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Democrats vs Trump and His Partys

Updated on May 31, 2019
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America and the people cannot take five more years of Trump if so America will never be the same. Trump has made up his own laws.#

The Republicans Party Has Lost Their Way

Democrats and Republicans have an obligation to work together during the Job they were elected to do for the America people. Democrats and Republican must learn to work together without the interfering of President Trump. When Trump gets angry he lashes out refusing to do anything but walks away pouting.The Republican party used to stand for something but now their main agenda is protecting Trump.

Democrats Have to Get Touch

Democrats have come together as a whole, fussing and squabbling among each other will not defeat Donald Trump in the 20/20/ election. Twenty-four candidates running for President is shocking, instead of focusing on a few of the candidates who will and shall beat Trump. Everyone wants to dive in and start an impeachment on Trump instead of uniting together and forming an unbreakable force. It's time to stop Trump before he does something that will paralyze our nation. Talking will never put out a raging fire it takes water, Democrats have to stop Trump

Trump And His Team

Any president who downgrade his own Administration on National Television by getting them to lye for him one-by-one is despicable and shameful, this behavior is obnoxious behavior. Men stood with fake smiles on their faces while Kelly Conway and Sarah Sander stood there lying through there teeth, the American people have seen out of control. He walks away murmuring to himself angry as hell.


Jerry Nadler issues subpoenas and Trump tell his people to ignore a subpoena, bragging the White House will fight all the way. Don McGann Trump former Counsel who no longer is employed by the White House has issued a Subpoena and refused to Testify because Trump told him not to. it's time for these people to be made examples of just like the poor and underprivileged. McGahan no longer works for the WhiteHouse, he should be issued a subpoena, held in contempt, fined $25,000.00 a day and than jailed. That's what happens to the poor. Everyone who is held in contempt should be fined and locked up. Laws were created for every American and those who walk around in suits and tires are no better than the poor. It's time to get tough if not Donald Trump will be elected in 20/20, five more years of Donald Trump is non-negotiable


Trump has made a mockery out of our Constitution and is guilty of interfering with Russia in our 2016 election, he obstructed Justice with no one holding him accountable. He once said he could get away with shooting some, Trump is unfit to be the president of the United States.

Too Many Democrats

Twenty-four Democrats have made History by entering the 20/20 election running for president to beat Trump. Some of these candidates are unknown to the American people, they need to step back and focus on those who will and shall beat Trump. In order to beat President Donald Trump, Democrats must stop being the nice guy and fight for the good of our country and the America People, because Trump will stop at nothing.


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