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Diversity - The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Updated on January 4, 2016
RJ Schwartz profile image

When he's not writing poetry or political articles, Ralph fills his time by researching various topics that are influencing society today.

Diversity can be defined many different ways and be used in many different contexts. In layman’s (or woman’s) terms, it’s bringing together people that come from different ethnic, social, religious groups, different sexes and sexualities, and different languages or cultures, and on and on. It’s also one of the weapons of choice for the Social Justice Warrior and there is an inordinate amount of time spent on re-defining the term as society changes, as if every new behavior suddenly adds an enlightening and positive addition to everything around us. They throw around terms like “social capital,” “beneficial bacteria,” and “worldview” and then fervently try to explain why they are so great. In the workplace Human Resource Departments make sure all employees are trained on all the current “hot button” items on what employees can and cannot say, jokes we need to avoid, and how gender and sexuality are no longer physically defined but are through feelings. Is our workforce better off due to diversity? How about our schools? How about our economy? The sheer number of questions that arise on the topic is mind-numbing and could consume a lifetime of tabulation.

Does Diversity Influence The Workforce?

The American Workforce is used extensively to demonstrate how great diversity is and how much productivity has increased with a diverse workforce, but does it really make a positive impact or are the Social Justice Warriors pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes with clever fact spinning? I’m going to lean with the latter. Women and people of color are most often used to demonstrate how diversity is so impactful, but when in fact, its only data being reversed engineered and repackaged to prove a point. By showing that women hold a certain percentage of the jobs today, the SJW say that they drive economic growth and are responsible for an uptick in the economy. The truth is that the economy doesn’t work that way, it grows or contracts based on inputs, outputs, demand, and supply. Workers are workers and products are products. There is no definition on what color, race, creed, or religion the workers are, simply that they work.

Does diversity do anything to recruiting new employees? No, the available job pool is not tied to color, sex, or any other social factor. It’s solely based on talent, skill-set, prior experience, and other qualifications such as education or certifications. Recruiting the best employees means simply that. When companies hire competent staff that is well suited for the jobs at hand, they reduce turnover and keep costs lower. When they hire based on other characteristics they open themselves up to lawsuits, inter-office disputes, lower productivity, and many other issues which do not belong in the workplace. The Social Justice Warriors say exactly the opposite, but then again they don’t really think is “what is,” instead gravitating to “what “should” be” in their reasoning. Do bringing together people with different skills improve productivity? Yes, absolutely and it’s integral to many industries such as manufacturing or product development.

We’ve heard how diversity is so critical for the top Fortune 500 companies such as Apple or Starbucks, but when you look deeper, it has nothing to do with their success. Business strategies are not influenced by skin color or sex. Marketing strategies on the other hand are heavily influenced but as targets for the companies goods or services, not as part of their staffing. This is another piece the Social Justice Warriors try to move to their side of the board. It’s looking at a company after-the-fact and making post-success statements that are not valid. Diversity had nothing to do with the outcome, it’s only riding the coattails of it but being trumpeted like it was an integral part.

Diversity In Education Or Bias?

Our education system is another high visibility area where diversity is talked about on a daily basis. For the last fifty years or so, higher education admissions in the United States are influenced by race, even over actual qualifications. Affirmative Action and all the rhetoric is carries as baggage is supposed to be a great repatriation for the years blacks suffered under a discriminatory system. One of the core tenants of America is equality, but in the school system, discrimination is fine, just as long as they hide under this umbrella. The topic is worthy of a long research paper on its own merits. The Social Justice Warriors unite with the Liberal university systems to again, reverse the results and fit them to their narrative. Since the racial and cultural make-up of America is changing, somehow these groups seem to think that higher education needs to change to equal those figures. Higher education is for people who are intelligent enough to learn the materials and take the benefits into the real world for the betterment of society and themselves. People of any race, sexual or gender definition, or creed can attend provided they are up to the challenge. But, a merit based system is being adapted to not merit criteria.

