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Racial Hatred the American Way!

Updated on December 31, 2016

Reality of Hate

Hatred is the intense hostility that lives in everybody. Even brutal violence can not feed the enormous appetite of hate. It is real, it is personal, and it can take hold without any effort. Hate needs no reason to show itself and has a thousand ways to show why it is desirable. African Americans have endured more than four centuries of hatred towards them for nothing more than being Black.

Attacks on property and persons of African American's by White Americans, police profiling, and economic targeting by courts and municipalities have resulted in murder of police agents and division within the black community. Discrimination against White Americans through Affirmative Actions policies and 'profit over principles' ideologies of the American Government concerning whites are among the acts of hatred. Indeed, hatred is making its mark across every facet of social relations in American and throughout the world.Palestinians attacking Jews and Jewish settlers attacking Palestinians, white supremacist groups murdering members of minority groups, religious zealots killing doctors who perform abortions, teenagers violently clashing with their classmates. Underlying these events is a public and hazardous human emotion: hate. The news media love-hate, without it there will no be exciting news to report. Gun makers pay to keep hate alive, the more hate, the more guns they sell. All authority, it seems to promote hate to maintain the wheels of Democracy turning. (Sternberg, Robert J. 2016. "The psychology of hate." Retrieved December 30, 2016 (

If there were no 'hate,' societies would fall apart because there would be no hatred for murder, no hatred for child abusers and no hatred against injustice. One thing is for sure; hate is worth discussion since it plays such important roles in all societies and within all people!

So long smooth transition
So long smooth transition | Source

Black Folks, White Folks Let Us Talk

It must be okay for blacks to hate America and whites folks if America and whites hate black folks. but to what end, will it force equality and counteract discrimination; or, are blacks heading down the same road as white supremacists?

And, white folks, your hatred of blacks is misdirected, it is the American Government, the 87% white U.S. Congress that is oppressing you. Blacks have no control over your lives, in fact, it is you, along with our government that seek more control over the lives of blacks.

Hate is like an untreated STD, the longer it remains untreated, the sicker you get, and the more contagious it is.

'Hate' is subjective and as long as it does not evolve into behavior that injury other people, it is your God given right to hate whomever or whatever you so desire. Authority does not prohibit hate unless it creates or promotes social deviance or other crimes.

Let us have a discussion with Black Folks about White Folks, and let us have a discussion with Whites people about White people.

However, we do not live in 'hate' rather 'hate' lives within us; so, since we are in control, let us restrict hate to the house and have this discussion with some, reasonable, kindness and courtesy towards each other.

What Do You Think?

How Bad are Race Issues in the U.S.?

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Why like that you may ask yourself?

White folks are the dominate group in The United States, and they control even the government, who are 87%, White. So Black Folks problems are with White People and with the White American Government. Blacks also have problems with other Blacks, and we'll come back to that later.

The problem White people have is with their own White Government as well as with each other because Black Folks have no control over affairs of White people. That is unless White Folks continue the argument of Blacks pushing for policies that favor them or tax dollars of White Folks going towards Black welfare, and/or crimes against White people. Also, something to discuss.

A Look at Race Relations through a Child's Eyes

US race relations: Six surprising statistics

  1. A white gunman shot dead nine people in an African-American church in the city of Charleston on 17 June, police say, two months after an unarmed black man was killed by a white police officer in North Charleston.

The killings have reignited the debate about race relations in the US. Here are six surprising statistics that help tell the story.

2.There are only two black billionaires in the US - Oprah Winfrey and former basketball star Michael Jordan. This compared with about 500 white billionaires.

3. Black students appear to do well in high school - just over 30% of over-25s have a diploma, compared with 27% of white over-25s. But fewer than 10% of black over-25s completed a bachelor's degree, compared with 14.4% of whites.

4.A survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute in 2013 asked a range of questions to assess how diverse people's friendship groups were. It found that while 65% of black Americans reported only having black friends, 75% of white Americans said they had only whites in their social circle.

5.Unemployment remains far higher among the black population than the white. Currently, 4.8% of white Americans are out of work, compared with an overall average of 5.8%

6.Figures based on the prison population at the end of December 2013 show black Americans made up a disproportionate number of inmates. Some 32% were white and 22% Hispanic.


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