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Trump Shows the World that He is the Boss

Updated on September 7, 2019
Annkf profile image

Betty have been sharing her personal Bible Studies since 2005. She also has a strong interest in American politics.

Donald J. Trump

45th President of the United States of America.
45th President of the United States of America. | Source

The 2016 Presidential Elections

It started before Donald J. Trump even took office.

A stream of politicians and celebrities came out declaring, "Donald Trump will never be President of the United State of America."

Democrats, Hollywood actors, and comedians such as; Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Janet Reno, George Clooney, Steven Colbert and many others made this declaration with certainty that Trump would never be elected to the office of President.

The mainstream media began airing all kinds of false accusations against Donald Trump. On a daily basis the media used specific words to describe him.

They declared daily that Trump was a, xenophobic, bigot, racist, sexist, misogynistic homophobic!

The poll numbers were so far skewed that the majority of the mainstream media had Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide.

The 2016 Election

Excitement and Disappointment

On November 8th 2016, millions of Trump voters anxiously watched the live election results as the numbers slowly rolled in one state after another. Early on we could already tell that Donald Trump was doing far better than the mainstream media would have had us to believe.

Finally the last few states submitted their election numbers. Though, by this time we all knew that President Trump had won. The news reporters stalled for as long as they possibly could until they had no choice but to announce, "Donald J. Trump had won the 2016 Presidential election!"

Relive Trump's stunning win in under 2 minutes

The Russians are Coming!

Russian interference.
Russian interference. | Source

The Russian Interference Narrative

Almost immediately following Trump's win, the mainstream media began pushing the "Russian interference," narrative.

Many on the left fully believed this fake news narrative. Just about every news agency was reporting that "Russia had hacked the 2016 Presidential elections."

Personally, I found the accusation to be ludicrous. We had all seen the massive crowds gathered at Trump rallies compared to Clinton's rallies, and many found that to be a better indicator than the actual poll numbers put out by the media. Of course, those of us who took note of the skewed polls were correct.

Millions of American's voted for Trump. This had absolutely nothing to do with "Russian Interference." We voted for him because he was blunt and spoke the truth. He didn't sugarcoat things, and was not at all associated with the politically correct groups. Like the 63 million people who voted for him, we didn't care if the PC groups liked what we or he had to say or not. We saw a true leader, and a man who truly cared about the direction in which our nation had been taken by previous administrations. We saw a man who would fix it.

When the "Russian interference," narrative didn't seem to be gaining enough steam, suddenly a whole new narrative began. "Russian collusion!"

To the democrat's and the mainstream media, there had to be another explanation as to how Donald J. Trump won the election. They would never consider the fact that the 63 Million Americans actually voted for Donald Trump. Since they couldn't come up with an explanation, they went to great measure to fabricate the "Russian Collusion," narrative.

Before the actual 2016 election, Donald Trump expressed concerns about election rigging possibly taking place. Shortly thereafter, Barack Obama came out and ridiculed Trump's concerns. He even accused Trump of "whining." It's funny how hypocritical Obama's statement was, because the democrat's have whined non-stop since Trump won.

For the possibility of "Russian Interference," being a huge concern following the 2016 elections, the democrat's certainly didn't take any such possibility seriously until Trump actually won.

Obama to Trump: Stop whining



Within the First Week of President Trump's Win Massive Protests Began

Who organized these protests?

We can start with the fact that democrats actually have a "Resist School," that is completely focused on "resisting" president Trump on literally everything. We could also go into how the democrat politicians fully support it. Or, we can go into the "Organizing for America," group that is also part of the "resist," movement. We can even go into the leftist, violent "Antifa," army that democrat's as well as the mainstream media have openly supported. We could have a full discussion as to how the "Never Trump," nutters formed their own insanely ridiculous movement.

The fact is, from the mainstream media airing propaganda, to the massive marches and protests, it's all fabricated. All the anger we've seen has partly been because of the mainstream media pushing fake new, while gullible people eat up every bit of it. Another part of it involves these organized leftists groups making as much noise as they possibly can. At the same time, certain facets of the left actually use violence to intimidate people and "dox," those whom they can't "punch in the face."

During the first week of Donald J. Trump's win, social media was lit up with angry leftists proclaiming, "Not my president!" While Trump voters were reminding them that if they live in the USA, and are American citizens, Trump is absolutely their President.

