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Do Nigerian Lives Matter?: The Alleged Uneven Coverage of Terror

Updated on August 19, 2016

Crisis in Nigeria beyond Dollars

The bank note
The bank note | Source

Unite for Nigeria

What most people with blinders employed will say about the Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria is that more attention has been paid to ISIS and the strike against Paris, France. They will cry that the media don’t care about Blacks and put more focus on Caucasian issues. Both terror groups could care less about what the news outlets cover. Their aim is to disrupt and destroy anything that may lie in their way. Negroes and others ought to stand up for real causes like petitioning bureaucrats to do their one job: protect individual rights. This sense of victimhood for those not directly affected by the bombings and shootings ought to be stopped. To continue to highlight how journalists fail to address the dark skinned race is a futile effort. Whether they showcase the carnage of some far off land, both groups will jockey to mount as many deaths as they are allowed. Only the forces of semi-free nations like America and France and countries with lesser freedoms like Nigeria ought to throw all of their forces against foes as monstrous as these.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement in America mainly regards the oppression by cops high on authority who violate the rights of citizens within the confines of the United States. How does this organization represent Coloreds who happened to not be African-American, but actually African? Do they express the same concern for dark-skinned peoples outside the US borders?

The attacks perpetrated by ISIS and Boko Haram represent threats to life-loving, rational individuals. Instead of drawing a line between the tactics that these groups engage in, thinking folks ought to apply reason to the problem of those who act maliciously. Wherever these factions might operate, the main goal is their elimination. Will there be people to take their place? That is not the point. Their ouster from existence would serve the West-respecting, happy masses in knowing that their lives will be better without such groups. Anyone perverse enough to challenge the sanctity of powers like the US, France, and Nigeria would be crushed just like their predecessors. That’s only if countries who have seen harsh realities brought on by terrorists actually untie their (self) bound hands, utilize every bit of might, and display absolute resolve in destroying the enemy's’ capacity to inflict harm against their interests. The acts of these perpetrators only illustrate the puny efforts of those who receive the attacks. If America or France or Nigeria had strengthened their resolves and utilized their spine, then the attackers would be too fearful to even mess with these powers. But because of the milquetoast policies and inefficacy demonstrated by these countries, more civilians and troops on their side perish.

Nigeria ought to operate by first freeing up its populace. By recognizing property rights and the rule of law, Nigerians might be able to face the onslaught of would-be attackers. Their safety would rely not on foreign aid from nations like the United States, but a self-sufficient government body that would stop at nothing to ensure that the lives of its citizens are safeguarded. To sit back and watch atrocities occur only points to the fact that this country ought to re-evaluate its interests.


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