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Does Trump Really Want to Win? Why Won't He Touch "Election Fraud" Rather Than "Voter Fraud?"

Updated on October 18, 2016

Adding fuel to the speculation that Trump does not really want to win is his consistent, now almost deliberate attacks on "voter fraud," rather than the far better documented danger of "election fraud." In a speech today Trump once again conflated his fears of a "rigged" election with legions of unqualified voters swamping the polling places, or qualified voters voting more than once.

This is not, and never has been the problem.

In a report on the 2016 Democratic primaries, the non-partisan Election Justice USA determined that unusual voting patterns were "strongly suggestive of electronic voting machine tampering." One of the authors of the report is extremely qualified to say what an unusual voting pattern consists of. He is the 100th president of the American Statistical Association. Another statistics professor, Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson, says of the 2016 Democratic primaries:

"analysis of recent public voting data shows me -- and other statisticians -- that we may already have crossed over into the dark arts of ballot box tampering that Trump fears will happen in 2016."

So why does Trump persist in shunting attention to the minor threat, voter fraud, while ignoring the real one? In contrast to voter fraud, election fraud is perpetrated at the machine-hacking level, not the wrong people walking into the polling house doors. The below demonstration from HBO's Hacking Democracy shows how it works.

Click here to see video clip below, The Hursti Hack (mirror)

Fortunately, non-partisan election integrity activists have discovered a potent weapon for citizens to use to uncover election fraud. It is the existence of digitized images of the ballots which about half the vote-counting machines in the US create. These are in the possession of local elections boards. By asking for the ballot images, a citizen can count the votes shown on the paper ballots and verify that the numbers match up with official results.

Trump is barking but up the wrong tree, when he must know better. The problem is not voter fraud, but election fraud. Moreover, the issue is not really partisan. All voters, whether for Hillary or Trump, should be interested in an honest election. The best way for Hillary supporters to silence Trump's charges is to prove the elections are fair. Moreover, by highlighting the true, long-term problem, Trump would be doing the country a favor which transcends this year's Theater of the Absurd.


Discovery by Election Activists Allows Ordinary Citizens to Expose Election-Rigging


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