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Does Netanyahu Keep His Promise to Rotate With Gantz?

Updated on March 28, 2020
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The settlement guaranteed that, after Gantz's presidency of the Knesset, he would head the government after a year and a half (AFP)
The settlement guaranteed that, after Gantz's presidency of the Knesset, he would head the government after a year and a half (AFP)

It is true that the decision of the President of the "Immunity to Israel" party, Benny Gantz, to join the bloc of right-wing and ultra-Orthodox parties, led by the outgoing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and advance negotiations on his joining the government headed by the latter, represented "political drama" in the political arena (see yesterday's number) But questions are hovering over Netanyahu's willingness to implement the rotation of prime minister and the appointment of Gantz as its head after a year and a half. While the "settlement" led to the election of Gantz as Speaker of the Knesset, with primary support from the Likud, "Israel Public Radio" (Kan) quoted a member of the Knesset from Gantz's party, Alon Shuster, as saying yesterday that he hoped that the Prime Minister (Netanyahu) would fulfill his pledge on Rotation, “But I am not sure this will happen,” especially since there are other pending issues that must be resolved to complete the “deal”.

As for Gantz, he justified his move to move to the camp of his former opponent, by tweeting on Twitter, in which he addressed to his former partners in the disintegrated "Blue and White" coalition, Yair Lapid and Moshe Yaalon, "Thank you for the way we have followed in the last year." At the end of it, I believe that it is forbidden to drag Israel into the fourth elections in this difficult period and the country faces the Corona crisis and its repercussions. We are different about that. ” Although this step comes after the Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin, was assigned to Gantz to form a government, about two weeks ago, it was difficult for "Blue and White" to form, while the "Shas" party, headed by Arieh Deri, pledged to Gantz that the rotation agreement would be implemented.

Lieberman's silence was remarkable until yesterday evening, when he commented on developments

Although there are understandings about "immunity from Israel" in the foreign, security and judicial portfolios, the party also calls on Netanyahu to pledge to avoid proposing laws that improve his judicial status, while Netanyahu demands that Gantz's party not introduce a law that prevents it from forming a government in the future. The Hebrew media spoke of a government of thirty ministers, including 15 from the right wing, which would prevent the appointment of members of Knesset from the right-wing alliance of parties to the "right" in important portfolios, at a time when the president of the "right", the Minister of Security in the last government, Naftali Bennett, To find out the status of his alliance in the next government. As for the "Labor" party, from which members voted in favor of Gantz's presidency of the Knesset, it is not clear whether its president, Amir Peretz, and member Itzik Shmule will join Gantz and the government, or will the "Labor" remain in its alliance with Meretz, especially since members of both parties announced They refuse to join a government led by Netanyahu. It is noteworthy that the head of the "Israel Our Home" party, Avigdor Lieberman, who previously contributed to Gantz's recommendation to head the government, did not make statements about recent developments at the time of writing the report, especially since he did not support Gantz's candidacy for the presidency of the Knesset in the session designated for that the day before yesterday.

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