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Do You Actually Need A Restraining Order?

Updated on February 28, 2015

Are You Angry or Are You Scared?

Women especially seem to be given restraining orders automatically in many states, especially democratic ones. It is almost as if all you have to do is make up that they scare you even without any threats, and you will be given one. This can actually harm the individual's background and stop them from certain goals in their lives. Restraining orders are pretty serious, and we definitely should not be getting them just because we got into an argument or are angry at an ex-lover. Too many people go run out and get one because they hate the person. This should not be allowed.


Signs You Actually NEED One

-Are you being stalked or threatened?

-Are they threatening to harm you?

-Are you scared they will try to ruin your life?

-Are there children involved you feel they would try to kidnap or hurt?

-Do you feel that they are dangerous to be around you?

-Are you fearful they are going to seriously harm you?

These are some thoughts that would be real reasons for a restraining order which many women do need due to domestic violence. However, there are many people who take advantage of this common scenario and just get mad and go get one for kicks.

Restraining Orders

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The Seriousness of Law

Law is a serious subject, and to go out and pretend someone is a danger to you when they are not, and to take advantage of the legal system is wrong. We should only do these things if we need them. Restraining orders are too often approved when they have nothing backing it up, however we also want to make sure everyone is safe. Before going out and getting one, make sure you are truly in danger or feel that you are threatened because it is a serious matter.


Protective Orders

Protective or restraining orders were made for a reason and we need to keep them that way! Lying about abuse, or being in danger ruins a person's reputation and character. Keep to honesty and we can all be better people. Our anger is not reason to lie about the law. Protective orders are meant to protect, not to be an alert to a person that you are mad at. Stay true to yourself and the law.


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