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Disaster? Meeting Place for Survival and Security

Updated on August 17, 2019

Do you believe one bomb or computer attack could take down the electrical grid?

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A meeting place could be as simple as someone's house or a more secure, hidden, out of the way place
A meeting place could be as simple as someone's house or a more secure, hidden, out of the way place | Source

Why have a meeting place?

In the event of any disaster, a place to meet relatives, family or special people should be chosen before the event happens. All the people should be notified before and practice runs to the meeting place should take place. In the some disaster events, there will be no electricity, no electronic communication and possibility of trees and debris blocking the roads. People seeking other family and love ones would have a place that would serve as a meeting or gathering place. Family and people in numbers can help others to endure and strive to help the others to live.

Tornadoes, volcanoes, tidal waves, hurricanes, CME's, Solar Flares, power outages, economic breakdown, bank failures, social unrest, government breakdown, electrical failures and major storms could affect the outcome of the rest of your life. The disaster preparedness organizations state that telephones, radios, satellites, cell phones, GPS systems and other forms of communication might not be able to function during certain disasters, so location of your love ones might not be possible.

Meeting Place

Do you have a central meeting place for your love ones in case of disaster?

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Chosing the place

In the event of a disaster, the place should be chosen very carefully. Research must be given priority so that the meeting place will serve to unite your love ones, provide security, peace, food, water, heat and basic needs of the people meeting there. If the electricity is down, alternative means to cook, provide water and for sanitation must be taken into account.

An alternative place should also be planned upon because the disaster may have destroyed or make useless the first meeting place. Plan on almost no communication and only the basic survival gear to get you to the meeting place. Have the place that you have chosen stocked with food with a long shelf life, water and water purification tablets,, blankets, medical supplies, weapons and barter items.

In the event that the environment and surroundings have been destroyed, a shelter of some kind is of most importance. A well planned, well stocked and prepared shelter would be the most desirable and the location should be kept secret except for those expecting to meet after the disaster. As with Noah, only so many people were expected on the Ark and only enough provisions to take care of those people. The stray cat syndrome comes to life in any disaster. One cat fed one day, then many more each day after until the food and supplies are not enough to feed the gathering.

Grid Down Survival

In the case of the electrical grid collapsing, can you still get to the meeting place?

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Simple Shelter


What to have in route to the meeting place ?

A BUG OUT BAG, a get out of dodge bag or an essentials backpack would help anyone to survive the adventure in getting to the meeting place. In the bag or backpack, at least a 3 day supply of water, food and basic survival tools should be packed. Each person should have a pack or bag containing at least 1 gallon of water per day per person, food and food bars with a long shelf life and with a high calorie content , a knife, matches, water purification tables or/and a water purifier, an extra change of clothes, a space blanket, a magnesium flint striker, roll of toilet paper and a plastic rain jacket. There are more items that some consider very important, but each person must consider what is the most important to them.

The water and food are the most important items. You have to decide what else is needed for you to survive for 3 days or longer. The best way to decide what is important to you is to consult professionals, do trial runs, hike for an extended time and to train with the disaster preparedness organizations. When the disaster happens, it is too late to learn or to train at that point. Research bug-out-bags, get-out-of-dodge bags and essentials bags to learn what items are important to other Preppers and survivalist.

Bug Out Bag and essentials

Do you have at least a 3 day supply of food and water for each person ?

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The meeting place

Whether you choose Grandma's house, an abandoned building, a bunker or a cave, the environment must be livable. The place must have a supply of fresh water, a supply of heat in the winter, some way to replenish food supplies, a reasonable way to protect the inhabitants from invasion and must have a stockpile of eatable, stable, high calorie food.

If you are in the big city, chaos, violence, upheaval, riots, looting, raping, murdering, attacks, robberies, shootings and ungodly acts of humans will most likely be taking place in the event of a meltdown of the economy, society and government. A safe place to meet is of most importance, where there will be security, food, fresh water and like minded people willing to help each other. The "Network" of the people gathered should be willing to share, work together and be able to get along. A place in the country, far away from busily traveled streets, the land being able to grow food, be able to be defended and enough stock pile of basic human needs to supply all the needs of the people gathered. It is crucial that there is enough fresh, clean drinkable water. To find a safe, wonderful place in the country might take years to find and may have a pricey sale tag, but to safe guard your love ones and family, it is a small price to be safe, secure and together, living with the ability to survive. Another thing to look at, is, in the event of a total meltdown or disaster, how do all the people get to the "common meeting place" ? When looking at the retreat, bunker place in the country or safe zone, plans and plans and still back up plans should be applied, thought about and brain-stormed with all members of the attending people. Plans also should be made ahead of time for those who would come to kill, rob and destroy you and your family. Plan Carefully!!!

Sun Flares, EMP's, nuclear blasts, terrorism, computer warfare and bombs can cripple or take out the electrical grid. Without electricity, the social and civil order of the country can quickly dismantle, resulting in riots, looting, killing and stealing. In any given city, there is about a three day's supply of food and without the electricity, the water and sewer system will stop flowing.

The meeting place should be outside the city, because the conditions will quickly disintegrate and become very dangerous. The location and resources will be very important for the family, for love ones also for those seeking shelter, food and water. Bear in mind that there might only be a limited supply of supplies and letting others into the meeting place may place your survival into danger or can help to strengthen your meeting place with the added people.

Safety and Peace

Do you have security and protection to get to and at the meeting place?

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Vacant and Abandoned House


Where is your family?

Where, oh where, is your family, your love ones, your grand children, your children, your parents or co-workers. In a moments notice, a storm hits and the bridges get washed out, an EMP wipes out the electrical grid, a sudden snow storm closes all roads, the cell phone service fails or there is a riot that overwhelms a shopping center, where do you meet, call or have a common plan?

For those who watch the movies that portray disasters, the people get separated, become disoriented and confused. When a hurricane hits, disaster relief crews are told not to rely on GPS, land marks or maps. The roads could be covered with sand and trees, the buildings and markers could be gone, telephones are most likely down and GPS might tell you where you are, but what was, is not any more.

If your family is not near you, but in other parts of the country or the world, how do you receive or transmit communications telling of your status or location? For families that are in the same town, disasters can totally wipe out all buildings, structures and roads, so what plan do you have to re-connect with your love ones?


How do you expect to communicate with your love ones in a disaster?

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Society Breaks down FAST

Does your love ones understand the seriousness of riots, looting and mobs in the city?

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William Frostchen preparedness


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