We’ve also heard that diversity benefits students, allowing them to co-mingle with students from other nationalities, races, and cultures. Schools seem to be fine with teaching classes on women’s studies or black culture, but admonish anyone trying to do the same with white culture or men’s studies. Professors regularly demonize other cultures or unnecessarily elevate others, inciting conflict between different groups and disrupting real education. Race or sex-neutral policies are forbidden. Our youth are not being taught the subjects needed to compete in the global economy, but instead being forced to learn useless social-driven doctrine and having their First Amendment rights silenced.

How We Are Being Tricked By Social Justice Warriors

Diversity is supposed to create multifunctional non-discriminatory people who are happy and well-adjusted and all get along in a big happy group. What we have instead is violence, modern tribalism, racial tension, class warfare, and disenchantment, all because people are being forced into a collective that most are not really happy being part of. People are happier when they congregate with others similar to themselves, whether that is skin color, religion, or any other attributes. This great social experiment is causing more harm than the perceived benefits it was thought to bring. Most of the diversity programs hurt white people, smart people, legal citizens, and the working class. Government jobs are filled by a quota system, not by the best qualified candidates to make sure they are diverse. Immigrants or refugees are given priority status to fill jobs for the sake of diversity. It’s a nation killing ideology that has been burdening this country for many years.

The Social Justice Warriors would have everyone think that the diversity platform was the greatest achievement in American history, and yes, the Liberal Progressives would be right behind them waving their multicultural flag in support, when in fact the opposite holds true. Highly diverse groups of people are almost incapable of coming to a decision as there are often too many influences dividing them. The level of Political Correctness necessary to keep from offending any one of these diverse groups basically stops productivity in its tracks. Age old laws, principles, and standards are softened or eliminated completely for the sake of inclusion. President Obama so often demonstrates this, by not enforcing immigration laws or bringing unwarranted attention to an incident with people of different skin colors. People who have no intention of assimilating into the American culture are given special treatment and preferred status. Schools are taxed trying to deal with students who cannot speak our language or write in English. Racial turmoil is higher than it has been in several decades. These and many more crippling changes are all in the name of diversity.

See The Truth, Be The Truth, Stand Up

It’s time to speak bluntly and plainly. Diversity is nothing more than a blatant attack on Western Civilization and the American Way of life. Europe is also seeing a similar shift in their cultures due to this demon named diversity. Diversity is America’s greatest strength, according to the left and its socialist, Marxist, Communist friends but it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And up until Donald Trump bravely started speaking up for the regular American, anyone who even dared to say anything was destroyed in the media and ridiculed until they submitted. Yet, these people are injecting their diversity demon into our schools, our workplaces, and our culture at will.

America has always been a diverse country, but one common thread that everyone held onto was the American Dream. The American Dream is more than just an ideal, it’s a guide to living, a standard you are proud to bear, a lighthouse on a stormy sea, a beacon in the dark of night. When all men and women stand up together and put their lives on the line to defend its ideals or when everyone takes a knee to say a prayer for those in need, that’s part of it as well. This nation was founded and was populated by people who embraced freedom and wanted to be part of something greater than where they came from. Blacks, Jews, Whites, Men and Women alike, and yes we had our fair share of troubles but we pulled together and healed the gashes of the past and soothed the scars of internal strife and we came out stronger and better for it. But, while we weren’t paying attention to things, the race-baiters, and the radicals worked their dark magic behind the scenes and infiltrated the government, the school systems, and the lobbying system.

If we continue to allow these corrupt anti-Americans to use our nation as a petri dish, then we are surely doomed. Barack Obama and his attempts at transforming the United States are just the beginning unless we act and act quickly. We need to make sure that merit, and qualifications, and justice are all reinstated as guiding principles. We must strengthen our immigration system, demand more from our elected officials, and use common sense. Social Engineering must be stopped at all costs.


I'd love to hear what you have to say on this topic. Keep it clean and keep it on topic. Do not try to hijack my Hub with your own narrative. I'm not a censor and every story has two debatable sides, but this isn't Disqus where you can drop a bomb and run away. Looking forward to hearing opinions and comments.

Blessed Be !


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