The abuse against the President was coming from all directions.



The "Popular," Vote

Next, the left became obsessed with the idea that, "Clinton won the popular vote!"

Well, at first the numbers did show that Clinton had 3 million more votes than Trump. However, over time we learned that there was a massive amount of voter fraud involved in the 2016 election, on the democrat's part.

One of the organizations that is doing a fabulous job of investigating voter fraud is Judicial Watch. Tom Fitton shared his legal research into voter the fraud that took place not only in 2016, but in the midterm elections of 2018 with CBN.

Judicial Watch is not a government agency, but a private legal agency that investigates governmental abuses. The lawyers employed by Judicial Watch have done an outstanding job uncovering voter fraud and keeping the American people informed as to our Constitutional rights that may have been violated.

Tom Fitton uncovered the fact that there are more than 3.5 million people on American election rolls who are un-eligible to vote.

As much as I love and appreciate Judicial watch. It is a sad day when an outside organization has to step in and keep our politician's honest. Though the very politicians deny it, the facts are there.

So much for the "popular vote," narrative...

Tom Fitton on CBN: 3.5 MILLION 'Ghost Voters' on Voter Rolls--'That's where you get fraud'

Constant Abuse

Since before President Trump took office, we've all witnessed the insanity coming from the left. From Madonna saying that she wants to "blow up the white-house," to Robert De Niro making several inflammatory statements against the President. Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep, James Colbert, Jim Carrey and many others have come out with derogatory statements against the POTUS. Jim Carrey shares artwork depicting President Trump through some of the most vile drawings imaginable.

For months it wasn't uncommon to see literal death threats against the POTUS on social media. These same threats are still occasionally popping up. One would think that the left might someday grasp the fact that they can't go around threatening the President of the United States without there being consequences.

The media jumps on everything the President says or does. Even if the story is somewhat true, the reporters twist and spin it so greatly that it becomes nothing but a mockery of President Trump. Of course, the hateful leftist's pick up those contaminated news crumbs and run with them. Each time this happens the left gets fired up as though they have the ultimate, "impeachable" offence. I for one, am tired of hearing the word, "Impeachment." I'm also fully tired of reminding those who throw the word around like it actually means something, that the fact that someone doesn't like the President is not grounds for impeachment!

People like the refer to the President as a, "prideful and arrogant" man.

A prideful man could never withstand the constant stream abuse coming from the left. The leftists themselves would have crumbled to the ground by now if any one of them had been the target of daily slander, lies, harassment and abuse like what they've been doing to the President. These abuses are coming from every direction imaginable. Even the Pope has offered ridicule aimed at President Trump.

As for arrogance, in my view, President Trump has earned the right to be arrogant. Though, I don't see him as being so. What I do see is a man who knows how to cope with pure evil. That's exactly what we're all witnessing with the constant arrows flying at him from the left.

I see a man who is stronger than anyone could have imagined. A man who takes constant abuse and deals with the leftist's obvious "witch hunt," on a daily basis. Even in the face of all that, President Trump has accomplished more good for our nation than any POTUS in American history.

He will always be known as the greatest President in American History. While well-known, angry and irrational leftists will go down in history as the "Benedict Arnold's," that they are.

Despite all of the fake hearings pushed by the House Democrat's, the constant fake news rhetoric, the organized democrat protests, and the foul mouthed Hollywood actor's and actresses, the President has stood strong and has proven that he is indeed a very strong leader with incredible fortitude rarely witnessed by most people on this earth. Yes, President Trump is a very commendable human being.

He's an outstanding example to all Americans that we should never let the mean spirited, hateful words or actions of others keep us down.

May God continue to bless President Donald J. Trump, his family and his staff!

Trump Reelection Rally, I was at This Massive Rally


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  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    Hi Elijah,

    You already know that I'm not going to agree with you, but you are persistent, I'll give you that. :O)

  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    Hi A B Williams,

    I totally agree! Some of the comments that she's made are completely out there.

    She challenged Senator Ted Cruz to a debate on guns...and he accepted the challenge. I've got to find out when that debate will happen. Cruz is a "expert," on the US Constitution, and Milano is...well, Milano. :) It should be fun to watch.

