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Designing a Staff and Volunteer T-Shirt for Your Fund-Raiser

Updated on May 26, 2014

How Do We Design Our Tournament T-Shirt?

It's best to put the decision-making process into the hands of just a few people if you want the process to move along quickly!
It's best to put the decision-making process into the hands of just a few people if you want the process to move along quickly!

Most of the time when you are designing a T-shirt for a charity event or for volunteers at a charity golf event, you'll be simultaneously raising funds to pay for the shirts. The shirts can, themselves, provide additional revenue to the fund-raiser. For charity golf tournaments, T-shirts are usually not appropriate giveaways for the actual golfers who pay to play, but they do help identify everyone who is helping out with the event. A T-shirt for volunteers and staff can contribute to a sense of camaraderie amongst volunteers helping put on the tournament. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing golf T-shirts or shirts for some other fund-raising event.


  • Logos, ad copy and graphics you want on the shirt

Designing the T-Shirt

Step 1

Collect scan-ready copies of the tournament or event logo or the country club’s logo if you are designing a club staff shirt. For this article, we’ll assume a charity tournament. If you’re funding the shirt with advertising, you’ll need to have in mind whether you are using a single sponsor or a group of smaller advertisers. Ads on the volunteer staff shirt are usually the best place to create small sponsorships to pick up sponsorships from businesses that might not be able to afford a large sponsorship. The small ads can cover the back of the shirt and allow you to place 4 to 12 ads there. The sponsorships you sell should equal or, better yet, exceed the cost of the shirt. Make sure your sponsorships add up to your target goal.

Step 2

Choose a T-shirt company that will produce your shirts. Choose a T-shirt color and estimate the sizes and quality of the shirt. Estimate numbers and sizes you will need and get an estimate from several companies.

Step 3

Sit down with the T-shirt company’s graphic designer. T-shirts usually use a larger logo than the pocket-sized golf polo shirts that are produced for the golfers. Most of the time they cover the full front of the shirt. Work with the designer to choose text colors that match the T-shirt colors and logos. The designer can often help by coming up with unique graphic elements that bring your ideas alive.

Step 4

Work with the designer to balance the size of the logo with any text you may have. The text you add may include the tournament name, date or lead sponsors. Trust the artist with the T-Shirt company. They can produce a couple of sample designs for you in a day or two. Choose the one you like.

Step 5

Sell sponsorships for the back of the shirt. Collect business cards and logos for the artist from the sponsors. As you collect sponsorships, bring them in to the artist so he doesn’t have to do all of the art at once.

Step 6

Authorize the company to produce the shirts in the sizes and quantities you’ve ordered once the artwork is finished. Allow plenty of time before the tournament or event for the T-shirt maker to complete the work. Give yourself at least two days before the tournament to pick them up and get them to the tournament site.

Reference: "Going for the Green: An Insider’s Guide to Raising Money with Charity Golf" by Tom King - Emerson & Church Publishing, 2008:


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      Christy Zutautas 7 years ago

      Great hub, I've often wondered how companies go about getting t-shirts made up.