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Dirty Harry - Prince A Royal Embarrassment

Updated on August 23, 2012

Harry as a Nazi

Prince Harry embarrasses Royals

By now many people have either seen or heard about the latest escapade of the Royal bad boy, Prince Harry. Just days ago pictures of the stark naked prince bear hugging a female companion in a hotel room in Las Vegas surfaced on the internet. In an attempt to stem further controversy regarding the pictures the royal family have quickly confirmed that the pictures are authentic. No further comment has been issued regarding the pictures but one can only speculate that the windows of Buckingham Palace are steaming up from the heat generated by the anger and disgust within the royal family.

As many already know this incident though shocking is not the first embarrassment for the young prince but it is definitely the worst so far. In the past he has caused outrage when pictures of him wearing an army uniform with a Nazi swastika arm band surfaced. He was also forced to apologize when video footage emerged of him calling an Asian army colleague "our little Paki friend". He was also pictured scuffling with a photographer and admitted to drinking under-age and smoking cannabis at age 17. All these accounts coupled with this latest incident only leaves one to ask, is the young prince out of control? What is behind his bad behavior?

In order to determine the answer as to why Prince Harry is so much different from his older and more responsible sibling Prince William perhaps we don’t have to look much further than the concept of royalty itself. This outdated and useless tradition has spawned a lifestyle of privilege without responsibility. The royals have no political power or influence on the affairs of Britain. They are basically “figure heads”, left over symbols of a British Empire that once ruled much of the planet. Today they basically roam the world smiling and waving at people who admire what they stand for.

Being the younger of the two sons of Prince Charles, the air to the throne of the now imaginary British Empire, Prince Harry is basically relegated to the position of third in line behind his older brother William. There has been much speculation however that Charles, because of his age will secede and hand the throne to William. So since their adolescent years 99% of media attention has been focused on William. This has basically given Harry a pass to act however he wishes with little scrutiny, or so he thought.

Are the Royals still relevant? Perhaps it is time for British society to have a serious look into the matter. Perhaps it is time to stop treating the royals like they were gods. It’s time to accept the fact that the era of kings and empires is over.


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