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Department of Defense Backs Down

Updated on March 18, 2009

DoD Takes a Powder, This Time!

DoD Backs Down

The Department of Defense has backed down on destroying once fired military brass from .223 and .308 rifle rounds, reversing their policy due to calls, faxes and emails by American gun owners. Most responsible for the reversal are the two Democratic US Senators from Montana, Max Baucus and Jon Tester. They took action and were not afraid of the repercussions from the Obama Administration. These two elected Servants of the People serve their constituents very well. Gun owning Montana citizens and all other American citizens who own guns are grateful. In Montana, gun rights have always been very important since the days of the Old West and individual liberty is just part of Montana culture.

Make no mistake though, this was not an error by our Federal government as the new Obama Administration has more tricks up it's sleeve to curtail and or get rid of our unalienable citizen Second Amendment rights. Their plan is to either eliminate the Second Amendment entirely or define it as they see it. Remember, a right that can be modified by government decree is no right at all.

In order to remain free, individual American citizens must continue to keep government in check, and the Second Amendment does that as the Founding Fathers intended. Without the Second Amendment, We, the People are at the mercy of those who wish to control everything we say and do. Let's not put up with tyranny and let's always be vigilant. We can't compromise on our citizen rights by allowing more gun control through incremental gun laws that will kill the Second Amendment. Any government that curtails ammunition supplies to gun owners is also fatal to the Second Amendment. As responsible American citizens, we must keep our government in check as the goverment should be in fear of the people and not the other way around.

Stay alert American citizens as rights given up are never recovered!

Yours in liberty,


What Good is a Gun Without Ammo?

Another from Oleg Volk.
Another from Oleg Volk.
Molon Labe!  But...Guns Without Ammo Are Just Poorly Designed Clubs.
Molon Labe! But...Guns Without Ammo Are Just Poorly Designed Clubs.

The Civilian Legal AR15 needs food, the .223 Cartridge


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