  • abwilliams profile image

    A B Williams 

    2 years ago from Central Florida

    Thank God Alyssa Milano isn't the Boss! ;)

    Great job on this Betty!

  • The0NatureBoy profile image

    Elijah A Alexander Jr 

    2 years ago from Washington DC

    Betty, I have not seen any president since JFK who appeared to have the NEEDS of the people in mind. Ike, upon leaving warned us of the Industrial-Military-Complex that changed it to the New-World-Order and that is what Trump was put in for. The way to make it work is divide the nation, as Trump is diligently doing disguised behind his being the Joker. But that is how this nation is supposed to end as prophesied in the Bible when we interpret Daniel chapters 2, 3 & 4 as the following.

    2) Nebuchadnezzar dreamt he was giving birth to the end of civilization that would end with a Strong as Iron nation but weak because the people could not unite.

    3) Shows that nation is where the survivors in Armageddon (Rev. 16:15-16) from the end will be saved from the fire of that burns nation and the Christ with him.

    4) Presents the nation explicitly as the first in space travel, military branches around the world, birds and animals in zoos within her and the last leader of it would exalt himself, as trump has done saying he is the chosen, and within a very short time be evicted for a boy Son of Man as the "band of iron" and a girl Help Meet as the "band of brass" to govern it until the day of destruction comes.

    All anyone has to do is read those passages and it should jump off the pages into their mind.

  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    Hi WBA,

    Back when McCain ran against Obama, I really thought that he was "different," but it turns out that he was on the same team as Obama. The same goes for Clinton, and Bush, (as well as many others.)

    Any person who actually cares about the future of our nation would have been treated horrible, either from the left or the right. though it seems that most of our past administrations have actually been on the same team.

    It's incredibly rare to find anyone who would actually take a stand, and be strong enough to withstand the abuses dished out by the democrat's, RINOS, MSM and Hollywood.

    As for some of those who are being the most horrible towards the President, it's looking more and more like they are the exact people who have the most to hide.

    I don't know if you follow "Q," or not, but on the Q boards, that statement has been made many times.

    I personally believe that Trump is an extreme rarity, both in his intentions to do right by our nation, and his unbelievable ability to keep standing even in the face of constant abuse. I wish that we could vote him into office more than two times. I'm concerned that there aren't many people who could, or are willing to lead our nation the way that he has.

    One thing I know for sure...Trump's win has opened the eyes of many to the massive corruption within our government. I don't think that there will be a person elected again who will not be under the most stringent observations of "We the People." We will not ignore the governmental abuses of our nation any more.

    I still hope that term limits are set in place for all of congress as well. Their lack of limits gives them too much power.

    Thank you for responding. It's always good to see you.

  • profile image 

    2 years ago from upstate, NY

    Unlike the the many milk toast republican's we've seen since Reagan, Trump is refreshing in that he doesn't just talk, he acts and when he acts he doesn't make apologies for it!

    I really believe that any republican who would have won in 2016, would have had abuse coming from every direction provided they did the right things! Trump seems to revel in the attacks against him and it seems that he isn't getting weary but is even more invigorated!

    It seems that practically every accusation the left makes against Trump would apply more accurately to themselves! That's called projection, they seem to see the world through distorted lenses. Your example of Obama's admonition to stop whining is case and point!

  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    That's interesting Elijah, I'll look into it.

    I was glad to see that you responded. I haven't seen you in a few days, and I was concerned. Glad to see you're still here. :)

  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    Hi John Welford,

    There are many people who believe that voter fraud is exactly why CA turned completely blue.

    I live in FL, and I watched all of the "issues," that came up when De'Santis and Scott won in 2018. There were all kinds of problems in Broward county. Election officials were caught stuffing and destroying ballots. Other counties (Pasco and Lee–Broward,) were also caught with irregular voting numbers. Of course in all three counties the results favored democrat politicians. Because the three counties combined covers a huge number of residents, they could have even turned the entire state of FL into a swing state.

    There were issues in Alabama, Arizona and North Carolina, where numbers for Mark Harris initially put him in the lead with 905 more votes. Almost immediately questions arose involving absentee ballots. Harris, was a republican by the way. The Board of elections unanimously voted to hold a new election. I wanted to include this incident to show that fraud can happen on both sides of the party line. It's completely unfair to all voters when this happens.

