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Dick Cheney's Treason against Americans

Updated on May 14, 2011


Hate Monger
Hate Monger
Thumbing his nose
Thumbing his nose

Charge Dick Cheney with Treason and George Bush with idiocy

We know that the Cheney Administration, come on lets call it what it was, stole an election. We know that they capitalized on our fears after September 11th and attacked Iraq without merit. We know that they arrested Muslims and put them in prison for years without so much as a hearing. We know that they tortured them.

Now we find out that the CIA had secret programs and it was Dick Cheney who told them to keep them secret.

Charge Dick Cheney with treason. I would say charge George Dubyuh Bush with treason too, but I fear he is just an idiot. Dick Cheney is a profiteer. He committed war crimes and he broke the Geneva Convention. If he were from Bosnia, Somalia, Cuba, or Venezuela we would be calling for his blood. However, because he is an American, even those who know that what he did was wrong refuse to speak out.

Americans have a habit of rationalizing heinous crimes when we are the ones committing them. We rationalized slaver, segregation, and hate crimes against blacks. We rationalized the annihilation of Native American societies. We rationalized the anti-Semitism of Hitler until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. We rationalized after we were defeated in Vietnam and we rationalized when we entered Iraq this time.

Even after we found out that the Cheney Administration lied to us about Iraq, the mainstream media did not cry foul. If it had not been for the internet and the bloggers, the story would have died. Still, the most liberal Americans I know were the only ones asking the hard questions and they were being called traitors.

The real traitors in this scenario were Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and others.

It is time that Americans stop rationalizing and put these criminals away.

As for Dubyuh, he was a puppet. He should be charged also, but it is to bad you cannot throw someone in jail for being an idiot.


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    • T_Augustus profile image


      9 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Excellent hub! Keep that fire going, and the hubs flowing!

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      9 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Cheney lied about there being 250,000 troops on the saudi border ready to attack Saudi Arabia. In fact he never showed anyone the satillite photos he claims were taken showing those troops there.A news editor from his home state of wyoming claims to have found russian satillite photos that showed no troops or tanks on the border of Saudia Arabia at the time cheney said they were there.She called cheney personally and told him she had proof of this and was going to publish the story if he couldn't prove otherwise ,and she was ignored.We never heard anything in the major news outlets about this did we.


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