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Do You Trust Your News Source

Updated on July 29, 2014

There is much going on in the world today and the methods available to get the news seem to be increasing with the technology available today. With that said the media sources utilizing these opportunities can raise some questions not only about what is being reported but how it is being reported. In some cases it also involves the fact some events or decisions are not even on the radar of major media resources.

The journalistic profession in itself is an honorable one but the integrity and reliability of news sources in recent polls has raised some questions. It has been reported the percentage of public trust of the media seems to be going down the reasons for which require some changes to be made if some sources are going to remain a viable source of the news.

The public today is becoming more disillusioned with the coverage of news events or in some cases the lack of coverage. All media sources need to report the facts concerning events and in some cases decisions made by our federal government at all levels. The public has a right to know all the facts concerning an issue so they can make an informed decision about how they feel not be bombarded with the opinion of the source reporting the news.

This election year the media can play an important role in accurately reporting the news. Issues are sometimes ignored by some media where others are covering the issues and reporting the facts from all sides. The news sources available today seem to be on the increase with current technology but the sources need to be evaluated for their completeness, accuracy and reliability. It is important for any individual to understand the type of coverage being reported and whether all the facts are accurate or an opinion.

Some of the major media resources need to address ore reevaluate the way they cover the news and what they cover for they face becoming out of touch with reality. The issues in our country and actions or inactions of the federal government both at the executive and legislative branch deserve to be reported. The public needs to understand the culture in place in the federal government and the path on which we are headed as a country including the impact. Ignoring these events or decisions by some of the media is a disservice to the public which they are in business to serve. If they do not adequately serve the public they may reach a point they no longer will exist as a source used by major portions of the population.

To have a viable media resource it must present all the facts on both sides of an issue/decision to allow the public to understand the gravity in some cases of the actions being taken. Today decisions are being made that will impact our country into the future and whether these actions are legal and within the Constitution needs to be accurately reported in news resources. This applies to both the executive and legislative branch of the federal government. News reported must provide all the facts not just a portion of them to support their conclusion in reporting the news.

The trust of the media as mentioned earlier is falling and the only way they will be able to gain that trust back is to accurately report the facts, all the facts. Trust is something which must be earned and if that trust is lost it may never be regained. In recent days there has been some changes in what is being reported by some news sources but whether this is too little too late will be decided by those who use those sources. There are too many issues now surfacing for which coverage is deserved not ignored. Is your news source accurately reporting all the facts surrounding news events or decisions?


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