    Seeing that it did happen, it's likely that this wasn't the first time. All American's should take a stand for fair elections. The Government works for "We The People," and when voting fraud is involved everyone is cheated out of his or her vote.

    This isn't the first election where serious voting abnormalities arose.


    This happens during almost every single election. I remember the issues that brought my state to the forefront of questionable elections back when Bush and Gore ran for President. Back then I actually voted for Gore.

    If you recall, before the Electoral College votes were cast, democrats and Hollywood did everything they could to attempt to sway those votes. I believe that there were a few who went along with the democrats despite the actual choice of the people in certain states. While others stayed true to voters pick.

    I mentioned Judicial Watch in my article, and they have uncovered fraud in several states. California fought against the release of voter rolls being examined, and Tom Fitton literally had to sue in order to get access. Just last month he won the suit. He also uncovered a system in CA called "Ballot Harvesting," that increases the number of votes for their choice of politicians, (Usually democrats.)

    I'll be the first to admit that there are RINOS in the republican party who are actually on the side of the left. Senator's Lee and Romney consistently support the leftist agendas, and even fight against everything President Trump does.

    It's believed that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens voted in the mid-terms, which is not good or fair as they likely vote for the democrats, since the democrats benefit them.

    When a non-citizen votes, it literally cancels out the votes of actual citizens. No other nation on earth allows non-citizens to vote in their elections, and I see not reason that it should be allowed to happen in the USA. There's so much more on this subject. With the recent census battle over the question being asked, "are you a legal citizen?" Numbers of actual citizens would have been skewed. The question has always been a part of the US census until Obama had it removed while he was in office.

    I think the entire election system needs an overhaul with voter I.D. and proof of citizenship. I also believe that citizens from each party should be present during the voting process to insure that there is no cheating involved.

    Thanks for reading and responding.

  • The0NatureBoy profile image

    Elijah A Alexander Jr 

    2 years ago from Washington DC

    Hello Betty, before I read any further than the photo saying "45th President" I suggest you Google "u s presidents in their order" and what you will find is Trump is only the forty third. The ninth discarnated in 31 days after a bout of pneumonia received on inauguration day. You will also find the 22nd and 24th is the only non-consecutive term serving president. So, on go the reading.

    After reading parts of it and knowing what he has done, I Can't see how the title fit him.

  • John Welford profile image

    John Welford 

    2 years ago from Barlestone, Leicestershire

    You might have thought that if the Democrats really wanted to commit voter fraud on such a massive scale, they might have done so in places where it actually affected the result in the Electoral College. Manufacturing millions of fake votes that made no difference to the overall result does not sound to me to be very clever.

  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    Yep Vivian, I honestly believe that the way left is behaving they are unintentionally influencing more people to vote for Trump in 2020. He said we might get tired of winning, and I gotta say, I'm still not tired of it. :) Almost everything the left does seems to backfire.

  • Noelle7 profile image

    Vivian Coblentz 

    2 years ago

    Not only did Judicial Watch find the 3.5 million fraudulent voters, but then it was discovered Google intentionally influenced several million more voters to go Left.

  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    Thank you James,

    It was a lot of fun to write! It's been a crazy couple of years. I'm looking forward to the next election, and four more years!

    I've heard of the book, "Skin in the Game." It sounds like an interesting read!

  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 

    2 years ago from Chicago

    I love your article! President Trump is one of the greatest Americans ever, and one of the best presidents. I am currently reading the book 'Skin in the Game' and the author talks about why Trump won, him having lived his life with 'skin in the game' whereas most politicians have never risked anything; and Trump having never had a boss does not kowtow to anyone.

  • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

    Wesman Todd Shaw 

    2 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

    He was in one of the videos. He's "famous" for his "Whitelash" commentary. Van Jones is, of course, a common racist. And a CNN commentator. Same thing.

  • Annkf profile imageAUTHOR

    Betty A F 

    2 years ago from Florida

    Hi Wesman Todd Shaw,

    Interesting comment. I don't think I mentioned "Van Jones," or any reporter specifically.

    But I do appreciate your comment.

  • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

    Wesman Todd Shaw 

    2 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

    WHITELASH! LOL. Van Jones is a nobody. He's nothing. An absolute nobody, and he's supposed to have something to say which is meaningful. LOL.

    Thank God for Donald Trump. He's saved my only homeland from complete collapse.


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