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Developments in Technology for Sustainability

Updated on February 7, 2011

Sustainable Farming

The following are just a handful of examples of some exciting new and emerging technologies which could truly change the world for the better. I feel that every effort towards a sustainable future is worthwhile. These ideas reassure me that we can still have a future to look forward to. There are talented, clever and compassionate people working on solutions right now.

  • The Veritcal Farm : Please watch the short video to the right. I am hopeful that this technology will revolutionize the way we grow food. It could easily be the solution to world hunger if properly implemented. The concept is of a highly efficient hydroponic system designed to conserve water, energy and space. Just imagine: every community could have a reliable supply of various fruits, vegetables and grains, available locally - there would be no need to waste energy transporting goods over long distances.
  • Synthetic Meat : Experimental in vitro technology already exists that can generate tissue such as animal flesh. This could eliminate the significant environmental damage currently being caused by the agriculture industry and end the slaughter and suffering of animals for meat. Every community could have the means to produce protein-based foods using minimal energy.
  • Advances in home design. Ingenious architecture for homes is cropping up everywhere these days. The trend seems to be for clever design features that are highly functional and efficient. Houses have already been built that can be considered fully self-sufficient homes in terms of energy and water use.
  • Developments in solar technology. Scientists are still working on finding the most efficient ways to collect energy from the sun. A new, experimental system using roof-mounted solar collectors can provide energy for all heating and cooling in large office buildings. Other experimental developments in solar power include work on concentrated photovoltaics, luminescent solar concentrators and space-based solar power. The CSIRO website has a good Research Overview regarding energy for buildings.

Please comment below with your ideas about technology we could use in a sustainable future.


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    • cathstuff79 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from QLD, Australia

      Thank you for commenting ttrash.

      Here is a link that talks more about the pros and cons of synthetic meat technology.

      My thinking about potential job loss is a bit different to yours. In the capitalist system we have at the moment, I agree that it is bad for people to lose their jobs. Because they need money to buy necessities. But in a resource-based economy, people's needs would be met without using money. Being super efficient requires far less work. Most people will still choose to work, but they will no longer be forced into slavery to simply survive.

    • ttrash profile image


      7 years ago from Australia

      While the production of synthetic meat could theoretically reduce the amount of land used by agriculture, it would take machines to run a production facility, thus producing significant amounts of greenhouse gases anyway. In addition, if the agricultural industry was basically wiped out by this, millions of people would be out of a job, as it is the only way of life they know and the only thing their land is useful for.


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