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How To Make The World A Better Place and Stop Child Abuse

Updated on February 17, 2016

Ever Considered Being A Host Family?

Maybe you are someone who has already had children who have grown up and left home or perhaps you have never had children, but want to make a big difference in the world and to other people's lives.

Perhaps you have heard of host or 'safe families' before? If not, please let me explain;

All families can go through rough patches from time to time, and most of us will be able to protect and care for our children through those rough patches. But what about the families who have no one to turn to in times of great need? What if you are a mother who can barely protect herself, let alone her children? Or a couple who are in need of rehabilitation in one way or another? These circumstances seem extreme, but they are going on right now - today, yesterday and tomorrow there will be children and adults barely coping and struggling in their day-to-day lives.

Host families, sometimes called safe families are there to offer support by taking in another families children for a pre-arranged length of time. It is a process similar to temporarily fostering one or more children, until they can safely return to heir parent or parents. Sometimes it will only be one night, sometimes two and in other circumstances children may need your kindness and the safety of your home for weeks (however, this would always be pre-agreed by you).

As a host family you will have full control over what age and gender of child you feel you would be able to help and also the number of children you feel you could provide a bed and food for. You can talk to someone about helping families in need by calling almost any children's charity to find out more, or you can apply directly by filling out the appropriate form either online or in person - more on that later.


A Short Video On Safe Families

Be A "Family Friend"

If you cannot be a safe family or host family, but you want to do something to help people around you, you can become a family friend - look up the charity called The Well and you would be amazed at what you will mean to someone.

A family friend doesn't provide full hosting, instead they may offer a local car ride for someone who needs to go for an operation, or a meal for someone who is desperate. It can be something so minor and almost uninteresting that you will be literally overwhelmed with emotion when you see what your act of kindness brings to the person whose life you have touched.

Do You Want To Make The World A Better Place?

Have you ever seen something in the news that has made you wish that you could un-see or un-read that particular story? Ever wondered how any human being is capable of hurting another human the way that some do?

Have you ever thought "how can I possibly make a difference when I am only one person?"

Yes you are only one person. But I bet there are another hundred thousand out there just like you who want to make a difference but simply don't know how. You can change the world by touching one life at a time - you don't have to donate a hundred dollars or knit fifty blankets to send across the other side of the world.

You can make a difference by simply making a little time in your life to try something new like becoming a family friend.

One life - any life - is a life that is worth saving.

Someone needs you right now.


Be A Big Brother Or Big Sister

If you have between 2 and 4 spare hours a week you could spend them with a child who desperately needs someone to lean on. Very often the children who are appointed a 'big brother or sister' are in foster care and finding it extremely difficult to adjust to their situation.

You can spend time learning or teaching a hobby to your new friend, helping them with school work or doing pretty much any activity together that would benefit the child. 4 hours a week may seem like nothing, but it is enough to forge a strong friendship with a child who simply needs a friend.


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    • tazzytamar profile image

      Anna 2 years ago from chichester

      Great idea! Don't know why I didn't think of that! :) thanks

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      These are all top notch ideas that people just don't know about. I'm willing to bet that if you contact social services, they'll have a few more ideas, too.

    • tazzytamar profile image

      Anna 2 years ago from chichester

      Serenity thank you so much for your comment I'm really glad you found my article interesting and I can't recommend being a community family friend enough - it's one of the most amazing feelings you can have :) all the best!

    • serenityjmiller profile image

      Serenity Miller 2 years ago from Brookings, SD

      What a great idea! I have known of families who have served as temporary "safe" families for kids in difficult circumstances, but I wasn't aware this was a common arrangement. What s blessing to become a community resource in that way. That warrants some looking into! Thanks. :)