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Do we know what a veteran does

Updated on July 16, 2017

What does a veteran do?

I realized recently that our veterans are treated like dirt. The only time they get any respect is when they are among other veterans.

My Dad was a Korean War vet. He was a combat medic. Let me ask a question. What do we think our veterans do when they go to fight? Do we think that they are just dropped off and don't do anything till they are shot at and then they shoot back?

My Dad only mentioned some of the things he saw. I can't see how he could handle going out and getting his buddies that had gotten shot or blown up. He told me that he saw someone get too close to the barrel in the camp to stay warm and the man was wearing an apron and his apron caught on fire. Dad told that the screams of pain was awful and he couldn't do anything.

I have listened to how counselors talk to the veterans. It is different; it is with respect. Now because of what I have seen from volunteering at a VA hospital and having military in my family and now married to one, I can spot a veteran.

These men and women are asked to do so much. Yes some of them work in the office doing clerical work but that is necessary too. You might ask what is the purpose of the military bands? These veterans go and sing to the others on the lines for a change of scene. No one in the military is of no importance.

I learned when I volunteered at the VA Hospital that the veteran's that are receiving care could be bitter for what their body became but they don't. I found that if I found a veteran and he looked down all I had to do is say Hello and how are you and it changed their demeanor. Some of the veterans didn't want to talk about their duty and some did.

I met a lot of veterans when I married my husband. I, when I went outside was never alone. That felt unusual to suddenly have so many big brothers. I learned a lot and worried about all of them. If I didn't see one for awhile I asked if he was okay.

The veterans I have met are wonderful people. They have seen so much and protect their loved ones by not telling a lot about what they saw. I always tell the veterans I meet, whether elderly or younger, Thank you for your service. It seems to take them by surprise that I would do this. I have noticed that more are doing it now. These veterans need to know we appreciate what they have done.

It gives us so many rights. They are defending our right to freedom of speech. Our right to vote. There fighting even gives you the right to disrespect them. I find those kind of people despicable.

Next time you see a veteran tell him thank you. You will be surprised at their reaction.


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