically results in a subsequent premium in company specific stock price for corporations who regularly practice this type of "Tight on Employee Wages and Benefits" strategy. If Republicans can succeed in mitigating or possibly even eliminating the development, fostering, and advancement of labor unions, to precipitously exaggerate the gap between company revenue verses benefits allocated to hard working employees, all corporations will ultimately gain the unchallenged advantage of unimpeded, un-regulated total control over day to day management and operations which would allow executives to maximize or "Cushion" net profits at the expense of a workers right to a fair wage, adequate health care benefits, tenured job security, and many additional extremely important considerations. All Americans I believe, support the concept of a strong, vibrant corporate ecosystem capable of providing a secure foundation going forward, however, the GOP has consistently assisted corporate executives via legislative actions and other methods, to attain grossly excessive profit windfalls regardless of how it's achieved, even at the expense of substantially contributing to the erosion of a collective work forces quality of living and dignity.

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