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Differences between Tokyo and Kyoto

Updated on July 6, 2017

Tokyo and Japan are popular world destinations for tourists and other travelers. An inexperienced tourist may find it a problem deciding whether to visit Kyoto or Tokyo and what are the key features differentiating or relating the two cities. Many people understand Tokyo to be a giant city while Kyoto is a city rich with traditions, culture among others. Though this may be true, there are inherent differences and similarities which people need to be aware of so as to make the right travelling decisions in either of these cities.

Among the significant differences between the two cities is in regard to price. While Tokyo is expensive, Kyoto is relatively cheaper. The price of basic needs including that of transportation costs much less when compared to similar items and services in Tokyo. For instance, renting a one roomed house in the outskirts of the city cost approximately 80 yen per week. Buying an apartment in the city outskirts will cost more than I million yen. This price will triple in the city center. On the contrary, the price of the same house in Kyoto will be much cheaper. The price of a one room house will be half of that in Tokyo.

If you want to find glamour and entertainment, then Tokyo is the place to be. The city also presents a lively shopping with a variety of items to choose from. Further, the city provides convenience for every type of legitimate business that one may think of. The place is typically exciting in most aspects of life including leisure with lots of parks, museums, amusement parks among other entertainment joints. What is more, the place can be considered to be more cosmopolitan with a variety of people from different parts of the world. On the other hand, Kyoto is quite peaceful and quieter. However, the place is relevant as a tourist spot considering the unique culture, religious artifacts including the Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple which spells the uniqueness of the place. Kyoto is also a way from the city, thus providing the convenience of travelers wanting to stay away from the city.

However, both of these places are ideal as tourist destinations and one can travel in either of them depending on his or her preferences. In other words, both of these cities are great in their own rights. While Kyoto is about history, Tokyo presents the modern and future of Japan. Further, the two cities are related in the sense that they both have great food, excellent transportation services and a lively shopping experience.


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