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Democrats Hate Clinton but Will Still Vote for Her

Updated on February 18, 2022
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I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.


Democratic voters don’t like Hillary Clinton; in fact most Americans don’t care for her. It’s not a big secret, after all if they did like her it would be her finishing up her second term in office instead of Barack Obama. Instead a Junior Senator from Illinois, with no real track record surprised her initially, before systematically dismantling her attempted run for the nomination. During the tough 2008 primary, she couldn’t convince enough of the Superdelegates to side with her and Mr. Obama went on the run for and was later elected President. And if she had any sort of favor left with the party, most would have believed she would get the Vice President nod, but again she did not. Joe Biden leapfrogged over her to take the slot. Some say that Hillary destroyed any chance of the VP slot when she spoke publically about the “birther” issue which was started by an anonymous e-mail, as a way to reignite her faltering campaign.

Remember What Happened...

Even today, people seem to have forgotten that it was Hillary Clinton, and not a member of the Republican Party, that really gave the notion credibility. The fact that the Republicans picked up on it, gave it life of its own. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, also attacked Obama saying that he was incompetent and probably the recipient of affirmative action. Most people also have forgotten how Hillary, just like John Kasich, stayed in the race well after it was clear that she was going to lose. According to the Democratic insiders, Hillary was not seen as very favorable to the Party for almost splitting the ticket. Other Democratic Party leaders, still angry and embarrassed by the philandering of Bill Clinton saw a Hillary ascendance as a co-presidency of sorts, which in the eyes of the voters and the media would have been disastrous. The Clinton Presidency was something the Party wanted to put behind them. Today, many of these Party leaders still hold senior positions within the party or are Superdelegates or both. Yet, despite her baggage, despite her husband’s questionable behavior, and despite how much they don’t like her, they will be supporting her for President.

Democrat Strategies

In order to understand why they are taking this position, the entire political spectrum must be evaluated. The Democratic power brokers are viewing a living lesson, one begrudging being taught by their Republican counterparts with an outsider candidate named Donald Trump. They are also feeling the impact of how, outsider Senator Bernie Sanders as an alternative to Hillary Clinton has gained some serious traction with voters. In 2008, the Party allowed their voters to choose Barack Obama and his ideological rigidity over her personal corruption but they won’t make the same mistake twice. Because while Obama may have paid off Wall Street, the insurance industry, and Big Pharma with his Obamacare legislation and turning a blind eye to the street, he still played the public inquisitor and hammered them incessantly, putting donors at odds with the party elite. This time around the Democrats are making sure someone they control is on the ticket, and no matter how toxic she might be Hillary Clinton is that person. Yes, Martin O’Malley appeared to be a possible contender, but was soon seen as nothing more than window dressing for the debates. No matter how many states Bernie Sanders wins, it won’t be enough. The Superdelegates control about 15% of the total delegate count. Their number certainly can hold sway over who gets the nod, and from what the media tells us, it’s already been decided. Some call it survival of the party over the will of the voters.

The Game is Rigged

So, despite her lack of any notable achievements in over 25 years of government, she’ll be handed the nomination. And yes, the Democratic Party will nominate a candidate most Democrat voters dislike because their game is rigged. The Republican Party on the other hand looks to possibly nominate a candidate most Republican insiders dislike because their game is not. There are still a few hurdles in play, notably the daunting e-mail scandal, which could turn voters off to Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, both whom are loved by the electorate, may be called on to jump into the race to block Bernie Sanders. At the moment, the Clinton time-honed stall tactic and a recent speech by President Obama has been keeping the hounds at bay, but that can only go on for so long. Rumors swirl daily on if or when and indictment will be handed down and who is being pressured to take a deal, but truthfully it’s too hard to tell at this point. Both sides and the punditry class have been speculating when in fact most people just don’t know.


Self-declared Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is still out there campaigning and he’s certainly capturing enough hearts and minds to keep things interesting. He’s coming off of an impressive win streak that has the Clinton campaign flummoxed. My guess is that he’s planning to be the nominee if Hillary goes down, that is unless the Democrats try to take it away from him as it seems the Republicans are planning to do with Mr. Trump. Most people in America simply don’t trust Hillary Clinton. She does not appear to be motivated by the truth, she has too many skeletons in her closet, and seems to driven to win at any cost. Hillary is playing the gender card, following Bernie Sander’s lead on many issues, and has gone so far as to deny she’s part of the establishment to fulfill her quest. Bernie Sanders supporters seem to be anti-establishment enough that many will not vote for Clinton should she manage to dodge the e-mail bullet. It’s a similar question that’s being asked on the other side, if Republican voters can vote for Trump just to keep Hillary out of the White House, should he get the nomination. At this point it appears to be a question of which disdain will prevail or will many voters simply stay home this year if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination?

Authors Note

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