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Revenge By Any Other Name is Called Anarchy

Updated on November 7, 2009


Doctor, Heal Thyself

    How do we do it? How do we justify the willful denial and ignorance we *think* absolves us of the responsibility and karma that is ours for pretending to cloque vengeance as justice?

It's called denial. By pointing the finger at another and saying he deserves a punitive fate is to imply that we who don't are better. We who don't? Anyway - the gavel sounds one and just one chime: that society has judged you via the power of a system as corrupt as anyone it dares to penalize.

I do not say this to suggest that anarchy is the better way. But honesty and integrity are a *prerequisite* to judgment. And any officer of the court, or representative of "the people" who purports to do the hard job of protecting the public from society's dregs must heartily gag on his own chuckles at the absurdity of that irony.

But, I know, I know - "somebody's gotta do it", right? Fine. But let's have the decency and self-respect to call it what it is - revenge. Control. Politics. Placating. When an innocent man can be KEPT in jail AFTER the factual matters have verified something OTHER than his guilt, and yet the legal "rules" (of evidence, et cetera) prohibit the re-examining of said facts, we are not a just and fair system.

Are we just a lazy and hypocritical body politic and citizenry who wishes to pretend that the system always works? Do we really embrace the denial of our own human nature that craves not only revenge, but a narcissistic grandiosity that we who have escaped earthly/legal judgment have so escaped fallibility???

Do we really believe that we're so perfect as to dispense justice flawlessly? Perhaps we just NEED so desperately to believe that that is the reality.

I mean - WE'RE not locked up, right?


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